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Blog 11/4

Another Week, Another Batch of Porn

Monday, Monday: Another weekend gone, another stack of porn to go through. As is so often the case, my weekend included a trip up the 405 to USC. It’s been an up and down season for the Trojans, but the company is always fantastic. We spent a truly glorious day in the SoCal sun, soaking up the rays, drinking a lot of beer and trying not to get whiplash keeping up with all of the eye candy. It was seriously a painful collection. As far as the eye could see, co-eds, denim mini skirts, long legs, beautiful flowing hair and plenty of potential porn talent. I actually called Robby D from campus and told him that he might just find the next great Digital Playground contract girl in the crowd. He seemed to think that it was the beer talking, but I can assure you that it was much more than that. Yeah, you have to love 80 degrees in November for a homecoming game. And to all of the lovely young women. Yes, I was serious. You really SHOULD be in porn. Oh yeah, there was a game too. The Trojans beat the Beavers (You can imagine the jokes, especially after a six pack or two.) 24-3. Just one more home game to go, against those dreaded Bruins. Hey, at least we’ll get a double dose of SoCal Co-Eds.

Eye Candy: When it comes to race relations, it is tough to beat Whitney Fears taking two dicks. (But what’s the deal with the white meat in this gallery?)

Upload: It’s been a year since Eli Cross hit us with Corruption and it’s time for another block buster. The review package came and there is plenty to go over. They don’t really want people to compare the two movies, but they do have a few things in common. First and foremost, they both star the lovely and talented Hillary Scott. This time around it isn’t a political thriller, but a taut sci-fi adventure about a future world where cyber-sex takes on a whole new meaning. The full review will be up later, but just think of it this. It’s like the Matrix, with fisting and pissing.

Eye Candy: In case you missed it, Melissa Midwest is sucking dick these days. Here’s the proof.. Wow, she’s cute. I really need to send her a Rog Rules T.

New Interviews Coming: Don’t I say that every week? Seriously though, Robby D, Shay Jordan and jessica drake are just about ready. I also have an email interview that I just did with Sasha Grey. I think you’ll all enjoy it. She had quite a bit to say and it should be a good read. I’m also going to try something totally new, audio only interviews. I have a really long interview with Patrick Collins that I’m going to upload as audio clips only. That way I can get it up more quickly than if I had to transcribe the whole thing. I’ll leave it up to you guys to tell me if that works or not.

Eye Candy: Solo time. Here’s a little something for Sybian fans. Look at her go.

Horror Fest 2007: Two weeks and counting. Horror Fest 2007 is almost upon us. I got my box in the mail last week with all of my goodies. The all-access pass was only 75 bucks and gets me in to all eight movies. It also came with a bunch of stickers and coupon that aren’t much to speak of. It also came with a cool little sculpture of the Fest’s logo. It’s a hot girl with monsters on her. I’ll take a picture of it. It’s kind of cool. Am I too geeked for this? Yeah probably, but life isn’t all porn is it? Mrs. Rog and I have watched two of the eight movies from last year. I’m working on some review there. Both are worth watching though. Wicked Little Things is your basic haunted mine story with some very cool cinematography. The Hamiltons is a really moody flick that is part American Beauty, party serial killer drama. It also has some great twists. More to come.

Eye Candy: Throughout the years, no one does it quite the way Private does it. Enjoy that mixed gallery of what they have on their site.

Dogs Still Need Homes: We got some good response last week to the Dog Stars post. Su tells me that there are still some puppies looking for a good home. Please check out Dog Stars on MySpace to find out all of the necessary information. If you need a puppy, want a puppy or know someone who needs or wants a puppy please contact them and do what you can for these adorable animals.

Eye Candy: Summer’s over, but Casey Parker is always a ray of sunshine. Got lots of Shane’s World stuff to catch up on.

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