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Blog: 10/28

MySpace Email Cleanup

My Space Email: I’m cleaning out my MySpace email box with a few questions/issues. For those who are interested the MySpace Profile is here. You can check out some pictures (Though you can find all of them plus some in the Gallery section of this site.) You can also subscribe to the Blog over there. I’m working on a direct comment system for the blog here, but in the mean time, please email me your feedback. I’d like to get more topics going like the recent Reader Email: Squirting or Peeing. Let’s get to the mail bag from over there before I forget.

Eye Candy: It’s almost Halloween so how about some eye candy with a holiday feel? Here is a Here is a hot Goth Girl posting for Halloween over on

SoCal Fires: As everyone knows by now, the fires in SoCal have been devastating. Thousands of people have lost their homes and the damage is tremendous. We got word that Tricia Devereaux and her daughter were evacuated from their home (John Stagliano was in Berlin for the big show.), but they are fine, their house is fine and they have moved back in. We’re all very happy that they are safe and send best wishes to everyone affected. To the families of 14 people who have lost their lives, our thoughts and prayers are with you. Thanks to Tricia for listing some agencies that are accepting donations. The Red Cross is accepting monetary donations only at this point. You can Donate Here. Other types of donations, pet rescue info and other ways to be help are Listed Here/ (Thanks Tricia) If anyone is interested, I can do another porn auction to benefit the fire fund. I’ve got plenty of DVDs, autographs, T Shirts and other SWAG that I can send as a thank you to anyone who donates. Just let me know.

Eye Candy: Another sexy Goth girl, Mariah loves her big dildo…a lot.

Dog Stars: On a similar note, our friend Su from Diabolic is working with Dog Stars. She is fostering some puppies as well as a fully grown dog and is hoping to help adopt them out. If you are looking for a puppy or are able to adopt one, drop Su a line. She would appreciate it and the puppies could really use a good home.

Eye Candy: Those of you looking for puppy porn, shame on you. How about the Goth take on teen porn with this young hottie on This is a hot site if you like the alt/Goth look.

Models Wanted: I got an email from the guy who runs Heavy Load Clothing. He is looking for attractive ladies willing to model his clothing line and is also trying to put together a calendar. I know that there are plenty of lovely ladies who read this blog and even more guys who know lovely ladies. If anyone is interested, please drop me an email. This is a very cool line of clothing and I’d like to help him find some great models.

Eye Candy: Even hot girls love Jack-O-Lanterns. This Purple-Haired hottie from is a great example.

Reader Question: Actually this is a question to you guys. I was enjoying some food, fun and video game at Dave & Buster’s with Jeff from We were talking about the usual stuff, our years in the business, our families, the complete idiocy of alt-porn and the utter joy one gets from blowing shit up. (On a video screen at least.) We were also discussing DVD sales and future directions for the industry. I’m going to open things up to you the readers. All the numbers indicate that DVD sales are slumping. So how are you guys getting your porn now? Web sites? VOD? Download to own? Are you subscribing to big web sites like or niche sites like or big reality sites like I am interested in how you are getting your porn these and very interested in what you want to see from this site. I have been at this for a long time and want to continue to bring you a site that is informative, entertaining and provides readers what they want and need. If you have the time, please drop me a line and help me do that. Thanks in advance.

Eye Candy: Two final girls to fit the theme of the day. Szandora shorting blue hair and looking lovely. and Scar13 getting friendly with another hot witch. Happy Halloween!

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