Reader Email: Squirting, Real or Not?


Reader Email: No Love for Squirt?
Brian Writes in With Some Great Points on Squirting

Brian Writes

I was just wondering why you seem to always allude to the idea that what porn lovers call squirting is just peeing. Don’t they have a genre/niche for those “pee on me” kinds of movies? I was wondering if maybe some industry performers have confirmed to you that this is all fake. I would also like to hear your opinion as to why squirting is so popular if it’s so fake. I tend to believe that a reputable company like Elegant Angel would not have based their rebirth and continued success on such a fetish as hot girls peeing all over the place. Why would guys and other girls agree to do scenes? Why isn’t the “squirt”
yellow? How can they “squirt” so far or so high or for so long? I’m not trying to attack your reviews because I do find it funny that almost every new girl (and plenty of the old ones) have found this ability. I watched Jada Fire from her debut 7-8 years ago but all of a sudden she can “squirt” like a geyser for Elegant and then have regular, “dry” sex
in hundreds of other movies. You don’t have to post this but I would like to hear your opinion.

First let me thank you for the email and for the great questions. This has been brought up a few times, but usually I just email back a short answer. It is a subject that should detailed though so I will attempt to explain my statements and my position based on your excellent points.

You are correct that I often allude my belief that much of what is passed off as squirting is actually peeing. I say much because I am not saying that some women don’t actually squirt. I have spoken with a number of people over the years and have a little bit of experience myself with this. So some squirting in porn may very well be real, but I think we would have be either be quite na�ve or just completely oblivious to believe that this (pardon the pun) wave of squirting is anything other than peeing. That’s my thesis as it were.

Yes, there are movies the specifically feature peeing. Generally speaking in US releases, companies stay clear of girls or guys peeing on one another. The JM Tinkle flicks and Liquid Gold stuff usually show chicks peeing outside and what not. It’s not pissing on people and that makes a big difference. It is my contention that the industry gets around the “peeing on” taboo by calling it squirt.

Have industry performers confirmed to me that it’s fake? Yes actually some have. Either in direct conversation or through conversations with others. If you watch the BTS on some movies you will get a hint. I remember a Pussy Party movie in particular. As Stevie was interviewing the girls, he asks them if they can squirt and more than one of them replied “No, but I can pee on cue.” Later in the movie we see these girls already said that they can’t squirt, spraying all over the place. I’ve also spoken to a few people who openly talk about how fake it is. I remember one conversation in particular with a director who joked openly about how a certain squirt queen is never seen without a huge bottle of water because she has to “stay full.”

Why do I think it’s popular even though much of it is fake? Great question. I think there are several reasons. First, I think that a lot of people believe it’s real. I think that they love the idea that a girl cums so hard that she squirts. It’s this mythical quest for an unknown sexuality. People are looking for that in porn. That’s pretty common. Ask a civilian who has taken part in a DP if it’s as fun and hot in person as it looks on camera. It’s a hot fantasy that people want to believe in, so they do. I think that some people know that it’s pee, but don’t care. They like the idea of someone pissing on them or someone else or at least the thought doesn’t turn them off. So they aren’t going to pass on a movie just because the squirting might be fake. So basically people either don’t know or don’t care that it’s fake.

I can’t speak to Elegant Angel’s motives any more than I could speak for Axel Braun who has made more than one line based on the whole squirt thing. My guess is that they realize that people want to see it regardless of authenticity. I think that Elegant would and probably has shot some real squirt scenes along with what I call “pee as squirt” action.

Performers don’t always agree to do scenes like this. Again, check out the BTS and you can hear from girls who refuse to do scenes because of the “smell” and mess. Other performers aren’t going to run from a little pee. They do far worse after all. If a girl is going to do a dirty ass to mouth scene or squeeze a load from her asshole and drink it, then why would she balk at getting a little pee on her? It doesn’t turn me on, but I don’t think it would bother a lot of performers in the slightest.

As for why the squirt isn’t yellow, that’s pretty easy. You can flush your system out pretty quickly if you drink enough water. (Or even Diet Coke) Try drinking as much water as you can several hours after your last meal and see what happens. That takes us back to that water bottle thing. If you have enough water in your system it looks a lot less like pee. The stream is another indicator that I believe shows it to be pee. We are supposed to believe that female squirt is like a male orgasm. You’re a guy, you know how it comes out. Fluid is excreted because of pulsing spasms creating short spurts rather than an unending stream. So why is it that squirt comes out in a stream broken only when someone reaches in there to divert the flow. I think if you look at enough squirting porn you can really see a difference between girls.

Another thing I have noticed is how quickly and “on cue” the girls can achieve this magical squirting climax. Remember, it is an orgasm and while everyone cums differently, it generally takes some build up. This is especially true when you factor in who intense and special this sort of orgasm is supposed to be. If you go back and watch some of the Seymore squirt movies and see the details outlined. It’s supposed to come from that spot up inside the vagina that requires the “come here” finger motion to really get it going. So how are all these girls pulling it off with ten seconds of clitoral stimulation? It just smells fishy to me. (Again, sorry for the pun.)

It’s OK if you were attacking the reviews (Which I know you weren’t). Challenging someone’s views is great in my book. I’m very open to it. You’re right. We have suddenly uncovered a whole group of porn girl who can squirt at the drop of a hat. They all do it, they all spray across the room and it’s become the new thing.

Again, I am NOT saying that some women don’t squirt. In fact if you read the reviews closely you will notice that I am not quite as sarcastic all the time. There are just some women and some instances where it is painfully obvious that someone has been hitting the water bottle and is spraying something other than “squirt.”

That’s my take. I appreciate your input and questions. I’m open to posting any opposing views that people care to express them. If I’m wrong, I’ll happily say so.

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