Phone Call With Aurora Snow & Jay Ashley

Just got off the phone with Aurora Snow….

It took about a week track her down and get her new number, but I finally talked with Aurora Snow today. I am happy to report that she and I are still on good terms, but very, VERY disappointed to learn that she and I did not in fact have sex together. That “secret” POV scene doesn’t actually exist no matter how much I might have wished that it did. I don’t know if there is more to say at this point, but she did want to make sure that the ‘stories’ on the net hadn’t caused any problems here at home. They haven’t of course. Mrs. Rog just laughed when I showed them to her and said “If you want to shoot one, go ahead.” Hmmmm, now I’ll have to think about that one.

At any rate, Jay and Aurora are doing well and will be doing a day of guest blogging next month while I’m on vacation to catch everyone up on what she has been doing.

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