Anal Young ‘Uns 3

Anal Young ‘Uns 3

158 Mins
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Mark Wood & Francesca Le
THEMES: Anal Sex, Young Girls
STARS: Keisha Grey, Adurey Holiday, Alexa Nova, Lea Heart, Mark Wood,


Mark Wood and Francesca Le have come up with another hot movie here. They have a great collection of sexy young girls who like it up the butt. Because he’s a lucky dude, Mark gets to be the guy who tests out those tight young asses. Not a bad gig if you ask me. The movie starts out with my favorite girl of the bunch. Keisha Grey is just really cute from head to toe. Mark admires her, but not nearly as much as she adores his cock with her mouth. The anal action in this opener is very hot, especially when she faces the camera and takes him balls deep in her tight young butthole. I could watch her take it in the backdoor all day. Mark gets a variety though. Little cutie Lea Heart is worth a look. The set up is sexy too, Lea loves her girlfriend, but needs a little cock once in a while, Mark gives it to her right in the butt. Very hot stuff. Alexa Nova wants a job as a dancer and has to show off her body and her control. Adurey Holiday has a job at a BDSM club and wants to make sure she can handle the rough stuff. In both cases Mark helps out, but fucking them in the ass. Hey, it’s porn. It just has to be strokeable, not make sense. The girls are very cute, especially Keisha and Lea, the anal sex is great and this is well worth a look.

Keisha Grey & Mark Wood

Keisha has been sending sexy pictures to Mark. He wonders if she might be happier when someone her own age, but she wants his cock. Mark takes one look at her and decides he needs to feel that mouth on his meat. He bends her over and kisses her pretty ass before slipping his dick into her young pussy. Her long legs and lovely natural breasts are on display as he fucks her hard from behind. Mark puts her up on the couch, spreads her lets and flicks his tongue over her asshole. Her legs spread wide so that he can work his dick in and out of that hot, wet hole. After a few hard strokes there, he pops it between her cheeks. Great shots of the anal action as every inch gets buried in her tight butthole. When she gets on top for RCA we are treated to some spectacular shots of her big, natural rack bouncing hard. Keisha is very cute and shows off some very hot anal skills in this scene. The doggy shots are really good here as the camera gets in close to show her snug hole stretched by hard, deep strokes. Mark gives her a big payoff when he shoots his load all over her pretty face. I really like this girl and this is one of her best scenes to date.

Lea Heart & Mark Wood

Pretty Asian Lea Heart comes to Mark with a concern. She and her girlfriend have a great sex life, but she feels she is missing something. Lea wants to feel what a real cock feels like. This is far too good for Mark to pass up on so he is more than happy to help her out. After a little tease outside, she sits on his lap and takes off her top so he can play with her perky tits. When Mark whips out his cock, Lea goes right for it. For a lesbian, she certainly has some great blowjob skills. He fucks her face and as soon as he slows down Lea takes over and makes it good and messy. Ready for more, the cute little thing bends over. Mark rubs his cock along her pussy lips and then slips it right in. She takes it for a few minutes, sucks him clean and then rolls over. Mark takes off her Yoga pants and fucks that pussy in mish while she flails her legs in the air. Once she gets ready, Lea asks for it in her ass. Mark is more than happy to work that throbbing pole right up her slim backdoor. Her fingers work on her clit as her ass takes all the dick he has to offer. The action has her out f breath as sucks him between positions. Lea gets flipped over so that her little spinner body is on top while her weight pushes her down onto his throbbing pole. Before the scene ends, he has her ass gaping. Lea takes a nice big load on her face to cap off a very good scene.

Alexa Nova & Mark Wood

Alexa Nova is coming in to audition to dance for Mark. She shows off some very nice booty control as she pops her cheeks. Stripping down to her pink thong, Alexa shakes her pretty little ass and gets us all ready for the main event. In addition to her dance movies, Alexa is very willing to go the extra mile to land the gig. He whips out his dick and she drops her head right down to get a taste. Nice hand action as she strokes the portion of the dick too big to fit in her mouth. She drops to her knees and he puts both hands on her head to guide her strokes. Alexa bends over and presents her ass for his tongue. Already in doggy, she gets fucked in her tight pussy. I love the way her pants are pulled to mid-thigh as she pushes back to take every inch. Flipping her over, he spreads her legs and stretches the pants even more as he takes her from above. Rolling over again, she finally goes fully naked and shakes her ass to invite him into that hole. Alexa gets loud as her ass stretches and he pulls her hair back. When she gets on top, Alexa shows off some good hip moves as she shows off a skinny butt. I like her energy and fans who are looking for thin anal teens will really love the way she gets pounded until she gapes. When she isn’t fucking, Alexa is busy sucking cock straight from her butthole. After she takes a big load right in her mouth I think it is safe to say that she has the job.

Adurey Holiday & Mark Wood

Young Adurey Holiday has a new job at a BDSM club. Mark is worried that she isn’t prepared for what will be expected of her. He puts a collar on her and leads her around while there is some tease footage to set the stage. Next up is a blindfold and a paddle that he uses to spank her still covered ass. Now that she is warmed up, he puts his cock in her mouth and she starts sucking. If this is part of the job, Audrey won’t have any problems at all. She sucks his dick with ease and seems to like the taste of meat in her mouth. Once it gets sloppy he smacks her face with his rod before turning his attention to her ass. While still swatting her, he enters that pussy and starts fucking her. Mark takes off her blindfold and turns her over. He bangs her hard enough to make the tits jiggle as he gets in there deep. Going for the next step she helps guide him into her butt. Throwing her legs up high over her head she manages to handle all he can dish out. The doggy shots with her ass up in the air are good for some highlights, but this scene doesn’t have as much going for it as some of the others. He shoots his load and sends her off to work.

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