Too Big For Teens 17

Too Big For Teens 17
108 Mins
Reality Junkies
DIRECTOR: Bobby Manila
THEMES: POV, Blowbang, Facials, Interracial Sex, Big Cocks
STARS: Dasiy Haze, Miranda Mills, Darcie Belle, Natasha White, Ramon Nomar, Manuel Ferrara, Evan Stone, Tommy Gunn


In this collection of scenes, we find teens that love big cock. I know the title implies that the cocks are too big, but trust me, they do just fine. Three of the four of them anyway. The fourth handles the cock, the scene just falls flat. There is lots to like here. The opening scene features a very cute girl named Dasiy Haze. She ends up fucking her boyfriend’s father. The setup is short, but perfect and really hot. Daisy make the scene even hotter. She is really cute, loves the size and fucks him like crazy. Fantastic scene. Ginger Miranda Mills also gets a great set up. She plays it perfectly. The scene isn’t as good as the opener, but it isn’t bad. After a forgettable third scene, the finale is excellent. Natasha White is exceptionally cute and plays her set up dialog nicely. She is cute, sexually aggressive and the payoff is fantastic. Natasha is worth the price of the movie all on her own. For those of you who like young girls who dig big cocks, this is a great scene in a pretty good movie. It’s hit and miss a bit, but the hits are big. Enjoy this one for the hot way Daisy opens the movie and the volcanic way Natasha finishes it.

Dasiy Haze & Ramon Nomar

Pigtailed Dasiy Haze shows up looking for her boyfriend. His father lets her in and listens as she tells him that his son is cheating on her. He tries to assure her that she is just too much woman for him. She tells him she likes big cock and he offers to show him hers. It’s a cute set up and the adorable teen is totally taken aback by the monster Ramon pulls out. This naughty thing wasn’t kidding when she said she likes big dicks. She treats Ramon’s whopper to a very enthusiastic mouth shine. He strips her down leaving on her tennis shoes on. They get on the couch and before he fucks her, he reaches around and fingers her clit until she looks ready to burst. Slipping his cock into her tight pussy, Ramon fucks that hole hard enough to shake those perky boobs. She gets up and rides him sideways, showing off her body beautifully. This is super hot stuff even without the added fantasy that she’s banging her boyfriend’s father. Ramon gets behind her and fucks her hard with her face down on the couch. Daisy is very cute, but also takes a serious pounding like a champ. In between positions she shows off some really good deep throat skills. That sets the stage for an even louder and more enthusiastic ride. Ramon bends her over and gives it to her full speed. This young thing takes it and gives some very sexy dirty talk as well. They finish up with a big shot all over her pretty little face. This opening scene is really hot. Great eye candy, energy and a very sexy set up make it tough to beat.

Miranda Mills & Manuel Ferrara

Redhead Miranda Mills sneaks into Manuel’s house. He catches her and threatens to the call the cops. She’s just a fan and wants and autograph, but also can’t believe how big his cock is. The set up is short, but it’s cute, especially when she says “As much as I would love to fuck you, there’s no way that thing is fitting in my tiny little pussy.” That’s all he needs to hear. Challenge accepted. He gets her pussy hot and wet with his tongue and then she tries her best to eat his dick. It’s a fairly short and low energy BJ, but she licks the head pretty well. Manuel gets behind her and finds that it does fit and it really doesn’t take that much effort to have her moaning and taking the full length. The energy level is good when she gets on top. Miranda has a nice little ass for sure. Manuel gives her rosebud a reach around and teases her while she gets that big cock way up in her. She hop off and sucks him clean, showing more oral energy this time around. In the end she gets a big load from her favorite star all over her face. This isn’t a bad scene, but the set up was sexier than the payoff.

Darcie Belle & Tommy Gunn

Blonde Darcie Belle shows up looking for a job. She’s in tiny shorts and a revealing top. Tommy thinks she is too young but she assures him that she is 18, types 70 words per minute (While delivering her dialog at 90 words per second) and will do whatever it takes to get the job done. The set up is stiff. She has never seen one that big, but gives it a try. There isn’t a whole lot of appeal here, especially compared to the other scenes offered in this movie. The blowjob is pretty boring and there is a distinct lack of energy and eye candy here. After barely getting the head in her mouth, Darcy gets naked and takes his cock in her pussy. She does have pretty nice, perky boobs going for her. There is some decent footage at this point, but I already kind of lost interest. She rides his cock, bends over and takes it from behind, but this one really never gets going. They finish with a shot on the face. I don’t know if she got the job, but honestly you can skip this scene. The next one is a whole lot hotter.

Natasha White & Evan Stone

Evan is the school therapist and he wants to see what is making pretty little Natasha White so anxious. She confesses to vivid dreams and daydreams about big cocks. These thoughts cause her to masturbate all the time. Since she has never met someone with a big cock, she needs help. Evan decides that he can help her with his long dick. She comes on hard; he resists for half a second but then goes after her thin, tight body. Natasha looks great on all fours on his desk while he eats her from behind. Moving to the other side Evan feeds her his big cock. I really like this girl, and especially love the way she gives great eye contact while choking herself on his dick. She is very energetic and plays up the size angle nicely to help the scene along. Climbing on top, she gleefully bounces on his rod, taking every inch in her tiny little hole. The reverse cowgirl footage is very hot. Jumping off, she grabs his cock again and goes for the deep sucking 69. For such a petite thing, she takes big cocks perfectly. (I do wonder what’s up with her hair. It looks like a chopped wig.) She takes a big load on her face and then sucks out every last drop. Super hot scene from the hottest girl in the movie.

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