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New Interview: I spent some time this weekend working on another interview. This time it’s Micah Moore who gets to tell us all about her life and budding porn career. I actually interviewed her again a few months later so consider this part one of two for 2007. We touched on quite a few things including her early lists of things she doesn’t do. I’m curious, isn’t Ramon from a black man? Wouldn’t that kind of make her answer on the IR question not make sense?

Eye Candy: Just in case you don’t know Micah or Ramon, here is a gallery of their scene together. Watch him lay some serious wood to this cute little babe.

Sophia Lynn: Luke Ford ( is reporting that Sophia Lynn is back in porn. Some of you may have seen her on the ABC special that also features Sunny Lane and her family. Sophia had some problems during the filming of the episode and dropped out of sight. We all assumed she was done with porn, but of course she is now back. Just in time to start shooting again now that Adam & Eve is releasing the “last” of their Sophia Lynn projects.

Eye Candy: For those of you who aren’t familiar with Sophie, here is a pretty girl photo gallery of her at her very best.

Ann Coulter/Elizabeth Edwards: I generally don’t even bring up these stupid TV squabbles any more, but this one was too good. When I first heard about and then saw the clips of Elizabeth Edwards calling in to rip Ann Coulter I was stunned and shocked. Stunned that Mrs. Edwards would do the calling out in so public a manner. Doesn’t John want to be President? Does he really need his wife (Shielded by her medical condition from the sharpest claws) to do his fighting for him? Shocked because of what Coulter actually said. I heard the quote “I guess I’ll just have to wish he would die in a terrorist attack instead.” That’s pretty fucking outrageous. I understand that she was saying this because everyone was so up in arms about her disastrous “faggot” joke a while back, but this seemed totally out of line. As usual though, the meat of the story lies a little bit further down. Coulter later pointed out that she was making reference to a quote by Bill Maher stating that he was “sorry” the assassination attempt against Dick Cheney wasn’t successful. So in that context is what Ann Coulter said really that bad or unfair? Yes to the former. What she said was horrible and hateful. Was it unfair? No. It was just as stupid, hateful and petty as what Maher said. She is right, if Ann wants to get less heat she should say that she hopes he gets killed rather than dropping the F-Bomb. After all, Isaiah Washington got a lot worse punishment and blowback than Maher did. So did Coulter for that matter and don’t think for a second she didn’t know that would happen. They both said basically the same thing, but Coulter is a vile shrew and Maher is just exercising his right to free speech. That’s hypocrisy no matter how you slice it. And for those of you angrily pecking away right now, imagine how you would have reacted if Lynn Cheney had called up during a Bill Maher interview and whined at him to stop the personal attacks. Yikes.

Eye Candy: Let’s calm things down with a little Stormy Daniels sucking dick. That is enough to take everyone’s mind off of shrill pundits and failed comedians turned pointless ass bags.

That’s all for me folks. If you will excuse me, I have several hours of Live Earth to watch and a few porno flicks to sneak in as well.

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