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Snowman Vs. The World: Oh man, we just can’t get along can we? Now it seem that Snowman from has been having some serious issues with a few industry insiders who participate in his forum. He has some serious heat with the guys from It’s ugly and the accusations are flying back and forth. Who knows what the truth really is. All I know is that Snowman is a good guy so far as I have ever seen. Our limited contact has been entirely positive. I haven’t ever had contact with Donny or Don (That I know of) but that site is really good. I reviewed it a while back (Review here) and have enjoyed it many times since. There never seems to be that much drama in my forum. I suppose I should be grateful, right? (Some of you probably didn’t even know that I had a forum on the site.)

Eye Candy: When Brooke Skye feels dirty she joins her friend in a bath to get cleaned up.

Odd Dream: OK so maybe this isn’t going to be of interest to anyone, but I had a rare dream about a porn chick the other night. It was about the lovely and talented Courtney Simpson. Though it never actually got to the good stuff, I had paid her for sex. (Not even sure if Courtney ever worked on a private basis, but she did in the dream.) Like I said, the dream didn’t last long enough to get to the good stuff, but I would say that she would have been worth every penny.

Eye Candy: Just in case you don’t know what Courtney can do, here is nice solo gallery of Courtney showing off.

Sopranos: I know it is a few weeks late and has nothing to do with porn, but am I the only one who actually loved the finale of “The Sopranos”? I honestly thought that the very end of the final episode was perfect. Maybe Tony died, maybe he didn’t. We don’t know and that is what I love about it. Maybe there were clues throughout the room and maybe nothing is resolved at all. I tend to think that nothing happened at the end. It seems to me that the intent of that final scene and in fact the final episode as a whole is to show you what Tony’s life is going to be like. It will be filled with potential danger around every corner. It will be a paranoid world where he will never feel safe again. In short, his life will go on exactly as it has been from the start of the show. We just don’t get to see it. I can think of another dozen endings that would have been fine with me as well, but this one just worked. It really, really worked. For me at least.

Eye Candy: Remember Amee Donovan? You should. Here she is in a video gallery from Jules Jordan’s

Movie Trailer: There is a new trailer up on that you may want to check out. You will see that the most recent movie up there is called “Jungle Story” and the trailer is now available. In addition to having a nice cast and a snappy trailer, you may recognize a name from the credits. This one is going to be fun to review. I can’t wait to rip into the dialog on this one.

Eye Candy: Something for the anime fans. A video gallery from www.GiveMeAnime.

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