The 20 Most Underrated Stars in Adult Movies

Here is a new twist on something old. Years ago I did weekly list articles before they had a name for them (Listicles, imagine that.) I am using a really cool thing called Listly to make these things look nice for you guys. I’m sure this first one isn’t perfect so let me know how it works for you.

Of course, this topic is bound to create some discussion. I invite your input. Share the article, comment on it, let me know what you think.

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One Response to “The 20 Most Underrated Stars in Adult Movies”

  1. Don Houston says:

    I like lists that give people something to discuss such as this one. Several of the ladies mentioned never really worked for me as inspirational though they had a following. I always liked Tina Tyler and thought she should have been a “bigger name” but I suspect her outspoken nature on controversial topics did not ingratiate her with industry power players (the difference between her brand of being outspoken and others being most who are outspoken have less to back up their comments). As far as Dana though, each year would produce female performers that had GREAT years while Dana would have a GOOD year (as covered in our podcast awhile back).

    So for AVN, her nominations in 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014 were against ladies with showcase titles having awesome years such as Tori Black, Bobbi Starr, Asa Akira and Bonnie Rotten (respectively) that had all sorts of things going on to raise positive attention; I suspect that if AVN compiled the placement of each nominee for a given year, Dana would have been closer to #4 looking at some of the other names as well. For this year, can you name 5 titles by big companies that she has starred in that the majority of award voters have seen?

    And lest accusations of “politics” come up yet again, look at how many award winners in the past ten years have had major company backing, typically spotlight showcases featuring said performer in a multitude of scenes. Several years back, Elegant Angel had profound influence in this area, the company would spotlight a performer and use them in several flagship titles, other companies picking up on their selections to do likewise. Now Hard X, Jules Jordan Video, Evil Angel and a few others seem to fill that role (not the web based companies) but they typically pick performers that are easy to work with, are willing to promote said company without charging, and are drama free (notable exceptions apply). When was the last time we saw Dana in a Jules Jordan title (by the man himself)? Manuel Ferrara or Stagliano title at Evil Angel? Hard X? You get the idea…

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