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Rocco’s style & the Hustler Political Quesiton

Rocco’s Style: I was reviewing Rocco’s new movie Furious Fuckers and was struck by the visual style he brings to the table. Rocco isn’t some arty ‘film maker’ who forgets who his audience is, but he manages to shoot scenes that are really impressive. There is a motocross scene that is shot just like a mainstream race would be shot. The music is freaking fantastic. I am just amazed by the way Rocco can go from something like this to a sex scene that is pure stroke material in the blink of an eye. I’m not a big fan of every sex scene he does, but he is really mixing hard, hard core porn with high production values and something more than ‘just’ sex. With this hip, young style of movie I was tempted to ask how many people think that Rocco is actually one of the people on the cutting edge of what should be alt-porn, but somehow I don’t think that is far. The pretentious art-school drop outs have already stolen the alternative tag and they make movies for that narrow little bi-boi emo crowd. Rocco’s movies would never play to that audience any more than Vivid-alt is likely to catch on with porn fans who actually like good sex. (Oh take a breath and take a joke will ya?)

Eye Candy: Since we’re talking about Rocco, here is a Gallery featuring Natalli & Simone from The Lady & Her Tramps 2

Hustler Political Question: So I got an email from Hustler asking me who I support for President at this point in the race. They are polling a number of people in the industry and then running the answers. To be perfectly honest, I don’t know enough about anyone running to say for sure that I support them completely. There are some people I generally support, some I want to know more about and a few I just know I won’t ever vote for. At this point I told them that I have a great deal of interest in both Rudy Giuliani and Barack Obama. Obviously I have questions and concerns about both men. Chief among them would be Rudy’s position on Federal Obscenity Prosecutions and Obama’s recent pledge to increase the self-employment tax. Obviously both of these issues are VERY important to me. Those two would probably be my early choices, but that can change. I’ve never been a fan of either Hillary Clinton or John McCain. (Neither are particularly big fans of leaving this industry alone.) I’m not crazy about Romney, don’t think much of the single issue guys like Tancredo and just laugh every time I hear John Edwards talk. He’s running Howard Dean’s playbook, but with even less credibility. I didn’t add in this little tidbit though. I know for a fact that I will not and will NEVER support either Ron Paul or Dennis Kucinich. Paul is just a freaking nutter and Dennis is a true believer. I respect him sticking to his guns, but I disagree with virtually everything he wants to do. It’s bound to be a fun couple of years. And while I don’t want this to get bogged down in an argument, I will open it up for an informal poll. Send in your answers to Hustler’s question (Who do you support for President in 2008?) and we can keep track.

Eye Candy: A little fun stuff from for you to enjoy.

Spurs: Congratulations to the Spurs. They made pretty quick work of the Cavs. That’s just a damn good basketball team out there. Solid from top to bottom. If you missed the series, you aren’t alone. It looks like this will go down as one of the worst rated title series in history. Even with King James on the big stage they just couldn’t come up with good ratings. We can’t even blame the poor game four ratings on Tony Soprano. I’ve got more to say about James and how he handled himself after game three, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Eye Candy/: Tough to beat Gianna for eye candy. Gianna Michaels gets rough poundage by a huge hard black dick!!!

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