World’s Biggest Suck Fest



World’s Biggest Suck Fest

MOVIE TYPE: Compilation

170 Mins.

JM Productions

DIRECTOR: Jim Powers

THEMES: Blow Bangs, Oral Sex




STARS: Haley Scott, Cindy Crawford, Gia Paloma, Sierra Sinn, Julie Night, Kissy Kapri, Raylee Dean, Hillary Scott and more mopes than you can shake a bottle of Viagra at.


Wait, I already reviewed this movie? Yeah, about a year and a half ago. It came in a really cool box from VCA. The artwork was great and it was the only movie anyone talked about for two months. What? No? Sorry, I thought that someone finally did the right thing and re-named Neu Wave Hookers what it should have been called in the first place. After all, no matter how many dicks Jim Powers lines up for these chicks to suck, it will never as big a suck fest and NWH. Sorry, got a little side tracked there. This is actually Jim Powers throwing together some of his best blow bangs into a nearly three-hour long compilation. What really makes this collection stand out is the outstanding cast. There are some big stars in the mix here. Sorry, let me explain that. Perhaps not “big stars” for those casual porn viewers who only know the big names. But certainly big stars to those who enjoy hot chicks who get down and dirty. For those strokers out there, it is tough to beat a movie that features the likes of Hillary Scott, Cindy Crawford, Sierra Sinn and Gia Paloma. Thankfully (and to bring us back to the start) Jim Powers is a director who knows what to do with such great talent. In fact he should probably teach classes to certain other director who wouldn’t know how to shoot a good blowjob scene even with someone like Hillary Scott doing the blowing.

Haley Scott

Haley is all tarted up and hits the streets to recruit guys. She needs a lot of cock to suck and has no trouble gathering the troops. I love the shots on the street. Haley is like the Pied Piper of cock. Once the get inside, she asks for two at a time and the suck fest begins. Haley takes on the first two guys and keeps them moving in and out pretty quickly. To call these guy mopes is really a bit of an insult to the hard working sperm doners who spend their days filling in the gaps for low end porn productions. Some of the guys struggle with wood, others could be playing shuffleboard with Haley’s great grandfather, but she lovingly wraps her lips around them just the same. Not all of them struggle though and Haley ends up with her mouth full of sperm over and over. Haley doesn’t really gag much and looks pretty damn cute taking on a seemingly endless line of dick. Cum drips down her chin and coats her tits, but Haley is still calling for more cock. When the last dick has been drained, she goes outside to thank everyone.

Cindy Crawford

Party girls love to drink and party girls love to dance. Cindy Crawford plays a party girl who love to drink and dance, but also loves to suck dick. She looks great in her cut offs and tank top as she shows a group of black guys who can hardly wait to see what else she can do. After she stumbles around dancing for a while, the action begins. The guys are spread out throughout the room so Cindy has to move from one dick to another. She shows great energy at each top. Showing off that hot little body, she gets every inch of herself into the act. After taking on each guy individually, she kneels in the center of the room and is surrounded by dark meat. Cindy opens wide as the guys take turns emptying their sacks on her face and tongue. She’s hot, she’s nasty and gives a great blow bang scene. Cindy can give me a dance any time she wants.

Gia Paloma

This one is a little interesting. Gia is all done up in tiger make up. Her hair is wild and he is led into the room on a leash by her trainer. This wild cat is ready to take on a whole room full of sub-mopes and looks like she has the energy to get the job done. Staying in character, Gia crawls up to the first guy, sniffs him and then attack his meat like she’s hungry. She doesn’t even need her hands to handle the average dicks before her. Instead she just bobs her head hard on a stick for a while and then slide over a few feet to the next guy. At times it looks like she’s just nodding her head up and down to deliver the blowjob. It works for a number of the guys who feed this naughty kitty their man milk. Some of the guys nut in line while others wait to give her some rapid fire popshots at the end of the scene. Though it has a different vibe, this scene is pure filth and shows why Gia is such the stroke queen.

Hillary Scott

When it comes to girls who look like sorority princesses and fuck like gutter sluts, no one is hotter than Hillary Scott. She wakes up in a dark warehouse. The guys in this twisted nightmare are wearing diapers and baby bonnets. Yes folks it’s a baby blow bang. In no time at all, Hillary‘s hot mouth has the guys cumming on her pretty face. I promised to not bag on Hillary for quagging when she promised to show me how good it feels. Since she hasn’t come through on that promise yet I suppose I am allowed to say that the only think slowing this scene down is the throat theatrics. (A promise is a promise Hillary) There are so many guys that it seems as if the cum will never end. They just keep busting nuts and Hillary keeps looking like she wants more. The facial shots here are the best in the movie and Hillary fans will want to make sure that they have this scene in their collections on way or another.

Sierra Sinn does her birthday blow bang from Schoolgirls 5, Julie Night shows off her impressive oral skills in a bathroom, Kissy Kapri sucks black dick in a scene from Mouth Meat 4 and Raylee Dean takes on a group of mopes with her pretty lips. That rounds out the three hours worth of sucking on this disc. Ironically, a movie with the phrase “suck fest” in the title is far from a suck fest in the negative sense of the word. If you are a fan of group oral action, then this is a DVD to pick up. It isn’t a glossy or pretty blowbang disc, but it is creative nonetheless. Gia’s scene is really cool and she stays in character. Hillary‘s is odd, but I’ll bet you haven’t seen a lot of scenes like hers before. Cindy sucks a whole room full of black cock like she’s on a mission. Don’t miss that scene, but don’t forget your baby wipes because you just might stain yourself.

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