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Easy Saturday Afternoon, A Political Question & A New Sponsor

Easy Saturday: Summer is definitely here folks. It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon in SoCal. So why I am writing instead of spending the day outside? Actually I’m out of town today attending some family health issues. (Yes, again. These things have a way of stacking up.) I’m going to have to miss tonight’s Adultcon Awards. They were nice enough to include me in the American Academy of Adult Arts & Entertainment. I had the chance to vote and will be looking very closely at the outcome. It should be interesting and I’m sorry I have to miss such a great event. Good luck to all of the nominees. I can’t wait to attend next year.

Eye Candy: What do college co-eds do now that school is over? Well some of them pose for Busty College Coeds. Thank goodness for those girls and those bountiful boobs.

More Junk TV: If “On the Lot” is my favorite summer show so far, then “America’s Got Talent” is my current favorite guilty pleasure. I’m a sucker for this show and how could I not be. It has Jerry Springer as th, The Hoff and a bunch of total freaks showing off their skills. It also features some very talented people. Hell, I even forked out twelve bucks for that Bianca Ryan CD. (Great voice, but the music just didn’t do it for me.) It’s just fun to watch people do more than just sing or dance. Some of the acts wouldn’t see any TV time and that makes it fun. That and watching Sharon Osbourne freak out. If you have a chance to check it out, enjoy some mindless entertainment.

Eye Candy: And now for my nomination for worst porn site/DVD title of the year, check out this gallery from Oh come on!

New Interviews Coming: Some of you have already seen the Ricky D Interview, but there are a lot more to come. I’ve got busty hottie Natasha Nice ready to go in a day or so. Then we get a big one with Jules Jordan and one with Dee right after that. Shay Jordan, Robby D and Jenna Haze will follow. So load up your IPod everyone, interviews coming. In fact, I want to see a picture of someone’s Ipod with an interview playing. Five Rog Points for the first person who sends in a shot of an IPod playing one of the audio interviews.

Eye Candy: DeeCash is running some kind of special
Christine Conners, shy college girl.

Paris: All right, what is left to say? The whole thing has been a Clusterfuck and everyone involved should be ashamed. Paris should be embarrassed that she is such a fuck up as to end up in this trouble. The Sheriff should be ashamed for stepping knee deep into this shit. (And for accepting campaign contributions from the Hiltons and not being MUCH more careful with his handling of her situation.) The media should be ashamed for actually covering this as if it’s news. Look guys, who the fuck cares? Paris is a waste of DNAand she’s going to jail. She will get better treatment than other people because she’s rich and because everyone knows that every second of her time will be documented in some freak show media event in a few weeks. What really pisses me off about the whole thing is that Al Sharpton somehow thinks he has a voice in all of this. Why the hell is Sheriff Baca meeting with this huckster? He thinks that Paris is being treated well because of her “race as well as her wealth” and that “if she were a wealthy hip-hop artist” things would be different? Huh? How many times has Snoop Dogg been busted with guns and drugs and he’s still walking around. No law enforcement official in the United States should EVER sit down with Mr. Sharpton unless the first question is “When are you going to fess up to your part in the Brawley hoax?” If Al won’t answer, meeting over. I’m more pissed with the Sheriff of meeting with this scumbag than I am at his ridiculous early release of Paris.

Eye Candy: That was unpleasant, let’s make things better quickly. How about Michelle Maylene from Asian Fever. OK, I feel better now.

NBA Finals: Damn, these first two games have been a beat down for C-Town. So far, a great team is beating the crap out of a great player. Never count King James out, but they better do something quick. On a side note, I had no idea that Bruce Bowen went to Cal State Fullerton. A fellow Titan. Way to go. Tim Wallach, Kevin Costner and Bruce Bowen. All former Titans.

Eye Candy: School’s out for summer, but Shyla Stylez knows how to show off her big tits in the classroom.

Politics: I’ll do a little politics tomorrow. Someone from Hustler emailed me about my early Presidential preferences. Apparently they are polling industry people for a story. Great idea. I’ll give you my answer and the reasons behind it tomorrow. I also want to talk about two things that the California Legislature is trying to do regarding mandatory health care spending by employers and forced sterilization of dogs in the state of California. You have been warned. Why am I waiting until tomorrow? Well duh, I’ve got the series finale of the Sopranos all cued up on my TiVo and I’m going to shut down the computer long enough to watch it.

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