Asian Fever 32


Asian Fever 32


115 Mins.


DIRECTOR: Richard De Montfort

THEMES: Asian Girls,

CONDOMS: None Noted


STARS: Mika Tan, Kea Kulani, Kyanna Lee, Lielani, Nadi Phuket, Kiwi Ling, Christian, Alec Knight, Jeremy Holmes


Hustler has gone a number of different directions with their Asian Fever line. In the beginning they took the act on the road and mixed in the occasional American porn chick with the locals. It has been in several hands over the years and has changed vibes more time than a lonely masturbation-addicted co-ed. Richard De Montfort is the current captain of the ship and he has selected some of the hottest Asian babe in the business for volume 32. Any time you start a movie with Mika Tan you know you’ve got at least one great scene in the bag. Toss in a cutie like Kea Kulani and are well on your way. He also has two women who are moving up my favorite-girl chart really quickly, Nadi Phuket (Pronounced “Poo-Ket” believe it or not.) and Lielani. Some of you may not have seen these two ladies yet, but you should. Lielani is a tall, beautiful girl who looks sweet, but has great sexual skills. Nadi is stunning, with lips and eyes to die for and appears ready to rocket to the top of favorite lists the world over. With this kind of cast, Asian Fever 32 should be enough to keep all of us who love Asian babes happy for at least two hours. (But then we’ll be horny again no doubt.)

Kiwi Ling & Harley

Pretty Kiwi enters the room with her tattooed boy toy and a black dildo stuck up her ass. She bends over his lap and lets him fuck her hard with the toy. Eventually he lets Kiwi feed on his dick while he keeps pumping. He pushes her head down and holds his cock in her throat. Kiwi doesn’t really gag so it’s actually really hot. The aggressive oral action leads us easily into some solid hard fucking. He pounds her hard from behind and in spoon. Kiwi is very vocal, but also matches him stroke for stroke in a very enthusiastic romp. During some hot piledriver she either cums hard or fakes it really, really well. He holds her face still while shooting a load onto her tongue. This is a hot scene and if the rest of the movie is this good then Hustler is really onto something.

Nadi Phuket & Alec Knight

Nadi and her man are playing pool, but I don’t think the game is going to last long. Why? Because this ultra-hot babe has no pants on. It doesn’t take him long to figure out that she is better on her knees than bent over the table. Hmm, come to think of it, she would be pretty damn good bent over the table as well. When she gets those luscious lips wrapped around his cock, the heat just soars right through the roof. She gives great looking head and I think we could probably just watch her suck all day and be happy. Things get a little odd when they start fucking. He sticks a plug in her ass and holds it in with duct tape. (Did the director get one of those 365 uses for duct tape calendars?) They warm up the pussy with some doggy, but the eye candy increases when she plants her feet on his thighs and starts pumping in reverse cowgirl. In between position she sucks his dick some more, helping keep him nice and wet for the anal entry to come. Her pretty ass takes his dick pretty well, but they do slow down considerably at this point. He pulls out and shoots a load on her big, beautiful lips. This girl is hot stuff folks. If you haven’t seen her yet, check her out.

Kyanna Lee & Jeremy Holmes

The true meaning of the samurai sword is discussed as foreplay in this scene. He gives her a cheesy line about needing to spill blood of have the juices of a woman on his blade once it is unsheathed. Luckily this is porn so Kyanna takes his other sword into her mouth. With a look of great concentration on her face, she takes him almost to the root with long oral strokes, stopping to work the head with her tongue. The camera angles aren’t great, but she makes the blowjob works pretty well. Though she doesn’t show the same energy as the first two girls, Kyanna is easy on the eyes and gets fucked pretty hard. They open up really well for the camera during the doggy. I love the shots of her shaved pussy and the way she dirty talks him all the way to a shot on her face.

Lielani & Christian

When Lielani shows off her martial arts moves, Christian has his doubts about her. When she takes off her clothes, all doubts are gone. The very pretty girl doesn’t waste much time before taking that big dick into her mouth and showing off some real moves. I can’t figure out why we don’t see more of this lovely young lady. She is tall, gorgeous and gives hot, wet blowjobs. We could use a little more eye contact, that that is on the director not the talented babe swallowing meat for our pleasure. Lielani breaks out a dildo and works it up Christian’s ass as she continues to suck his throbbing dick. This isn’t the sort of thing that turns me on, but at least it is well shot. We see Lielani’s pretty face and boobs in the shot as his ass get drilled. Moving to reverse cowgirl, she rides hard with her thighs together. (What should we call this position?) Spinning around for cowgirl, she turns up her energy level. On one point she begs for his “big Asian dick” and says that she doesn’t care if she gets the part, she just wants to cum. That’s quite the casting couch fantasy. They finish off with a spirited mish including some hot talk from Lielani and a shot on her pretty face. I don’t know about you guys, but I would give this girl any role she wanted after this kind of hot action.

Kea Kulani & Mika Tan and Alec Knight

Pretty Kea is fucking her pussy with a toy and calling out for her “sweetie” because she is horny. I’m not sure if sweetie is Mika Tan or the guy on the receiving end of her fantastic blowjob. That question is answered quickly when Mika runs into the bedroom and starts fucking her hot girlfriend from behind with the toy. The girl on girl trash talk is great here. Mika is just hot in any sort of action isn’t she? He sits on Kea’s face and makes her really work those lovely lips. Mika breaks out the strap on and makes her pretty girlfriend suck it. This may be silly from a sexual standpoint, but it sure looks good. If you like strap on action, these two women put on a great show. Mika really know how to fuck and Kea takes everything she’s got. Fucked until she’s ready to pass out Kea has her eyes closed when the dude from the bathroom comes in and shoves his meat between her lips. She certainly doesn’t mind taking the dick or the pop.

I don’t remember being this happy about an Asian Fever movie in a while. The cast has a lot to do with that I’m sure. They are all attractive and most of them can fuck like crazy. I like what the director did with each scene. Each one has a slightly different feel and that little touch means a lot. There is quite a bit of anal action, but even the scenes that don’t feature back door fucking are quite hot. I like Mika Tan in any scene, so even the veggie action at the end is pretty good. She takes charge of Kea and even teases us with some great looking blowjob footage. Lielani looks really good in her scene and she seems to have fun with Christian. They work the man-ass fucking into the mix without really distracting from the fact that this leggy babe is truly a beauty to behold. Nadi’s scene may be my favorite of the bunch. She looks great and shows incredible energy. Kiwi and Kyanna are a lot of fun to watch as well. They just don’t quite have the energy of Nadi, the eye candy of Lielani or the pure sexual perfection that is Mika Tan. Asian Fever….Catch It.

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