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Hells Bells: Trevor Gets 500, Ricky D Calls Out His Brother & Paris

Trevor at 500: Yeah I know. Another sports story to lead the porn blog. So sue me. I got to watch the end of the Padre/Dodger game Wednesday. A fairly uneventful affair for eight innings, but the ninth was quite literally historic. Padre closer Tervor Hoffman, already the all-time leader in saves became the first pitcher in history to get to 500. It came, luckily, at home in front of a huge crowd that went nuts for every pitch. It came, appropriately against the arch-rival Dodger. The team his brother managed, the team he has better than 10% of his career saves against and the team that crushed him last year in the middle of a four home run barrage. As I watched, I couldn’t help but smile. (I also couldn’t help but wonder what happened to my old friend Diablo from PST chat days.) Ever since Tony Gwynn hung up his spikes, Trevor has been my favorite baseball player. He will turn forty this October just a few days before I do. It may have been just another game in June or just another milestone, but it is a moment I will never forget. I won’t be able to make it to New York this year to watch Gwynn go in the Hall of Fame, but rest assured, I will be on the phone the day Hoffman announces his retirement, making my hotel reservations five years in advance so that I can be there to watch Trevor Hoffman go into the Hall. Way to go Trevor. Ring those freaking bells.

Eye Candy: Here’s something different. It’s a site dedicated to a cheating ex named Taylor Bow. Apparently it’s a bunch of home videos posted for revenge. Not sure I buy it, but it’s a great concept.

New Stuff: After a rather disastrous HTML mishap, I finally got the Ricky D interview up and running. He talks a lot about what he looks for when casting an ass movie. (Topic for discussion: Profile or Straight shot, which is more important to ass fans?) Ricky also confesses to being a bit of an alt-porn fan, explains why he doesn’t want to be a performer/director and fuels the fire a bit on the sibling rivalry between he and big brotherIvan. I won’t stop until I have these guys duking it out in a UFC match. Or better yet….How about an Eye Candy contest. Let’s see which brother can produce the most Rog Rules T shirt/short shot. Come on guys, let’s get it started.

Eye Candy: I was talking with Bryan Xin today and he mentioned Kaiya Lynn. That got me looking for her and I found this hot photo gallery of a soccer bang with Kaiya right in the middle.

On the Lot: This is my favorite summer reality show right now. This week was interesting though. Did Michael Bay really just criticize someone for stretching a two minute story into a three minute movie? Did he just tell the director that he should have tightened up his editing? Hey Mike, did you actually sit through all of “Pearl Harbor?” Yikes. Mr. Bay, say hello to Mr. Kettle.

Eye Candy: Like big boobs? Then you will probably enjoy this top-heavy hottie.

More New Stuff: I don’t know how often you check for new Toy Reviews, but Savana has been a busy young girl of late. Apparently that last batch of toys I sent her included some real winner. First she reviewed Doc Johnson’s Acrylic Smooth Grooves G Vibe and gave it a glowing recommendation. Most women would be happy with one perfectly rated toy, but Savana is dedicated and went after the Cal Exotics Just Perfect Purple toy. Two A+ toys in one week It’s a wonder Savana got any work done or any studying at all. Check out her reviews. If you enjoy them, let her know. I know she loves the feedback and remember that all the links on her reviews give her some affiliate cash. I keep hoping we help her earn enough to buy a web cam so she can finally throw that pajama party she keeps talking about.

Eye Candy: Because security guards need love too the BangBus Boys Boff a uniformed hottie.

In or Out: Paris Still Sucks: I know that I was going to talk about Paris today, but the damn story changes from hour to hour. When I found out she got out I was pissed. Now she’s going back and I’m still pissed. Not that she is going back, but at the way the whole thing is being handled, the hand wringing people are doing and most of all I’m pissed by the fact that any of us are giving this silly piece of trash two seconds of our fucking time. That said, I’m sure I’ll write more tomorrow. For now I’ll leave you with this final transition. Paris was a crappy cock sucker, but…

Eye Candy: Paris was a crappy cock sucker, but this French babe from could probably teach a class in the art of gobbling goo.

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