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Ricky D Interview January 2007

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Ricky D 2007: (: Anabolic director Ricky D sits down to talk about his new lines, what it's like being a young director in Porn Valley and of course the bewing sibling rivarly between he and his older brother Ivan.

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(Gregg from Diabolic is yelling at me to ask Ricky a specific question, so I do.)

Alright! How's "Incumming" coming along?

Great! It's coming along awesome. You want a movie with four scenes, Gregg?

Okay, that was the best intro for an interview ever. That was Gregg asking Ricky D, director for Diabolic how "Incumming" is coming, and apparently it's coming slowly.

But surely!

Sometimes, you have to wait for quality.

There you go.

Alright, so we're waiting on some good "Incumming" stuff, is that it?

Yeah, that's it.

That's obviously one of the lines that you direct for Diabolic, what are the others?

Hot Sauce, Ass For Days, Anal Asspirations, and 2 On 1.

Now let's talk about who you are.

Ricky D.

You're Ricky D, director.

21-years-old. Diabolic. I've been directing since I was 19. Started it back in 2005.

About how many movies have you shot?

About 14, 15, I think.

But you've taken over some lines, obviously.


Hot Sauce is a new line, right?

Yeah. Hot Sauce is a new line and it's a signature line, one of my signature lines. Hot Sauce and Ass For Days. Those are both my signature lines. Both were created by me and shot by me.

Guessing that Hot Sauce has a Latin flavor?

Yes. Completely, you are correct.

And Ass For Days would be an ass movie apparently?

Yes. And it's all anal.

All anal, okay. Only anal?

No, no.

So anal in every scene, but not anal only.

No, it's not just anal all the time.

It's become a genre now-gotta have a little of both.


Now, what are the challenges in taking over another line? Fans already have an expectation, and here you come along, a new director. What do you do with that?

Again, there's expectation. I'm not going to try and disrespect any directors of the line before me. I try to improve upon it, I try to put my own twist on it. I also try to meet the standard that they had. I'm not trying to under-cut anybody. I try to maintain the same things they set up on.

Okay. Do you prefer taking over a line? You've got your own two lines. Does that feel better because you know it's yours from start to finish?

Yeah, I'd rather have a signature line. I mean, I'd rather have a line that is started by me and finished by me.

You obviously started shooting at a really young age. 19 is young for a porn director. There are guys who don't get started until they're in their 30s. How did that happen?

I started working at Extreme. Raw copy-editing, doing the website, all that shit. And then eventually, I got a call from someone at Anabolic and I got hooked up with a job there in editing, and slowly moved up through the ranks. It took me six months to be a director there. It was pretty quick for someone who was just, you know, an editor.

Now, do you still edit your own stuff?

Yeah, I edit all my own stuff.

So start to finish, everything is yours.

Yeah, everything you see is mine. The photos too. Not the DVD or cover.

You going to work on that?

I want to, but I have not been given the privilege to do that. We have other guys that do that.

Okay. If someone had not seen any of your work, and they were going to rent one movie, what would you want them to see?

I would want them to get Ass For Days #1.


I think it's one of the most solid movies I've ever shot.

Now, we don't see that one up there behind us, so who's in that one?

The cover is Naomi. I shot it six months ago so I don't remember the cast too much. It was the first Ass For Days I shot and I tried hard. I got a lot of the big ass girls in there.

Big-ass girls who do anal.


And we all know that Naomi does that!

Yeah, we all know that.

Do you have anybody in mind for the next one?

Not yet. I'm still trying to book that. I'm trying to work on Incumming first, like Gregg said. I'm thinking about Ass For Days, I'm thinking about all the lines I have coming out, taking a look around the convention to see who's who and all that.

Do you get packages from agents with a face shot and an ass shot?

That would be wonderful, that would make my day so much easier if they would do that. But I just call up the agent and say, 'Hey, who's got a big ass?' And then they show me the pictures.

I always ask this of ass directors. As an ass director, what's more important how wide it is, or the curve from the profile shot?

Wow, that's a tough one. Because Naomi, the profile shot is amazing.

The profile shot with Naomi is what works. But with Katja Kassin, the wide shot works.

And I worked with both girls in Ass For Days.

So what's more important to you?

I like a shorter girl with a big ass.

So the profile shot.


The profile shot can be awesome. Alright, so there we go, one vote for profile.

There we go.

Now, what's taking so long with Incumming?

Oh, now come on, man. A lot of girls are afraid of getting pregnant with the cream pies and everything.

They're not taking the pill?

They forget to brush their teeth in the morning, I think it'd be a little hard to remember to take a pill every day.

So it's hard to cast Incumming because they don't want to take internals?


What about faking it?

No, I'm not fake in anything I shoot. I'm not one of those directors.

This is hard, I'm trying to interview you and Luci Thai is making out with a chick right behind me.

That's pretty hot right?

Luci Thai is very hot. Used to have a nice ass, now she kind of lost it. Eat a little more and you could have her in Ass For Days.


You could have Asian Ass For Days. That'd be hard to cast, though.

Right. There could be a really good niche for myself in there.

Asian Ass For Days. You could compartmentalize them, you know?

There you go.

There's my contribution to porn.

Thank you very much.

So we're encouraging all the Asian girls to eat lots of rice, and get the butt back.

Eat some McDonald's. (a loud bang) That was a gunshot.

Well, you used to work at Anabolic, you used to work at Extreme, you should be used to that sound.

I haven't seen or heard it in a while.

Hey, there's Anabolic Asians!

There you go.


AFD, there you go. We're working on it. We're already working on it, man.

Now, I interviewed your brother, and for people who don't know, that's Ivan.


Who used to shoot for Extreme.


He does a really different kind of movie than you do. I mean, you shoot the Anabolic, Diabolic, here's the girl, here's the sex. He goes out and shoots the zombie porn. A lot of that stuff.

He's a feature guy. He's a real film maker, so he likes to do the artsy-type stuff.

Do you have any interest in that stuff at all? If Gregg came to you and said, 'Hey, I want you to shoot a feature for me?'

I could shoot a feature for him, I know I could. I mean, I'd love to do that. But the market right now is all gonzo.

The market is all gonzo and crappy features, so you do good gonzo.

Thank you.

Now, I asked your brother who was the better director, and of course he said, he was.

Oh come on.

So I'll ask you, who's the better director?

If we're shooting porno, I think I'm a lot better, because I have a little more experience at that than he does. If it comes to feature stuff, yeah, he could probably shoot a lot better, but I think I've got the gonzo thing down.

For people who don't know, Ivan shoots features but he also shoots good sex, too.


Now, he also said to ask you who kicks whose ass at basketball.

Oh, what an asshole. He's got this outside shot, so he always comes through at the end. But I'll beat him. He's a big guy and he's got a shot.

It must be tough to take the ball away from him, he's got a lot of bulk.

Yeah, he's a bear.

Okay, so we covered the sibling rivalry stuff. What else? Have you shot all the girls in the booth?

I've only shot Rebecca Lenart.

What about Whitney Stevens?

I've not shot her yet.

Nice tits on her.

I might have a scoop for you,

. I might be starting a big tittie line for Diabolic.

Well, she'd be the perfect start, because those are some amazing titties.

Yeah, exactly. Her and Natasha might end up in that line.

And I might have to bring my copy of Stuff magazine with Lacey Chabert on the cover, because she looks just like Lacey. It's scary. And then Ashley Jensen has small boobs and a small ass, so she can do Incumming.


She does not have an Ass For Days.

No. Her ass was left at home.

Now, Rebecca has a pretty great ass. It's tiny. But it's nicely shaped.

It could work. On camera, it looks really nice.

With the profile shot.


Now, you've got two signature lines. Are you looking for more?

Oh yeah. I'm always wanting more.

You're talking about the big boob line. Beyond that, what is something you'd be interested in?

I know this is something a lot of directors say, but the alt stuff. I love the alt stuff and want to shoot more of it.

Now what is the alt stuff to you?

A little more reality-based, where you follow a girl around for the day, and at the end, it's like a reality porn on the internet. But with Suicide Girl-looking chicks.

Now, would you do guys dancing with each other in Speedos kind of alt?

No, I'm not going to do faggy alt. I'm sorry.

Most of that Vivid stuff is faggy alt.

Yeah. I'll watch some of it. I like Ian Mikhai's stuff, but some of it is over the top.

You're just in a really different place than those guys. I mean, you're shooting this kind of stuff, and they've probably never met a guy in their life who would jerk off to their movies.


Because anybody who is watching your movies for anything other than jerking off really has too much time on their hands.

Very true.

Because it's pretty much pure stroke stuff. And that's good, we like stroke stuff.

Yeah. Honestly, I'm trying to switch up the Anabolic style, at least on my end, where it's a lot cleaner, less degrading stuff. We're not doing the choking anymore, the slapping of the face. Other directors might be doing that, but I'm not.

You want to go for something different.

Yeah. I'm doing the softer stuff, stuff that anybody can watch. I mean, I'm not into the face-fucking all the time.

A lot of people are into it, and a lot of people hate it.


If you all do is that, then you lose half the audience.


And teasing is nice. Some of us do want to see more than a girl's face and two hard dicks. A lot of these girls have nice boobs and asses, nice everything.

Right. The first few movies I shot had to be in Anabolic and Diabolic style. They all had to be straight-up gonzo. I'm trying to switch over slowly. It's coming, they're starting to like my stuff.

Now, you're a young guy and you're a director. You're not a performer, though.


Why not? Everybody else is.

That's why I don't want to be a performer, because everybody else is. I don't want to be that guy that's the creepy fucking director-I'm not that type of guy. I'm not here to creep out the girls, I'm here to make money. I'm not here to have sex.

Alright. Now if you were asked to shoot your own POV line, would you do it yourself or shoot it over someone's shoulder?

I've already been asked to shoot a POV line and I already said no.

Would you shoot over some guy's shoulder if you hadn't?

No. Because in POV, you can't have that shit, you can't have the guy's shoulder in the shot.

There you go. You and your brother could do dueling POV series.

Yeah, but his will just be the shot of a gut.

(he laughs) I'm sorry, Ivan, but I had to do it. I had to set you up like that.

Top of the head and the gut, that's all you'll see.

I hear Elegant Angel is working on a POV masturbation series with William H., which will show him jerking off.


Won't that be good?

Good for him.

It's be old, won't it?

Yeah, real old. That's just great.

Porn without the girl.

Oh, wonderful. I'm all over that.

Alright, what else do we got? Do you watch a lot of porn?

I watch a lot of the other guys' stuff, just so I know what they're doing. I've always liked Jules Jordan's stuff.

What is it about his stuff that you like?

He's tease driven in the softer stuff, the cleaner stuff. It's a lot cleaner. There's no light in the shot, there's no guy being wacky in the background. It's straight-up gonzo and I appreciate that. It's good shit.

It would be really good if you could bring that to Anabolic while still sticking with the intensity. It would be the perfect blend.

Yeah, exactly. That's what I'm trying to do, and I think we're getting close to accomplishing that.

Well, Gregg has always been great at listening to input and listening to fans.

He's the one who suggested we go a little bit softer. I started doing that anyway, but then he said that my stuff was moving along better because of that.

So many people are doing so rough, all the time.

You can't do that all the time.

It just doesn't work. You gotta get the right girl to do that.

Otherwise it's going to be a horrible scene and nobody wants to jerk off to that, unless they want to degrade the woman.

And some guys do but you're not into that. You like women.

Yeah, you know, I'm a 21-year-old guy. I haven't had so many women cross me so that I hate women.

And you don't pervert guys to women, like some of the directors.

No. On my MySpace, it does not say "bi," it says "straight."

Now, have you got a Latin mind? Can we assume you have an eye for the Latin ladies?

Yeah, I do.

Okay, for your next movie you get to pick three women regardless of contracts. Who would you choose?

That's tough. Lorena Sanchez, she's got a great attitude. I like Cecilia Rose. And Rebecca.

That would be a great start. Throw in Jasmine Byrne and you're set. Now what if you could cast the ultimate Ass of Days?

Oh, wow. It was suggested that I hire Shyla. She was in the original Sweet Cheeks.

She has got a great profile.

Yeah. Now, let's see, asses, asses. Oh, Naomi, but Naomi like eight months ago.

She's looking a little thin these days.

Yeah, very thin.

The ass is still there, but so are the ribs.

Yeah, you can totally see the ribs, and I don't think that's too sexy.

You'd probably bring Katja back, just because you can't shoot an ass movie without her.

Yeah, or Sandra Minello, Sandra is great to work with.

So that would be a great start. So ladies, if you're listening.

Hit me up!

Alright? Anything else? You got a website?

www.RickyDXXX.com. Just go there, I've got a link to my MySpace, I have everything on there. My photos. You might want to check out therickyd.com because that has all the links to. Fans, hit me up.

And it's Ricky D.

Yup, Ricky D, the one and only.

You've got the MySpace thing going on with the hot girl.


Instead of your picture.

Of course. I have my picture on there, but I have this thing where if you're a chick and you dig me, you can see my pictures.

Have you got a girlfriend right now?

That's a loaded question, but no.

Is it hard to meet women?

Yes. Girls tend to resent you for being in the industry.

Do you date industry girls?

I have.

But you prefer outside of the industry.


And outside, it's tough. And especially since you're young, and so you're talking about young girls. It's tough for them to get over the fact that you're out all day shooting this.

Exactly. I'll get angry text messages, 'Oh my God, you're probably hanging out with chicks again.' All this stuff.

And that's got to be tough. But you know, you'll mature and the women will mature.

Eventually, I'm only 21.

And then you'll get your heart broken and turn into a punk like someone else we know.

I'm not going to do that. At least, I'll try not to.

So if a girl shows up on set with your name tattooed on her ass, you'd hire on the spot?

I'd love it. I'm down with that.

So any girl who wants a part in Ass For Days, have a big ass.

And Ricky D tattooed on it.

And his URL on your ass.

That's it, perfect.

And you're set. So up for any awards Saturday night?

No comment. No, I'm not. We're one of the few companies that doesn't get accommodated too much, even though we're one of the bigger companies, but that's alright. They'll come around.

You've got lines of fans out here waiting for the girls, so that's what matters.

Exactly. As long as we're paying the bills, that's what matters.

Okay. And to close, Ricky feels that he is better than Ivan, so the ball is in his court.

Yup, we'll see how he responds.

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