Fantasy Baseball Update: League 2 April/May


Fantasy Baseball Update

League 2: First 2 Months

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Standings Through May: They say that pennants are not won or lost until the dog days of summer, but those at the top of the standings are making a case for an early end to the race in our league. The Injury Experts have been in first place since day one and are leading the “haves” in our league by a narrow margin. Only one other team, The Dick Poles, are even close to the lead at this point in the season. There is a three-team log jam at the 3-5 hole. I’m one of those teams so perhaps the big trade is beginning to pay dividends. (Or maybe it’s just the fact that my squad is named after the incredibly hot Shay Jordan.) The man who thanked us all for the title on the day of the draft is currently leading the bottom half of the league. So much for early season smack talk. Teams 6-9 are bunched pretty close with one lonely team down there in the New York Yankee position. Come on Team Rowland, let’s see some fight.
Big Trades: It took us a while to make any player moves, but now we’ve seen a couple of huge trades. The rumored deal of Soriano from the Next Big Things to the Dick Poles did finally happen. It wasn’t the original trade discussed, but it was a blockbuster nonetheless. Soriano became a Dick Pole in exchange for Adrian Gonzalez, Jason Bay and Michael Young. The three for one deal prompted some skepticism, but as the Poles gain ground on the Injury Experts, it may be Soriano who helps turn the tide. A trade of even bigger names happened just this week when Old School Blondie Bee sent Alex Rodriguez to the Isotopes for Justin Morneau. That’s the kind of big name deal that makes the league fun.

Trash Talk There still isn’t a lot of trash talk going on in our league. Apparently only trades bring that out. The early Clemens trade brought out some serious trash talk. The Soriano trade made things even more interesting. Someone even suggested that the Poles’ owner was on crack. Perhaps not the kind of trash talk we could hope for, but at least there was life. (And the “Ty Wiggington is your 1b and I’m on crack?” follow up was hilarious.) Let’s see if we can’t pick it up a little. If we’re going to spend the whole scene staring up at Will’s ass, the least we can do is mix it up a little bit.

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