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Eye Candy: Got lots of gallery links in the mail. Here is one from Enjoy.

Wankus, Tyler Off the KSEX Airwaves: After last week’s big shake up at KSEX Radio, program director and on air-personality Wankus is no longer part of the broadcast team. More on that story as it develops, but his long time business and personal partner Tyler Faith didn’t wait long to announce that she too was leaving the KSEX on-air family. In a press release following the on air incident, Faith said

“It’s not my place to comment on the particulars, as I was not involved in
any of the day to day operations. I only caught information in passing, or
by seeing projects Wankus spent hours editing, or being witness to a heated
phone call with Jon (Belinkie, new KSEX C.E.O.),” Faith said. ” But while I
know Wankus is somewhat relieved that he won’t have to be witness to a far
less experienced industry outsider potentially sink the ship, the way it
went down proved why Wankus has had good reason to fear potential disaster
and spend most of the last 12 months frustrated.”

On the bright side, Faith goes on to say that with more time to devote to production, Wankus can help ramp things up over at Team Tyler. Hey wait, does that mean we will be hearing less of Wankus AND seeing more of Tyler in front of the camera…….where’s the down side in that? (Just kidding Wankus. What will I do with my Wednesday nights now that I can’t call in with my weekly review>) Somehow I don’t think we have heard the last of this story.

Eye Candy: Something a little different. A gallery of FetishGames for those of you into something off the beaten path.

You see it’s funny because: For those of you who didn’t get it the first time. It’s funny see, because the upside of the press release is that while Wankus is on the air less, Tyler will be naked more. And we can poke fun at Wankus because he’s cool like that. It’s also funny because it’s true right? Naked Tyler is better than ranting Wankus? Anyone? Why am I afraid this is going to get all twisted….Jeez it’s a joke…..(And not a funny one now that you’ve run it into the ground Rog. Go eat something.)

Eye Candy: Just a little Alex Quinn IR gang bang action before I go.

Kick Ass Story Yesterday I ran the story about the Kick Ass movie and the on line petition to have it pulled from the shelves. Anyone want to weigh on that story? I think it’s pretty interesting stuff and since you guys are mostly members of the buying public I am sure that both sides would love to hear from you.

Eye Candy: Some action from to finish off the post.

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