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Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day: Obviously I appreciate everyone who is taking the time to read this blog today. I would just like to ask you all to stop for a minute, if you haven’t already, and call your mom. Those of you who read closely know that this mother’s day is special to me for a lot of reasons. My mom went through another battle with cancer. I’m so happy to report that she has recovered 100% and should be serving as a compass in my life (as well as the lives of everyone in my family) for many years to come. So those of you with mother’s to call, please do so now. Back? OK, now those of you with wives, go give them a hug and a kiss. Remind them how much you need and appreciate them. Done? Good. Those of you who happen to actually BE mothers, I thank you on behalf of your husbands and children. You truly do help the world go around. To my own wife I can only say again how much I love and appreciate all you have done for me. Our family doesn’t work without you, this site doesn’t exist without you and whether you believe it or not, my life doesn’t make sense without you. To everyone else, enjoy the links to eye candy and remember that mothers are more than just MILFs. (Not that there is anything wrong with a good MILF flick.) Happy Mother’s Day!

Eye Candy: It would just wrong of me to link to a MIFL eye candy gallery wouldn’t it? How about a really cute girl named Haley from

Nappy Headed Mess: We all knew that the Don Imus thing wasn’t’ going to just die. From the moment that kid went coed hunting on the Va Tech campus you could almost hear Rev. Sharpton screaming at us not to forget him. Since then, two more shock jock teams have been in trouble, Huckster Al has been trying to pretend he really cares and porn has jumped into the fray with both feet. Last week, Kick Ass Pictures announced the release of a movie called “Nappy Headed Ho’s.” We all knew that someone would release a movie with this title. It was just a matter of time. Kick Ass also announced that they would donate a dollar from every NHH DVD sold to a retirement fund for Imus. That last part is shameless promotion, but since when is porn opposed to that sort of thing? Now comes word that Inner City Squad’s Kim Hicks is so offended by the Kick Ass project that she has launched an online petition to have it pulled. In an article on Hicks called the movie “completely offensive, racist and totally exploitive”. She has also called for an African-American boycott of Kick Ass that includes consumers and talent. Such a boycott would include a refusal by black performers to work for Kick Ass until NHH is pulled from the marketplace. Kick Ass responded by calling the issue a matter of Free Speech. They have vowed not to pull the title from the shelves and point to the hypocrisy involved in the Imus firing. What they didn’t point was what may be some hypocrisy coming from Inner City Squad who produce the “Ghetto Booty” movies. At the very least it would seem somewhat ironic that a company who finds the use of the word “ghetto” to be acceptable by the use of “nappy” or perhaps “ho”. I respect what Ms. Hicks has to say and will link to her petition at the end of this story. I also understand that this title, like so many other titles, may be offensive to some people. The question we have to ask ourselves is what we want to do about the things that offend us. Do we call for boycotts, ban words and ruin careers? Or do we simply choose to support products, companies and personalities that do not offend us? That’s really the question at work here. I don’t want this to sound like I’m taking sides in the matter, but I feel that the porn community has to be very careful when calling for bans and boycotts of “offensive” words and material. Everything the adult industry does is offensive to a good number of people. If we being using these sort of weapons to ban or eliminate offensive words, then we must be prepared to accept it when these same weapons are used against us as a whole. I respect Kim Hicks’ opinion on this matter, but I wonder if we aren’t setting ourselves up for something that none of us wants. At any rate, the online petition can be found here.. More on this story as it develops.

Eye Candy: Wow heavy stuff. Let’s go softer with hot blonde masturbating in video clips.

That’s all Folks: Time to go help Mrs. Rog celebrate mother’s day. Enjoy everyone and don’t forget to celebrate all of the mothers in your life.

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