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Skeeter Speaks, We Listen

Ground Rules: OK, this is not going to be a point by point response the Skeeter’s latest rant. Having been on the receiving end of at least a dozen phone calls the one Gene got (Years ago in my case) I understand the frantic nature of these things. Skeeter is a very passionate guy who gets on a roll and things just flow out. This isn’t a debate with a points system. It isn’t even a well thought out message board post. It’s very emotional, excitable guy in full rant mode. So forgive me if I don’t pick it apart line by line. Besides, he makes some great points. Just wanted to clear that up.

Eye Candy: Gotta keep up the eye candy. Jassie on My Wife’s Friends. Looking good.

Good Stuff First: Before I focus on what Skeeter said, let’s start with the good stuff. I only found out about the rant because of something I read on Guest writer Al Czervix wrote a piece called “An Equal and Opposite Reaction”. In part it said

Roger Pipe is probably the most well-informed, even-handed, well-written reviewer in this entire business. He has been reviewing longer than most of the guys doing it today, and his body of work speaks for itself. His tastes reflect that of the “mainstream porn fan.”

I don’t know Al (Or maybe I do, but I don’t know him by that name) but I am flattered and humbled by such kind words. I don’t know how to respond other than to say thank you very much. And to say that Al is dead on in regards to who I “represent” (below). I’m a mainstream raincoater guy and I’ve never pretended to be anything other than just that. Al continues…

The “mainstream fan” who Rog represents is the guy who likes pretty girls and (relatively) normal sex acts. He likes women. This is the guy who jerks off to Jules Jordan, John Stagliano and Zero Tolerance movies because they are “just hardcore enough,” and is turned off by the extreme nature of Skeeter and Max Hardcore (et al.). Whether or not Skeeter or the ADT nation wants to admit it, this is the fan who keeps the business alive. It isn’t the guy who can’t get enough of Bridgette Kerkove double anal.

Al hits the nail on the head. These are the people who drive the industry. There will always be people who want other porn though. Some will want harder, some will want softer, some will even want alt-porn. There are a lot of people who love Skeeter’s movies. No question about that. I appreciate that audience as well and do my best to give them valuable information in my reviews. I’ve never confused my personal taste with the “only” kind of porn that has value. Some people get that, some don’t. Bravo Al, great point. And again, thank you for the kind words. I’m not sure what I have done to deserve them, but I thank you just the same.

Eye Candy: Speaking of sex that is harder than some people like, here’s a gallery from starring the incredible Nautica Thorn. Who says nasty can’t be good looking?

Skeeter’s Post: I’m afraid that will have to wait for tomorrow. You see, all the little eyes and ears are down for the night and I have tonight’s episode of The Shield waiting for me. (Eat your heart out Celeste. I get to watch it NOW!)

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