Digital Playgrounds Robby D Receives Top Honors


Digital Playground’s leading contract director, Robby D., has been presented with multiple, prestigious accolades from industry critics for his body of work in 2006. Roger Pipe of Rog Reviews, Reto of Orgazmik and Astroknight of Adult DVD Talk each gave Robby their top honor, “2006 Best Director.” Additionally, various volumes of Jack’s Playground, Jack’s Teen America, Jack’s POV, Control and Deeper received “Critics Choice” awards from Adult DVD Reviews. Including his recent AVN trophies for the Jack’s Playground and Jack’s POV series’, Robby has received over a dozen new merits, each recognizing a remarkable level of expertise.

Rog at writes, “this is Robby’s 3rd consecutive nomination in the category and I was pleased to present him with the ‘2006 Best Director’ award for an overall body of work. In addition to his continuing work on the Jack’s Playground movies he added some new titles that were simply amazing; Ass Addiction, Jack’s Asian Adventure and Control were all outstanding. Robby has been great for years, but this year he took things to a new level.” Dr. Jay at Adult DVD Reviews agrees, explaining, “‘to earn a Critic’s Choice from me, the average of all categories must exceed four stars and the production values and sex must equal or exceed four stars. Robby’s movies have great sex, way above average video and audio, and top production values.” Astroknight touts Robby’s diversity and commitment to excellence, “Robby D. earned the position of ‘Best Director for 2006’ due to not just the movies he put out, but the level of quality he was able to maintain with each title he put out. He has a great lineup of female talent in his movies, and is one of the few directors where you can see the cast is enjoying themselves with almost every release. Hard Candy quickly became one of the few barely-legal lines I pay attention to while Deeper has consistently been one of the hottest, artistic porn series out there. He also seems to be constantly expanding the Jack’s Playground line to please fans of tits, ass, and Asians, and even brought out one of the most hot and fun POV lines out there while still remaining true to the character. His camera work is always right on, and he’s shown he has the skill to vary it a little, as he goes between gonzo and artistic modes, shooting for himself as well as Digital Playground’s Celeste and Joone. Robby D. is consistently putting out hot movies and showing that Digital Playground is much more than just a studio for couples porn.”
Digital Playground is pleased to have Robby on board and proud of his many accomplishments. Company president Samantha Lewis raves, “Robby D. contributes a great deal to our company and every aspect of our production team. He has spent years perfecting and refining his skills and tapping into his brilliant creativity. I’m so happy to see him receive this well deserved recognition.” Founder Joone agrees, “Robby is extremely talented, his work ethic is superb, most importantly, he is committed to pushing the envelope and learning as much as he can about his craft. I’d like to thank him for everything he has accomplished here at Digital Playground and congratulate him on his successes. We have a tremendous future together.”

Robby D. is grateful and feels it is important to put the praise in perspective. He responds, “I would like to thank the critics and the reviewers for acknowledging our work. Everything we put out is a true collaboration of every department at Digital Playground. It is the efforts of the entire production staff, the owners and the marketing team that put me at the top of my game and I couldn’t have achieved any of this without all of these talented and dedicated people. I would especially like to thank Joone and his partner Samantha for their full support and belief in me. On behalf of Digital Playground, it is an honor to win the respect of our critics. Thank you.”

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