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Rog Blog 1/27

97.1 Pulls Plug on Dave Pounder Show

Pounder Pulled: That didn’t take long. CBS Radio has pulled the planned “Real Talk with Dave Pounder” from their late night schedule. Apparently the local station was getting too much heat from the network because of a perceived “endorsement of pornography.” Come on. This is the same station that Howard Stern called home for more than a decade. It’s been a while since I have bothered to turn it over to FM, but last time I checked they also ran that assbag Tom Leykis in the afternoons. They don’t want to endorse pornography, but misogyny and general douchebag radio is OK? The show was a call in program and let’s be honest for a bit. Most people wouldn’t know that Dave Pounder is in porn if he didn’t tell them. Dave is a nice guy, but he isn’t a name people associate right away with smut. They weren’t running Real Talk with Lexington Steele or Real Talk with Jenna Jameson. Pounder is already looking to satellite radio as an alternative. Hey CBS, I’ll do a real porn show for ya. Put me and we can talk every week about how much alt-porn and Tom Leykis suck.
Eye Candy: More Loni from MasterSitePass. I really miss her.

HD-DVD Reviews: So I got the HD player and tomorrow I’m going to hook the blasted thing up. I’ve already got one title on HD, so Island Fever 3 will be my first review on the new format. What are you guys looking for in HD reviews? I figured I would stick with the review style that I’ve always used with a strong focus on the stuff that is different about HD. Obviously I’m going to have to talk about the picture quality, but if anyone has any other suggestions, I would love to hear them. Just mail them on over.

Eye Candy: POV fans can check out Haley from

Super Bowl: So Bears or Colts? Anyone betting on the big game? Anyone think they have a lock? I’m a bit torn. I do like the Colts, but I’m not a huge fan of the Manning family. On the other hand, I haven’t been a big Bears fan since that 1986 Super Bowl. Long story, but how could any coach let a guy like Walter Payton get to the big game and then give the ball to a flipping tub of goo at the goal line. I think I kind of lost all respect for the Bears in that one moment. I know, silly stuff, but we all do it. I still hate the Cowboys for firing Tom Landry. Talk about classless. That’s Jerry Jones to a T. (Ramble much Rog?) Back to the game? Who do we all think is going to win? Everyone is picking the Colts, but everyone picked the Saints and look what happened there. I’ll have to think about it for a while, but I’m leaning towards the Bears at this point.

Eye Candy: Before she was Britney Rears Jessica Sweet liked to fuck daddy’s friends.

New Reviews: I know that a lot of you only pop by here and then check out the DVD reviews. Don’t miss some of the other stuff as well. I just put up a web site review of Brooke Skye’s Web Site. We already know how cute she is. In case you forgot, check out the Brooke Skye Rog Rules Gallery.. Her cute friend Kat Young is next.

There are also two new toy reviews from our girl Savana Switzer. Our beautiful young co-ed has been keeping herself busy with Doc Johnson’s Lucid Dream #69 and Penthouse’s Pet Rabbit Blue Heaven Vibe. Both of these toys got high marks. Check out her reviews and as always, she appreciates your feedback.
Eye Candy: And now we get Jasmin getting it from the Big Black Pimp.

Free VOD Card: Gamelink is offering 10 free minutes.

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