Apocalypse X (Blu Ray)

Apocalypse X (Blu Ray)

189 Mins
Digital Playground
DIRECTOR: Jakeodema
THEMES: Car Chases, Fight Scenes, Post Apocalyptic Sex,
STARS: Stevie Shae, Anikka Albrite, Veronica Rodriguez, Abby Cross, Lola Foxx, Eva Karrera, Mischa Brooks, Derrick Pierce, Mick Blue, Tommy Gunn, Steven St. Croix, Richie Calhoun, Ryan Driller,


This XXX rated Mad Max inspired epic is Digital Playground’s big release for the year. It’s different from their usual star-studded flicks in a lot of ways. First of all, it’s not packed with contract stars. That means no massive contract star orgy scene at the end. The lack of star power hurts the movie a bit, but there is so much action and production values that most people won’t notice. The plot is a simple one. In a post apocalyptic world the desert wastelands are filled with evil gangs and good people just trying to get by. Caught somewhere in between is “The Ghost” played by Stevie Shae. Stevie carries the movie sexually, but the rest of the case is a little underdeveloped. This is an epic after all so there has to be a really bad bad guy. Derrick Pierce does a nice job in that role. He has one sex scene, and it’s a good one. He just doesn’t have enough screen to really make him worthy of The Ghost’s final battle. The surrounding performers are a mixed bag. Anikka Albrite stars in the first scene. She is super hot and it’s the best scene of the bunch. It’s too bad she didn’t have a bigger part. Abby Cross looks really good in her scene. Sexually the movie is fine, but does not live up to the lofty expectations we have for Digital Playground epics. As a feature, it’s pretty damn solid though. The car chase scenes are really good and so are the fight sequences. It’s good to see Digital Playground making movies like this. I still miss the big stars though.

Anikka Albrite & Mick Blue

Even as a car chase and gun battle rage down the road, Mick Blue is ready to have his cock sucked. Of course if you had Anikka Albrite ready to use her mouth on your junk you might shut out the rest of the world too. She gives him a great looking blowjob and then they move into the shade to continue. They gives us some standing face to face fucking that really shows off her tight ass. Anikka looks fantastic and is remarkably well groomed considering the state of the world they live in, Good energy here in this opening scene and Anikka is as gorgeous as ever. While they are getting busy, their gas tank is being drained. Ironically enough Mick fills Anikka’s pussy with cream at the same time. (ohhh artsy.)

Stevie Shae & Veronica Rodriguez

Stevie Shae is the Ghost, the gas thief ad the bane of the gang’s existence. Veronica Rodriquez is a vagabond who shares some soup by the fire with Stevie. They have a common hatred of the gang and cement their alliance with a lesbian romp in front of the fire pit. The girls kiss a lot and relieve tension by licking twat. (Again, remarkably well groomed considering the lack of food, mirrors and probably razors) All kidding aside, the girls offer good energy and enthusiastic play. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Stevie Shae & Ryan Driller

Before the end days stuff happened, Stevie was living a quiet life with Ryan Driller. Things are rough, but they love each other and she loves putting her mouth on his cock. She gets it good and hard and then mounts the dick. She wasn’t always all about the pussy apparently because Stevie is very excited to have the dick up inside of her. Riding it until he is out of breath, she seems only too happy to keep right on going. The reverse cowgirl offers up some really good views of her body as she works her hips to take every inch. They finish up with his load all over her ass. Things take a very ugly turn after that and we see how Stevie ended up in this wasteland alone.

Lola Foxx, Mischa Brooks & Derrick Pierce

When the rowdy gang play gets too loud, leader Derrick Pierce sends almost everyone away. He keeps Mischa Brooks and shares her with his main babe Lola Foxx. They rub Mischa’s pussy until it wet and then Lola licks up her juices. Once she is all warmed up Mischa joins Lola for a double blowjob. Mischa spreads her long legs for some good looking reverse cowgirl while Lola rubs her clit and waits for her turn. The cowgirl shots for both girls offer great ass shots. Mischa’s is a fucking work of art, but Lola’s isn’t too bad either. The girls take turns and always kiss or lend a helping mouth to the action. They share a nice facial at the end as well.

Stevie Shae & Tommy Gunn

Taken to a compound in the middle of nowhere, Stevie ends up putting the moves on the leader of the camp. Tommy is a little shocked by her forward nature, but doesn’t feel the need to slow her roll any. Taking out his cock, she sucks it for a while, getting it good and juicy before bending over and asking him to fuck her. Great ass shots as she gets on top and works her hips. Spinning around she faces the camera and works that perfectly shaved pussy up and down on his throbbing pole. Tommy gives her a big load all over her tits.

Abby Cross & Richie Calhoun

Tommy’s daughter Abby Cross is too in love with Richie to see through his scheming ways. She has access to the camp’s valuables and he has a way of melting her heart. She falls for it and has her tits in his mouth in no time. Speaking of mouths, Abby certainly has a way with hers. She opens wide for Riche and takes him deep before opening her thighs for his cock. Nice shots of her bent over in her booths getting railed from behind. Abby is a very cute girl who shows off enough sexual energy here. He ends up giving her a load on the ass.

Eva Karrera & Steven St. Croix

The King and Queen of New Babylon have fun celebrating after a battle. Huge hootered Eva Karrera makes short work of Steven St. Croix’s scepter. Things get really quiet as she sucks his cock. Its unsettlingly quiet at this point given this film’s soundtrack to this point. I’m not sure what happened, but just enjoy her big boobs and try to figure out why it is suddenly quiet as church on Sunday in a tent surrounded by people, machines and din of fighting. He rolls her onto her back and fucks her. This is the lowest energy fuck of the movie and a really odd way to end things sexually. There are some good boob shots and she takes it up the ass in cowgirl, but there really isn’t anything special here. He shoots onto belly, ending the movie about twenty minutes too late.

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