Rog Blog: October 4th

Rog Blog: October 4th
New Stuff on Site, Pre-Nom Talk
What’s New:
Lots of new stuff this week. DVD reviews of course, but I’m working on some other areas as well. We’re still trying to get Savannah’s computer issues solved, but I did get a toy review from one of the other lovely ladies who delight us with their assessment of sexual aids. The always enticing Christina Noir ( ) gives us her take on the Lex Caliber Non-Vibrating Dong. I was fortunate enough to watch her web cam show where she tried the toy and let’s just say she thoroughly enjoyed every inch.

I also added a new web site review for those of you who like getting your smut through the computer. It’s a web cam site jam packed with SUPER HOT looking Russian chicks. Check out the Review. I am really looking to expand the web site review section so if anyone has any feedback, please let me know.
I’ve got a new interview up as well. Check out the Erik Everhard Interview. I had some help on this one. The lovely Porn Valley Princess was there and she took the mike for a bit to ask the questions that only a woman could ask. I hope you enjoy it. (I know that it will delight my good friend Rob to no end.)
In the DVD Review section you will also see a movie that isn’t available at the other on line retailers. Usually I would put that into the amateur section, but it’s a Score release and I didn’t want people to miss out on some of these very popular busty models doing hard core. Check out the Score Sexposion Review for top heavy babes in full boy/girl scenes. It’s only available at so follow the links to pick up your copy.
Eye Candy: Who doesn’t love a good Slut Wife Site. Go Jen Go.
Pre-Nom Ideas:
It is that time of year again and we have to start thinking about the awards for 2006. I’m getting a whole bunch of good features right about now and we can talk about them in a bit. For now I want to hear your faves for the year. Performers, Directors, All Sex Movies, Features, whatever. Don’t forget, the RRFF polls will open soon. (Registration should be open any day now.) I need a bunch of names to fill out the ballot for the fan voting. So let’s hear it people, who deserves nominations?
Non-Nude Eye Candy Some Non-Nude Tera pics for you to enjoy.
Baseball Playoffs
The season if finally over and it’s time for October fun. The Braves aren’t in the playoffs for the first time since before I was married and that’s a shock. The Padres are in the playoffs for the second time in a row and that’s an even bigger shock. I’ll be tuning in of course even though two of my three teams came up short. Predictions? Pads over the Cards in 4, Mets over the Dodgers in 5, Yanks over the Tigers in 3, Twins over the A’s in 5. From there, Mets over the Pads in 6, Yanks over the Twins in 5 and finally…Yankess over the Mets in 5. Run right out and bet against those teams if you want to make money.
Eye Candy:
Before I got, how about some Big Tit Eye Candy.
Until tomorrow my friends…thanks for reading.

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