Eyeonadult.com To Feature Daily Video Updates From Nightmoves Tampa Show


EyeOnAdult.com to Feature Daily Video Updates from NightMoves Tampa Show

Charlotte, NC — October 2, 2006 — Thanks to leaps and bounds in modern digital video technology, EyeOnAdult.com’s Scott McGowan and crew are slated to provide daily video updates from the Southeast’s premiere adult event, the Nightmoves Tampa Show.

The 5-day event, which brings some of adult entertainment’s most celebrated stars to the Tampa Bay area, is anchored by the NightMoves Adult Entertainment Awards on October 8, 2006 at Bricktown 54 in Clearwater, FL. On the dates surrounding the awards show, the 50-some participating stars will make appearances throughout the area including autograph signings at area adult clubs, charity events, and parties. The full span of the event will run between the dates of Oct. 5th through 9th.

Due to its reputation for being a laid back, low-stress environment, the team at EyeOnAdult.com feel the Tampa Show will serve as an excellent proving ground for this latest step in adult event coverage. Editor Scott McGowan said, “While there is a lot going on at this show, there is some down time that we’ll use to hone our skills with this on-the-fly style of event coverage. It will be something of a challenge, but I know the results will be well worth it.”

Mixing professional, sit down interviews, newscast style coverage from the field, and candid, behind the scenes footage, the aim is to give EyeOnAdult’s worldwide audience a rare glimpse into the inner workings of an adult event and the lives of the performers. “This is what fans really want,” said McGowan. “Fans of adult just want the chance to feel like they know a little bit about the people they’ve fantasized about so many times. It makes that fantasy a little more real and that’s our goal.”

McGowan continued, “We want to kind of lift the veil just enough for fans to catch a glimpse, but still allow the girls to keep a little for themselves. After all, if all of the mystery is taken away, it just isn’t as fun, is it?”

Heading up the filming and delivery of the Tampa content is adult industry multimedia specialist and mainstream filmmaker, Mikael C. Fritts. In order to make delivery faster and more easily navigated by the end user, Fritts has developed a custom Flash video player for EyeOnAdult.com. “The decision to go the Flash route for delivering our video and audio was an easy one and it’s all about accessibility. Last I heard, 97% of computers in America already had Flash installed on their systems. To me this seems the obvious method of delivery. Flash video files are smaller, quicker to deliver, and in my opinion, give the best quality.”

Fritts goes on to say, “Flash is pushing the envelope with streaming video. It wasn’t too long ago that a project like this would have taken a team of people.”

After returning from the show, the updates will be compiled and edited into full-length interviews and episodes that will include scenes that didn’t make the first cut of daily updates. “Needless to say, not everything can be included in the daily updates. In fact, we may save some of the best footage for when we come back. This show always has some priceless moments and we want to make sure that we present them in a way that does them justice.”

McGowan and Fritts will arrive in Tampa early afternoon on Oct. 5th and depart on Oct. 9th. Any and all talent or talent representatives who would like to schedule interviews are encouraged send E-mail to scott(at)eyeonadult.com.

For information about the NightMoves Adult Entertainment Awards or any other associated event, please visit www.nmaea.com

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