Rog Blog: Sept 13th


Rog Blog: Sept 13th

Baseball, Poli-Cheers & A Little Bit of Dirt

Today is going to be a short entry because I’m taking the afternoon off. I’ve got a couple of friends coming by, we’re going to hit Hooters for some pre-game chicken wings and then we’re going to enjoy the sunshine and good times during the Angel/White Sox game.

I’ve been talking a lot about mainstream movies and for those of you who love flicks as much as I do, here’s the current deal from Netflix. Give it a look.

Netflix – Only $9.99 a month. Over 60,000 Titles. No Late Fees. Try it for Free!

I have to say that I enjoyed the finale of Big Brother All-Stars. Though I think that Boogie is basically a tool I was happy to see that Erika didn’t win. Frankly most of the people on the show made me sick and it was hard to root for any of them. Then again, how can you not love Dr. Will. That dude is the baddest player ever.

Speaking of baddest ever. Thanks to LT’s big game at Oakland (Again) I do not owe a good friend of mine lunch. 27-0 on Monday Night Football. Ouch!

Eye Candy #1: What is better than a shut out road victory and nine sacks? Little Teens Suckers of course.

Some of you have been asking for a little more porn insider stuff. I avoid gossip in most cases and try to be very careful what I say because we really don’t need to add anything to the internet rumor mill. Here are a few things though.

-I hear that Sunny Lane thinks I don’t like her. Where she got that, I have no idea. She was An Honorable Mention on the 2006 Rog Top 20 List and I have had nothing but great things to say about her. Why does she think this? I’m going to ask her.

– On a similar note, I never have found out why Stormy Daniels (Number 12 on that list this year.) thinks I called her “fat.” As far as I can tell I never did anything close to that. Perhaps the note below explains things a bit.

– When I interviewed Kami Andrews she had a lot to say about how things get started on the internet. Someone reads something I wrote and tells the star something that is somewhat different and the next thing you know, we have a fight brewing. Maybe someone said something to Sunny and Stormy.

– I hear that Justin Slayer is not really happy with me right now. While I was on vacation he dropped me an email, but never got back to me. I’ve been tough on some of his new movies so I doubt if he was trying to invite me over for a beer.

– I hung out with a friend on Sunday who gave me some interesting info. I told him about the great alt-porn article Cindi Loftus wrote for me while I was gone. (Alt-Porn Rocks! Alt-Porn Sucks You Decide) In it, some of the alt-boys take shots at me and claim not to even know about this site. When I told my friend (who happens to know most of the alties pretty well) about that part, he laughed. “Bullshit. I talked to X and Y as soon as I saw the review up. They know exactly who you are and they read that review more than once.”

So there you go, a few little pieces from Porn Valley. Feel free to discuss and debate among yourselves.

Eye Candy #2: Is society going to hell in a handbag? These Teenagers Going Wild may be proof of just such a problem. Then again maybe they are just hot chicks to enjoy.

I really wasn’t expecting to see certain people continue to post links to hateful stories written about something that the poster hasn’t even seen. I realize that groupthink is key to these hate sites, but Jeez, THINK FOR YOURSELF and stop being a lemming. Maybe it’s just the way I was raised, or the way I run my site, but the idea of letting someone else tell me what to think about something I know nothing about….God, that fucking sickens me. Lefty nutbar groupthink is every bit as bad as right wing nutbar groupthink. If you haven’t seen the movie how do you know what to think about what was in it? That kind of reaction and the hateful drivel spewed out on the links makes me wonder something. What the fuck are you afraid of? The truth? Are you really so fucking paralyzed by blind political hatred that the truth is too scary to face? Win at any cost is a battle cry for the poli-cheers and it is at full volume on certain sites and nothing could be more disappointing to me. Giving up ones voice is bad enough, but giving it up pathetic lying douche bags is just…. Well, that’s alt-porn bad.

If you prefer reading news stories and making up your own mind about things to being spoon fed a bunch of crap by a bunch of sore losers, here’s an interesting twist to the whole Arnold tape thing. AP Story: Democrat’s campaign admits downloading Schwarzenegger tape. The jury is still out, but it says a whole lot about a campaign if they have to hack into a website to cover up for a horrible platform and a lack of substance. On the other hand, if the file was as readily available as the leakers say it was then it says just as much about a newspaper if a political hack has to spoon feed them a news story. And that would also say a whole lot about the geniuses in charge of security on the Governor’s web site.

Eye Candy: In honor of the Governor and his taste in women, how about a little Hot Latin Action

That’s all for today. I’m off to Hooters and a ball game to help me forget some of this petty shit and enjoy the sunshine.

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