Lex vs. Lisa Ann

Lex vs. Lisa Ann


250 Mins
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Lexington Steele
THEMES: Interracial Sex, Big Cock, DP, Anal Sex, Big Tits, Cougar, Threesomes
STARS: Lisa Ann, Lexington Steele, Jayden James, Jada Stevens, Prince Yashua

Time for a major class of the titans. Lexington Steele has brought his talents to the Evil Empire and they are considerable. For this title he brings in one the industry’s biggest female stars in Lisa Ann. She is one of the few women who can full appreciate every inch that Lex has to offer and come out looking for more. The set up for this collection of Lex vs. Lisa scenes is simple. Lex owes Lisa a big debt. She wants him to pay her back by getting her off five times. When she calls, he is to drop everything and get to her. This leads us from one scene to the next. Obviously with two main stars in a movie, you are going to see a whole lot of the same bodies slapping together. So if you aren’t a fan of either Lex or Lisa then grab another movie. If you enjoy watching two of the very best doing what they do, then buckle up. Lisa Ann takes every inch of Lex’s huge cock in every orifice. One on one, she takes him up the ass, deep in her pussy and down her throat. The action is perfectly shot and even on the second or third go-around is really fantastic. To mi it up a little, Lisa brings Jayden James and Jada Stevens in for three-way fun. These women are great additions and match Lisa well. When one huge cock isn’t enough, Lisa Ann brings in Price. Watching he and Lex DP her is something you won’t soon forget. If you are a fan, this movie is pretty much perfect. It’s another great Lex title and another great title from the one and only Lisa Ann.

Lisa Ann & Lexington Steele

The first call comes and Lex waits at Lisa’s place for instruction. She appears in a skin tight red and black dress that shows off her curves beautifully. The pumps have her legs all jacked up and looking perfect. She sits in his lap and makes sure that he understands how he needs to do as she says to wipe this debt clean. Really nice tease here as the camera is right up close as Lisa shows off her ass, slowly reveals her big tits and gets us all ready to see what comes next. Lisa Ann starts by rubbing her body against his lap, teasing his cock and reminding us all why we love her. Wrapping her big tits around his cock, she stares into the camera and works them up either side of his throbbing pole. That’s a super hot tit fuck my friends. Taking the cock in both hands, she sucks the head and pumps him to full side in her incredibly talented mouth. Great POV action and tit play here. Lisa Ann just knows how to make a scene work and when she has Lex’s cock in her mouth, her eyes light up like she has found perfection. He turns her over and fucks her from behind, grabbing those hips and pulling her ass back to meet his thrusts. Lisa holds her cheeks open and pushes back to get every last inch of cock into her tight pussy. She changes the angle, facing Lex as she squats on his big cock. Great looking leg and tit shots in this position. Lisa Ann spins around and shows off her ass again while she rides long and hard. This becomes along POV scene, but Lisa really enjoys the full length of Lex’s pole and her energy never lets up. He finally has her back on her knees for a huge load that covers her face, her hair and her tits. This is one hell of a hot scene.

Lisa Ann

To start the next scene, Lisa Ann dons a hot black dress that is once again too tight to hide any of her stunning curves. It has no back though so her big ass is hanging out and right there for our eyes. Lex shows up and he really likes what he sees. He sits down and watches as she teases him with her ass and other delectable parts. The extreme tease offered here is unforgettable. Lisa Ann knows just how to build up the anticipation she smiles when she realizes that she has him exactly where she wants him. Pulling out his cock, she lovingly strokes it and purrs about how she can’t wait to taste it. She bends over his lap and strokes him into her mouth. We just saw a very similar scene, but she is still attacking the dick like she has never had anything so great. Moving her way up, she grinds her pussy on his face and buries his face in her ass. Straddling the dick, she drops some lube between their bodies and gets some serious grind going. Good looking sex here with some awesome ass shots as she rocks her hips slowly. After a few strokes, she spins around, squats on his rod and shakes her massive tits for fun. Rolling over, she throws her legs wide open for some really fantastic deep penetration shots. Her pussy swallows up every inch they work hard to match each other’s energy. Puling her legs back a little farther, she takes him into her asshole. I love the leg shots in addition to the super deep butthole banging. As much fun as she had with that big black cock in her pussy, Lisa seems even happier to have it in her ass. For the finish she sucks on his balls while he strokes his dick. This pushes Lex right over the edge and has him cascading his cream all over her upturned face. As it runs between her tits she sucks the last few drops out of the tip of his cock. One down (I guess the first one didn’t count) and four to go.

Lisa Ann, Jayden James & Lexington Steele

Brining Lex back, she ties him up and blindfolds him while Jayden James holds a gun to his junk. For a man in his position, Lex still manages to talk a little trash while the girls tease him. They leave him tied up and decide to have a little fun on their own. The two brunettes kiss and rub their sizeable racks against one another as a warm up. Lex is still blindfolded so he can’t see the wonderful show, but we can. Of course the girls move in and start sucking his cock so even if he can’t see it, he can enjoy the feel of their lips and tongues on his unit. After teasing a bit, Jayden goes back to eating Lisa’s pussy and Lisa Ann knows just how to verbally torment her captive while she gets her rocks off. They ramp up the fun when Jayden sits in his lap and rubs her cheeks on his throbbing pole. The lesbian action kicks into high gear when they eat each other for a while. Lex eventually gets a hand free, loses the blindfold and gets an eyeful. Since he’s free anyway, the girls just go ahead and bring Lex and his big slab of meat into the mix fully. They keep kissing each other while taking turns pumping up and down on his dick. Lisa Ann bends over and with Lex going balls-deep in her pussy, she buries her face between Jayden’s legs and goes to town. The big tits start bouncing when she moves on top while Jayden watches in wide-eyed anticipation. Her pussy swallows it up and Lisa is right there to help keep things moving smoothly. He fucks both girls hard and deep and they take all he’s got like champs. Give some bonus points if you like thigh high black boots. Both Lisa Ann and Jayden wear them and they are featured prominently in most shots. They line up next to each other and let Lex shoot his loads all over both butts. Great shots here and this one changes up the dynamic just enough to keep things interesting.

Lisa Ann, Lexington Steele & Prince Yashua

This time, Lex comes over and finds Prince already there. Lisa Ann wants both dicks at once and she is going to get them. Slipping out of her short skirt, she bends over and backs up on Lex’s tongue while giving Price a world class blowjob. While Lex gets his pants off, she settles in for a ride on Price. Fantastic ass and thigh shots as she pumps up and down pretty hard. Now she can lean forward and suck on the huge cock. There are some even better shots when she gets into doggy with Lex behind her. We saw this in the last scene, but now she has a hard cock in her mouth and looks even sexier. Lisa works hard to make sure her body gets stuffed with every inch. When she has passed that first test, she rolls onto her side and takes one right up the ass. With Prince buried in her butt, Lisa Ann gives Lex’s dong the total oral worship treatment. She mounts up and takes it all the way to the root between her cheeks. Outstanding anal action and some great ass shots along the way as well. The guys double up on her and stretch those holes. Lisa Ann gets a big black DP and thrives on every inch that slips into her body. For the big finish, she drops to her knees and sucks one and then the other until they both explode big loads all over her face and chest.

Lisa Ann, Lexington Steele & Jada Stevens

Enjoying some pussy in between hard fucks, Lisa Ann invites Jada Stevens over. She worships the pretty girl’s ass and then shows her what an expert lover can go with fingers and a willing tongue. Lex shows up and enjoys the show for a little while. It’s pretty sweet watching Jada jab her tongue into Lisa’s sweet meaty folds. Lex comes in behind Jada and slips his cock home. They are off to a good start and she sucks him her juices from his long pole and smiles at the camera. While Jada sucks Lex’s balls, Lisa Ann gets a strap-on ready to go. Jada sits on the cock, taking his huge tool right up her ass. Lisa moves into position to feed Jada that plastic dick. They try to have her ride it, but it’s not so easy when she’s bucking like crazy and showing off her ass. It takes some expert work from Lisa Ann to help keep Jada bouncing on that stick without it popping out. Lex is up next and he takes her pussy while Lisa moves around to complete the DP action. Nice looking footage as they enjoy both of her holes and really show off that stunning butt. For the big finish Jada gets down on her knees and opens her mouth wide while Lex fills it with cum.

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