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What’s on the IPod, Mel, Guest News Posters
I get all of these emails and forwarded quizzes that always ask “What’s on your IPod right now?” so I figured I would start some of the blog entries with that pointless bit of info. Because I love music so much, I’ll also write a little about whatever song it is. To save those of you looking for porn news the music review I will place it at the bottom. As always, feedback on this stuff is quite welcome.
What’s in the IPod: U2: Sunday Bloody Sunday (Live) (More Below)
A lot of you have noticed that a number of sites are changing their image policy. We’re all working hard to make sure that we’re 2257 compliant. A second law (4472) was passed last week that is going to put even more pressure on us to make some changes. To find out more on this read this article from the Free Speech Coalition.
As I mentioned the other day, I’ll be on vacation during the last week of the month. I’m still looking for some people to take over the news/blog section for a day at a time. Any industry insiders, performers, etc who may read this, email me and we’ll set something up. So far I have one confirmed guest host, Kinzie Kenner. I’ve also talked with Kami Andrews and am hopeful that she will come on board for a day. That still leaves about five days for anyone who wants to take a crack at this.
I’ve left the Mel Gibson thing alone for a number of reasons. I really haven’t been following any celebrity news for the past few weeks so I don’t know exactly what he said. From what I’ve read it looks like he said some seriously fucked up thing. There is no excuse for hateful words, especially when they denigrate an entire group of people. (Please stop and read that last line again. NO EXCUSE.) Whatever Mel said, it seems clear that he threw some awful things out there. What happens to here is up to the court of public opinion and Mel himself. I will make two statements on this because I think they are interesting points. (Go back and read the “No excuse” line again.) If, as some insiders have suggested, Hollywood will turn its back on Mel and he will never work again because he has done “something unforgivable” then I’m a little worried. After all, this is the same industry has no problem hiring a convicted pedophile to direct movies. Certainly these entertainment editors and pundits can’t be saying that whatever Mel said, however stupid, hateful or vile it may have been, should be worse than raping a child. I would think that if a convicted pedophile rapist can be allowed to “work in this town” again, then perhaps Mel isn’t totally finished. (Though many of us may choose to avoid his movies from now on.)
The second thought that struck me was how odd it is that language and speech like this makes us so upset. Well that part isn’t odd really, but what is strange is how so many people in and around this business are quick to forget how often we hear it. Listen to the way people like X and Y talk about people of faith or those who dare disagree with them and then ask yourself why we don’t recoil from their words of hate an intolerance in the same way we have Mel’s. Just a little food for thought. Hateful, intolerant speech is hateful intolerant speech no matter who its aimed at.

Back to the IPod: U2’s live version of “Sunday Bloody Sunday” from “Under a Blood Red Sky” is what is on the IPod at the moment. Long before they were the world’s biggest super group, U2 was a quirky little band that could barely get airplay. Way back in high school, one of my friend popped a copy of “Boy” into my cassette player and I was blown away. Shortly after that, “Sunday” started getting played on the radio a little bit. It’s a great song with a haunting chorus that becomes even more powerful during this amazing live version. To all of you too young to remember Bono and Edge before the mega-stardom, pick up “Blood Red Sky” and enjoy some of the most powerful song writing the 80’s had to offer. (Not to mention one of the best live albums ever, IMHO)

Oh by the way. I always wonder why Tod pretends to dislike corruption and delights in pointing out the wrong doing of others at the same time he sucks the dick…errr sings the praises of a convicted criminal. I guess it’s OK to be a crook as long as you support the “right” side. Screw the right thing right brother? Sorry, but you can’t have it both way. Well yeah you can, but your pom poms are showing.

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