Code of Honor (Blu Ray)

Code of Honor (Blu Ray)
157 Mins
Digital Playground
THEMES: Blondes, Big Tits, Orgy, Gun Play, Action
STARS: Jesse Jane, Riley Steele, Kayden Kross, Selena Rose, Bibi Jones, Stoya, Brooklyn Lee, Tasha Reign, Manuel Ferrara, Tommy Gunn, James Deen, Kieran Lee, Bill Bailey,


It’s time for the latest big budget flick from Robby D and Digital Playground. This one features the whole roster of contract stars, guns, drug lords and helicopters. Each of the DP girls gets their own scene (Except for Bibi Jones who has a non-sex role) and they call come back for the big finale. We also get an opening scene featuring Brooklyn Lee and Tasha Reign that might make you all want to become drug dealers. The story follows undercover agent Selena Rose who is kidnapped during a botched arrest of drug lord Manuel. A team of her friends has to come together for a commando raid to save her. Jesse Jane is the leader, but has a nice quiet life now. Before she grabs her gun she gets a taste of cock in a fun scene. Stoya is a librarian who loves to get bent over her desk and fucked up the ass. (For my money, the best scene of the movie.) Riley Steele‘s scene is a little short, but she is always fun. Kayden Kross looks fantastic and really seems into her scene. The blowjob is just fantastic and not to be missed. Selena Rose comes in late in the game, but looks really good in the final scene before the big battle and bigger orgy. Manuel ends up fucking the entire roster in the finale. We have seen these before, but they are great fantasy fodder. After all, what guy wouldn’t want to pull out of Stoya only to have Jesse Jane waiting next? The big orgy is fun, the action is fucking awesome and the girls are great. If you like hot chicks and action together then you won’t find a better movie this year.

Brooklyn Lee, Tasha Reign & Manuel Ferrara

Life is good for drug lord Manuel. He has money and hot chicks all over the place. Grabbing two of the sexy bikini babes he retires to his bedroom where they all collapse into a pile of writing flesh. Tasha Reign really fills out a bikini and Brooklyn Lee is one of the more explosive performers working today. They share his big cock, passing it back and forth and then actually doubling up on it for a time. Tasha sucks the head while Brooklyn goes for the balls. They switch and seem to be in a contest to see who can suck more of Manuel’s meat. Brooklyn watches him fuck Tasha, waiting until his dick is good and juiced up before slipping her lips over it for a taste. Brooklyn rolls into spoon and shows off her sexy legs while getting her fill. There is plenty of eye candy to go around in this scene. Both women have great bodies and very eager tongues to keep the action hot. I love the way Tasha looks spread open and atop the cock like she is has found a perfect fit. Brooklyn gets her tongue in there while her blonde friend gets fucked, licking the ass and the cock. He ends sup shooting his cream all over their faces and watches as the two slutty girls exchange a dripping, filthy, sloppy cum kiss.

Jesse Jane & Kieran Lee

The cops fuck up a raid on Manuel’s compound and he escapes with Selena Rose in two. With an agent kidnapped, the authorities are willing to pull out all stops to get her back. That includes calling in a former agent, Jesse Jane to get the job done. Jesse is none too thrilled by the idea, but agrees to help. Before she takes off, Jesse decides to give her unsuspecting man a little ride. He lets her work her full lips on his cock for just a few seconds before pulling her up for a kiss. Jesse has other ideas though and bobs her head in his lap double time. Very enthusiastic head here before Kieran flips her over and buries his face in her pretty pussy. Nice leg shots here and plenty of footage of Jesse holding her big tits in her hands as she is pleasured. Though she is living a quiet life, Jesse is nothing if not loud and dynamic sexually. She rides his big cock, taking every inch and loving it. She straddles his big cock and bounces her hips until her tits just won’t stop shaking. In the end, she falls to the floor and takes a huge load all over her beautiful face.

Stoya & James Deen

Stoya is a very tough librarian who doesn’t mess around when it comes to late books. James is overdue and when he doesn’t have his wallet, she finds other ways to get it out of him. She orders him to strip and then follows suit. James bends her over and buries his face in her ass, licking her butthole and working his fingers over her clit. That gets her going and he rolls her over on the desk to fuck the hell out of that pussy. Stoya slides off of the table and puts his cock in her mouth. I love the look on her face when she’s sucking him. It’s one thing to have such a pretty face, but another to have such a look of pure lust on it. Damn, that’s hot. Bending her back over, James spanks her ass red and fucks her until she looks like she can’t take any more. To really make things fun he pushes it right up her super tight asshole. That’s a rare treat and one you won’t want to miss. They finish this fantastic scene with a big cumshot all over her pretty face. I like Stoya a lot and this is the kind of scene that makes me very glad she is still making fuck flicks.

Riley Steele & Erik Everhard

Every good team needs a marksman. Riley Steele is the expect with the guns here and after embarrassing Erik Everhard on the range, she makes it up to him in the best possible way. Their kiss is a bit awkward, but Riley looks great naked and keeps her boots on while he eats her out. It doesn’t seem to matter what she is or is not wearing when her mouth finds his cock though. He just moans his approval and fucks her pretty face. After a very skilled BJ she bounces on him just long enough to get his cock all juiced up before jerking hi off between her lips again. They go at it hard and heavy in doggy until he shoots his load all over her cute butt.

Kayden Kross & Tommy Gunn

Kayden has to get Selena’s location from Tommy Gunn. They meat up in a little motel and negotiate as they always do in porn flicks. It isn’t easy to convince him, but she has the sort of body that no man can resist. They take each other’s clothes off slowly until his cock is free and then Kayden stops to suck it. Using both hands and great eye contact she delivers an absolutely perfect BJ. Great ball sucking and the sort of two-fisted strokes that must feel even better than they look. With a look of determination on her face she mounts up and rubs her clit as she rocks up and down. Their energy is good and the scene feels like they are at least somewhat emotionally connected. (Adding to the story a bit.) He rolls her legs to the side and pumps her pussy while she talks dirty and eggs him on. This leads right to a big shot on her hip.

Selena Rose & Bill Bailey

Still captured, Selena remembers her last time with her man. They are playful and happy even as she assures him that she won’t get hurt at work. Selena is a good talker, but I think it is probably the way she sucks his cock that makes him stop objecting to her new position. Great looking BJ footage here that leads right into some pretty good fucking Selena has a great body and a very hot fuck-me face as her shaved pussy gets pounded. I love the mish shots that show off her breasts perfectly. Reverse cowgirl is perhaps even hotter with her fingers dancing on her clit as she slams down to take every inch. He fucks her hard and shoots his load all over her tits. It is a happy memory that helps Selena survive her captivity.

Jesse Jane, Stoya, Kayden Kross, Riley Steele, Selena Rose & Manuel Ferrara

After a really long and incredibly cool gun battle complete with helicopter battle, Selena is freed and Manuel is in custody. The girls decide to fuck with him for a bit and then fuck him. That leads to the sort of all-out orgy we expect from the big Digital Playground feature of the year. Manuel tries hard to keep up, eating Selena while the girls keep each other warmed up. With so many horny mouths and only one cock you know he gets plenty of attention as he work his meat in and out of every hole he an find. Stoya stands out again with a really nice hand-assisted blowjob. That earns her some bend over time with Manuel piston fucking her from behind just inches away from her four horny friends. Much of the scene is a tangled mess of hot flesh, but there is one shot of three girls bent over the desk as he gets to move from one to another quickly. That’s hot eye candy and spectacular fantasy fodder. With the scene coming to a close, the girls get closer to his cock with Selena sucking like she is intent on getting the nut. Instead it starts on Kayden’s outstretched tongue with Stoya below to catch the extra. From there it gets swapped and passed on down the line in a series of kisses that is sure to have you stroking right along to the closing credits.

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