Rog Blog: Top 20 Reader Email


Rog Blog: Reader Email
More Top 20 Fun Plus some hate mail.
It’s time to finish off the best of the best from the Rog’s Top 20 for 2006 list. The emails keep coming in, so I’ll hit the highlights.

Todd (Not Hunter) Writes:
How is Mika Tan # 1 :) Rog? It’s all good though…booty, I mean beauty, is in the eye of the beholder :) Thanks for putting Gianna, the big boobed lovely fair skinned curvy knockout at #6. …I woulda put Gianna at #1, but hey, your list dude :) I noticed Aurora Snow finally slipped from #1. Why was that?
Well, Send me your thoughts when you can please. I enjoy conversing with you.
Thanks, Todd.

Rog Replies:
Hey Todd, Always great to hear from you. How is Mika Tan number one? I could go smart ass and say. “Because it’s my list and I say so” but there is an even better question. How is she NOT number one on everyone’s list? In all seriousness, I think that Mika is currently the strongest performer in the business. I love the way she looks, but as you say beauty is totally subjective. (All of porn is really, but that’s another issue.) Her scenes just never seem down. The energy is fantastic and there isn’t a better deep throat artist in porn right now. Just my opinion, but that’s what the list was, so there you go.
As for Gianna, I am obviously quite high on her. She finished at six and that is very high. I’m not even a big boob guy really. I like them, but they aren’t the first thing I look for. Her scenes seem to be getting better and better so I would put her at the top of the big boob list right now.
Aurora out of the number one slot? I know it’s a shock. But let’s face it. She didn’t work during the second half of 05 and just recently started fucking again. It was tough to move her, but the lack of work combined with Mika’s great year did it. In truth she was down around nine when the first draft of the list was written a few months ago. It took some great recent scenes to put her back up at number two. She might be back at number one next year, who knows.
Thanks for reading and for offering your take.

Ryan Writes:
Mr. Pipes,
I know I don’t have a lot of authority when I say this, but where is Penny Flame? The coolest girl in porno, best personality, great body, great enthusiasm, dirty talker, smart, and has had some pretty big movies come out lately, even won some awards. Plus, ALL NATURAL.

Maybe she doesn’t do the extreme stuff all that often, but she does some A, and she enjoys what she does do enough to make up for it.

Other than that, keep up the good work. I hope Aurora isn’t too mad about getting bumped from #1. Peace out.,p>

Rog Replies:
Not a bad point at all Ryan. Penny is very hot. In truth though I can’t think of a single scene off the top of my head. There is just no “wow” factor yet for me. That said, she’s a pretty girl and she wasn’t left off the list because I dislike her in any way.
And as for Aurora…I haven’t heard from her since the list when up so I have no idea what she thinks. In fact I have heard from only three women on the list…see below.

A Reader Writes:
In re: Rog’s Top 20 Porn Stars of 2006, you listed Sunny Lane as an honorable mention. What were you possibly thinking? Have you have bad laser eye surgery this past year? Is it possible you are an umpire in Major League Baseball? Do you walk with a seeing eye-dog?

Holy Rim-Jobs, Batman!!! Have you not seen this lovely lady get down and, well, very dirty? True, she doesn’t do anal, a personal favorite of mine. But this hot-ass lady was a pen-stroke away from the Olympic games as an ice-dancer, is INCREDIBLY flexible and shows that in her movies!!!

If you haven’t noticed, I will clue you in – she is a modern-day TRACI LORDS. Think about them – they have the same tits – the same nipples – the same porcelain skin – the same ass (tho’ possible Sunny’s is tighter) – the same pouty lips – the same soulful eyes. Other than red hair and the fact that she is older then 15, she gives off the same energetic sex scenes that made the under aged Ms. Lords the No. 1 Porn Actress in the 1980’s – you know, when we all thought jerking off to her was not perverted.

This lady has the goods, particularly for those who like their performers to be totally INTO the scene as well as for those who do not like anal in every scene. Every person who counts themselves as a Traci fan, now has footage or her reincarnated sexual soul in Ms. Sunny Lane!


Rog Replies: While I agree with you that Sunny is VERY hot, I’m not sure I get the Traci part. I’m looking at the picture you sent and Sunny is gorgeous, but I just don’t see anything other than the skin that reminds me of Traci. (Then again it has been twenty years since I’ve seen Traci naked.) I just reviewed Sunny in a movie and really liked her. After reading your email I did a one on one match up with every girl in the top 20 and still think she is where she should be. (Remember, it’s just my list.) I couldn’t see moving her ahead of any of the girls listed. She made the radar certainly and a lot of girls didn’t.
She’s very hot and your passion for her is totally understandable. I also enjoyed the humorous tone of the email and that alone should make us all run right out and pick up Sunny’s movies.
That’s it for the fan comments for now. If you have more, to disagree or goodness knows, to agree…send them over.
In addition to all of the reader mail I got from the readers, a few of the women from the list dropped me notes. Only three actually. Taryn Thomas didn’t email, but she did make a big MySpace post about her spot on the top 20. The other two women dropped me short notes and I hope they don’t mind me printing them here. It is just nice to hear from people in a positive way. (Since I ALWAYS hear the negative.) Side Note: 3 out of 20???? Come on, help me spread the word to those who haven’t written.
Hillary Scott Writes:

well well well :) very flattering Mr pipe. I think I still have a Rog t shirt so I’ll make sure to take a pic for you soon.

Awesome choice of #1, btw. There aren’t many as endearing as Mika.

take care


Rog Replies: Thanks for the note Hillary and we will look forward to the T Shirt shots of you. Thanks for the kind words about my #1. Not many people are OK with my pick, but hey…it’s my pick.
Cindy Crawford Writes”


Rog Replies: Thanks Cindy and thanks for the picture as well. You look great and earned it. Great to see you doing such fantastic work.
That is all for now folks. I am going to save this great hate mail that I got for tomorrow. It requires a bit of a reply. Enjoy the pictures and keep the comments coming. If you like the list or hate it, just send it over. Remember though, this is a fun thing…

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