Rog Blog: July 9


Rog Blog: July 9
OK folks here we go. I’m going to pull a Tod and post a link to a partisan site. Don’t get too bent out of shape though, the following link takes you to an article on the National Review site about the “Top 50 Conservative Rock Songs.” Sucker that I am for lists like this, I had to check it out after the article appeared on my AOL news screen.
The 50 Greatest Conservative Rock Songs.
This is a pretty interesting list and some of the songs are a bit of a stretch. Most of them read more like the 50 Greatest LIBERTARIAN Rock Songs, but let’s not split hairs. In the minute or so I had to think about the list before clicking on the story I came up with a handful of the songs they listed, including number one.
Some Thoughts:
1. Won’t Get Fooled Again by the Who: (#1 on the List) This one popped into my head though I think it cuts both ways. In fact I have heard liberal friends use the line “Meet the New Boss” to describe our current President. It’s a great song period and certainly has that counter-revolutionary feel that makes me smile.

2. Sympathy for the Devil by the Rolling Stones (#3 on the List) This is kind of a stretch. Yes, it takes shots at Communist atrocities, but in the same verse takes on Nazis. If anything, this song seems to remind us that evil (The Devil if you prefer) has been around forever and had a hand in everything man has ever done. Perhaps that concept alone is ‘conservative’ in that it recognizes the idea of evil.

3. Sweet Home Alabama by Lynryd Skynryd (#4 on the List) Is being anti-Neil Young enough to make it a ‘conservative’ song? I don’t know, but it’s still a great tune.

4. Bodies by the Sex Pistols (#8 on the List) Another I picked out before seeing the list. It takes a bit of lyric searching to figure out what they hell they are screaming about, but he anti-abortion sentiment is painfully clear.

5. 20th Century Man by the Kinks (#10 on the List) I actually thought of “Catch Me Now I’m Falling” as the Kinks song that I thought might show up. This isn’t a bad choice, but I think that the call for aid to America in a time of need is a better choice.

6. Get Over It by the Eagles (#16 on the List) Scary for Don Henley I’m sure, but the song is very much a cry against victimization. I love this song and can’t help but think of Michael Moore every time I hear it.

7. Capitalism by Oingo Boingo (#26 on the List) One of my three favorite bands of all time on the list. This is a great choice, though my first thought was “Only a Lad” which is a shot a leftist thoughts on crime and punishment. This one is probably much better. The “Middle Class Socialist Brat” line describes WAY too many people I’ve met in this business.
So it’s a fun read overall. Some of the songs are a huge stretch, but isn’t that the point of lists like this? Read it if you like, but please don’t consider this link to be an endorsement of this site overall. Just enjoy the music.
And for fun, does anyone have any other songs that should be added? I was thinking that since they included Tammy Wynette, why not “In America” by the Charlie Daniels Band? Weigh if you like.
As many of you have noticed, the site is undergoing some changes. The VHS reviews are off the main page and have been replaced by Web Site Reviews. At the end of July I am basically done with VHS and will be reviewing 40 DVDs every month. I’m also going to be working on a lot more web site reviews. I’ll still be working on amateur reviews and have some women working on sex toy reviews as well.
We are also working to fine tune the search feature and I’ll be adding a lot more galleries to the mix. Thanks to all of you who have given me the feedback to help make the site better.
One of the things I added to the site was an Interview with Mike John that I am pretty proud of. Mike is a great guy, an incredible pornographer and gave me one hell of an interview. Enjoy it and feel free to send me your thoughts on that one.
I also added my Rog’s Top 20 Porn Stars for 2006 list to the site. I’m collecting feedback email on that one for a blog next week. I’m also still looking to make sure that all of the women on the list hear about their inclusion. So any help there would be great.
That’s all for today folks. I have to get downstairs to watch the soccer match…..damn I almost got through that without laughing. Come on, had to take one last shot just for fun. Hey, anyone want to bet that the game ends with a 1-0 score?

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