Rog Blog: July 8


Rog Blog: July 8th
Some musical notes to kick thing off.
I was flipping channels the other day and caught the end of the “Greatest Southern Rock Songs” of all time. I’m sure it was an interesting list, but here is what I caught.
3. Freebird: Well duh. If you had asked me to pick the top SR song of all time I probably would have started with this one. It’s an anthem that everyone knows, it’s been immortalized by “Play Freebird” which most recently popped up in Pixar’s “Cars.” (I was the only one in the theater who cracked up on that line.) And of course Kid Rock threw it into one of my favorite songs (You Ain’t Never Met a Motherfucker Quite Like Me) with the great line “Never wanted a guitar til I heard a like this.”
2. Ramblin Man: Great song with some awesome licks, but I honestly think that they just wanted to throw something between Freebird and Sweet Home Alabama.
1. Sweet Home Alabama: Well yeah. Once I realized that Freebird was off the table this is probably the obvious choice. It’s another song that everyone knows. Turn this on at a party or in a bar on the juke box and it takes people about three notes to smile and nod. Besides, the Neil Young line is one of the best lyrics in rock history.
It was an interesting list I guess and I’ll have to see when it’s on again to see what else made the cut. Now, since I’m a huge sucker for lists, check out the story below.
Before we get back to music, how about a little porn? We need some eye candy so take a look at Kat Young’s Site.. A full review is coming soon, but this girl is just so freaking cute.
World Cup Update: Yes folks a word on soccer. How about this? If you don’t give a crap about the World Cup finals tomorrow then the chances are really good that you live in the US. Yes, I actually know who is playing. I’m probably not the only one who was hoping for a Germany v. France finals. The jokes pretty much write themselves for that. Now we’ve got a country that can’t win a war against a country that….well….never mind. I did discover two things during this month long soccer tournament. First, that ESPN can turn three hours of a dreary, boring game into a great two minute highlight package. That Germany v. Italy match made for a great and I mean really great two minutes of video. The second lesson was a bit shocking. I have always felt that watching soccer might be the most boring thing on TV. Today I discovered that I was wrong. A twelve minute interview with a WNBA player discussing her teammates’ nicknames has soccer beat by a hair. Enjoy the match tomorrow soccer fans. I’d watch, but I’m pretty sure that I need to rotate my tires, rearrange my sock drawer, alphabetize my CDs and built a few homes for Habitat for Humanity.
OK, the other musical story is going to have wait until tomorrow. Right now I have something more fun to talk about. A porn star running for Governor. No, not Mary Carey this time. Former porn star Mimi Miagi is running for Governor of Nevada, as a Republican. That would probably explain why she hasn’t picked up more coverage from the industry she once called home. She’s got a web site running, where you can check out more about her campaign. She’s doing the whole “Lincoln Republican” thing that I hope will really catch on because it is a far more Libertarian idea than we usually get anywhere East of California. I’ll try to get in touch with Mimi to hear more about her campaign, but until then check out her site.
That’s it for today. Enjoy the heat and I’ll be back with more in the morning.

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