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So I made the trip up to ELA. Those of you who heard the DailyNoise.com show last Thursday were treated to a mini-rant where I explained all of the reasons I wasn’t that jazzed about going to this or any show right now. Most of you got the tongue in cheek nature of the rant, but some of you took it seriously. Sorry about that. Keep that same sense of humor in mind as you read on…

Friday traffic on the 5 is reason number one not to be excited about going. I left home at 4 and barely made it 35 miles in two hours. Nothing like being stuck in stop and go traffic for half as long as it takes to get to Vegas to put you in a really, really good mood.

I met my good friend Tristie in the parking garage, but only after 15 minutes of being run from lot to lot by people who didn’t have a clue how to help me get where I had to go. Throw twenty bucks for parking into the overall cost of my trip. Nice.

Since I had purchased tickets on line I didn’t have to wait in the ticket line. Instead we had to wait for about 15 minutes to get in. (By the way, buying on line costs about 36 bucks but it was worth the six bones to avoid the line.)

Getting to the show as soon as it opens is probably not the best idea. About half of the booths were still empty or just setting up. In some ways that made it nice. I was able to walk around pretty easily and not have to fight crowds. I dropped by to say hi to my good friend April Storm. She looked gorgeous as always, but you will have to take my word for it because I blew it and didn’t get a picture.

I saw a few of the ADT regulars including Bono and MThoughts. Also popped in to say hi to Gen Padova who is looking cute as ever. Van Styles was hanging out in the Evil Angel booth. He’s working on some new stuff and promised to send us over some eye candy. (The reminds me, I have more pix to put up from Brandon Iron.)

I did have one really good fanboy moment on the floor. Linsey Dawn McKenzie was in attendance. I’ve had a thing for this busty babe for years and actually had my picture taken with her. (Thanks Tristie) My traveling companion made fun of me because I refused to tell Linsey who I was. I reviewed her site (Here) a few years back. It’s been a while since I’ve picked up an autograph from a performer like I used to in my pre-site days. It looks like Linsey has her own production company now and I grabbed one of her DVDs so I’ll review it soon.

On our way out (To rush to the airport to pick up Luke Mason who had an even worse time getting to the show than I did.) we ran into Katja Kassin. She looked fantastic, trimmed down a bit, tight as hell and still carrying around that magnificent ass of hers.

I ended up missing a lot of people I wanted to say hi to, including the folks at Paradise Visual (Dammit I missed Christy Canyon) the Johnson Brothers and too many others to even count.

We hit the road to pick up Luke at the airport and as only people from LA can understand, the trip from downtown to Santa Monica and then to the airport on Friday at 6 PM was….well let’s call it delightful in the sense that there was nothing remotely delightful about it.

The dinner itself was very nice with a number of ADT regulars joining the festivities. Devinn Lane was there, flanked by Stronger, Morbid, Bono, Lee and others. Mark Speigler showed up with a number of his girls including Taryn Thomas who looked fantastic. Buca is the perfect place for an event like this because it has great food, lots of it and the constant noise made people less self conscious about the kinds of conversation that one hears at a gathering of porn folk and fans.

It was a good evening overall. I sat with Ivan (IAmIVan.com) and talked for a while. He’s a great guy and we always seem to have great conversations. Tristie, Luke and I sat at a table and enjoyed my favorite Buca dish, the Penne Cardinale.

That’s all until next year. I’ll go for longer and come back with more pictures next time…promise.

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