Control 3



Control 3


174 Mins.

Digital Playground


THEMES: Bondage, Tease




STARS: Kelsey Michaels, Holly, Valery, Michelle Maylene, Alektra, Naomi, Jenaveve Jolie, Scott Nails,


Through the first two volumes of Robby D’s “Control” series, we have seen some great looking sex. For the most part, the formula used here is to do away with any sort of formula at all. Robby mixes up the action really well in these movies and tries to keep things fresh. He also shoos some very hot women and that always helps. Top on the list in this cast is Michelle Maylene who is so cute that she might just steal the spotlight in this adventure. It won’t be easy of course, not with Naomi’s great big ass in the mix. That thing often eclipses all competition. Joining the fun this time are two hot chicks who will help entertain us with solo action in between the hot fucks. (They are clearly identified on the box so no one has to worry.) And as an added bonus, we get another hot looking box cover shot. Even though Kelsey Michaels’ shot isn’t quite the wood-producing stunner that we saw from Nautica Thorn on part two, it’s is certain to peak your interest.

Kelsey Michaels is a runaway teen out on the streets. She gets picked up and taken to a lovely home where Scott Nails throws a stack of bills onto the table. He helps her out of her clothes and plays with her ass for a long time. They don’t really say much to each other. She opens up and stares into the camera during a blowjob that is eerie and a little lifeless. He rolls her over face down on the couch and fucks her pussy from behind. It looks a little painful at times and he shoots all over her back. This is just an odd little scene that just feels too real for its own good.

Alektra is next and she gives us some tease footage that is a bit more traditional. She shows off her body and has us ready watch Scott do his thing. Flashing her eyes to the camera she takes his dick to the back of her throat and does what she can with the other half. Her ass is very tight as he eases a toy into her backdoor. Apparently that works well enough for her because Scott’s cock slides right up that well lubed trail. Her body looks very good as she gets on top and rams her from behind. Though the scene got off to a slow start, it picks up big time when he is balls-deep in her hot butt. The anal action looks spectacular here, but it also feels just a little bit sterile. I’m not sure what it is, but it seems to be missing something. It certainly isn’t missing a big facial finish. In fact she wears a huge wad of cream really well.

We get to mix in a little solo action next. Busty blonde Nikki presses her big fun bags against the glass to show them off. Nice for tit lovers I suppose.

Scott comes home with a Polaroid camera to shoot his girlfriend, Michelle Maylene. After snapping a few shots (Great tease her by the way) Scott feeds her his big hard cock. She does a nice job of working it with her hands and attacks it orally like she really is sex starved and ready to fuck. I love the way this girl looks and her body is nothing short of stunning. The doggy footage is fantastic. If you love petite Asian girls, you have to be stroking yourself silly as she pushes that tight little pussy back to take him on. Michelle pushes him up onto the bed and sucks him clean before taking a short cowgirl ride. (Wow, what a gorgeous little ass.) (Ahem, Michelle’s ass.) We get some really nice doggy as Scott finishes her off with some hard strokes and finally a big shot all over her pretty face. Michelle is so sweet looking that I may need to visit the dentist after this scene.

When Robby shows up looking for a friend, he runs into his step-sister Valery instead. She looks really cute in her little plaid skirt, but is a total bitch to him. He follows her around the house and we get some sneak peeks as her pretty cheeks. Eventually she warms up a bit and when Scott comes home they hook up a bit. The tease is very long here, but it gives us a chance to see Val from head to toe. They sit in that backseat couch thing that we keep seeing in flicks. Eventually she gets her hands around his cock and drops her face into his lap. The camera gets right in there and captures the technique the she no doubt learned in real back seats after school. Val is pretty good at sucking cock, but it is her body that steals the show. She looks very good with one leg up on the couch as her pussy gets slammed from behind. There is a lot of high energy fucking going on here and I haven’t found a bad angle for this cutie’s body yet. Their semi-incestuous romp ends with a big nut right on her pretty face.

Ashley kicks off the second disc with a bondage themed scene. Her make up is pretty harsh and her hands are cuffed behind her back as she shows us her ass. This is twelve minutes of solo and tease, but it is exceptionally well shot and very hot. The only problem might be that it’s going to make us all want to see her in a full scene. That’s a pretty damn good problem to have.

We all know that Naomi is the current “ass of the moment” so it is no shock that Robby has her bent over the pool table. The tease is great and should have everyone ready to see her shake that money maker on a nice big rod. She sheds the dress, sticks out her ass and starts sucking cock. Her blowjob skills are pretty good, but what really makes this scene hot is the big smile the flashes to the camera every now and then. Robby tries some new angles and gets stuck with that underside shot that just never works. Overall though it’s a nice blowjob scene with a big shot on her waiting tongue. See folks, Naomi is more than just a great big ass.

Holly has a riding crop and bad intentions. Actually even her bad intentions are pretty good. She works her way around a bound and blindfolded Scott Nails to tease him. I love her little outfit and we get to see how she looks so it’s almost as much fun for us as it is for Scott. Eventually she takes his big cock out of his pants and starts sucking. That skilled mouth works some magic as she covers his shaft with her tongue. Once he is all ready to go, Holly slides into his lap and takes every inch with ease. She adds some hot talk in her accent to make it even hotter. Scott takes over and does most of the work for a while. Holly seems to enjoy being pounded hard from behind. The scene actually feels like it is ready to wind down, when they move to the anal. He pumps her from behind, filling that tight ass and making it gape just a little bit. Holly is a very solid performer and is happy to take cock as well a toy back there. She closes out the movie in fine style.

In addition to these scenes, we also get a bonus with Jenaveve Jolie that is smoking. She does a long tease before she opens her mouth for a beautiful blowjob.

There are some highlights on this DVD. Most of them come on the second disc and in the bonus material. It’s pretty tough to argue that any of the scenes in the full movie are hotter than Jenaveve’s awesome oral antics in the bonus scene. Michelle might be the girl to take down Jen though. I loved the tease on that action and her sexual energy matches her cuteness this time around. Throw in a really hot anal scene from Holly and Naomi’s sexy big ass and you have the best of a good movie. The first two scenes are decent, but seem to be missing a little something. Kelsey’s scene is intentionally moody and it feels just a tad dark. It looks good, but I just don’t think it brings the strokeable heat that most of the others do. This is still a very solid movie with great technical aspects so it is an another quality volume from one of the best lines in all of porn.

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