Rog Blog: June 17


Rog Blog: June 17th

OK, so I have been watching the Asia story all week and just now got a link that confirms the death of her husband. Full Story Here. (Thank you Luke Mason.) That should put to rest any doubt and hopefully silence the sharks who filled the web with hateful and petty posts earlier this week. As before I would like to open things up for ideas from you. If there is something I can offer to help increase donations, I would like to hear them.

One idea I had was to send Asia any and all T-Shirt money that comes. That would include all of the CafĂ© Press money for the next few months. Check it out, grab a T-Shirt or a mouse pad and I’ll send her any profits. Another idea that was suggested was to use the Rog Rules shirts. Here is is…

Hey Rog, here’s an idea to help raise money for Asia. I know you give away the RogRules shirts to girls for promo shots. What if you set it up so that we as readers could buy the shirts for pornstars to pose in. We could buy them from you in someone’s name and you can send the shirts to the girls and the money to Asia. What do you say?

I say sure. If that works. I’m fine with that. It might help if anyone interested would contact the girl in question to see if she would agree to pose. I will also need an address to send her the shirt. But sure. How about 10 bucks for a shirt? Email me for details on payment and I’ll forward all money to Asia. I just need the name of star you want to buy the shirt for and we’ll do our best to get some shots of her. Great idea. Thanks.

You know I was flipping the channels this morning and was all set to do a whole page on the World Cup. Yes Adrian I did watch it…for exactly eight minutes before falling fast asleep. I was ready to rip into the whole thing when I found something that makes soccer look positively breathtaking. How many of you caught the “Rock, Paper, Scissors” Championships this weekend? That’s right, the RPS title matches took place and they were ON TV!!!!! They had commentators talking about the strategy of the game. Huh? It’s Rock, Paper, Scissors for goodness sake. I would have thought that I would have to work pretty hard to find something more boring than soccer and more inane than that Paris and Nicole show.

Got lots to say about the porn I reviewed this week, specifically the odd direction Diabolic seems to be taking, but for now it’s time to go enjoy a little baseball under the sun and NOT think about gaping assholes, Viagra cowboys choking girls and other shit that fills my days of late.

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