Shot at Home: Cleo & Cole 6 Mall Parking Lot Anal


Shot at Home Alone: Cleo & Cole 6 Mall Parking Lot Anal

Type of Action: Boy/Girl, Anal

Length: 70 Mins.

Price: $20.00 at

Performer Appearance: Very Good

Video Quality: Average

Content Quality: Very Good


If you’re like me, a good porn title can really capture your attention. This one made me smile because who doesn’t love the idea of a hot chick getting corn holed in a parking lot? The couple in this movie are young, inked up and quite into each other. Cleo is a sexy blonde who reminds me a little bit of Jessica Darlin. If she can fuck like Jess then we are in for something special.

Cleo and Cole finish up with a long ride and she won’t even let him get into the shower before jumping on him. This young couple is adventurous, tattooed and really easy on the eyes. We get to watch Cleo strip out of her pads before she makes short work of his dick. The natural light coming in through the windows of the motor home is a little harsh at times, but that is part of what happens with amateur movies. It is real and she is so hot that any slight lighting issues we might have. Cleo sucks him deep and looks into the camera, turning up the heat quite a bit with that great eye contact.

They turn the camera around while he eats her pussy. This is a really tough angle to pull off, so they cut it short. Things get a little easier to shoot when he puts his dick into that nice little opening. Shooting sex with a stationary camera limits the angles and we end up staring at his ass for probably too long. That’s just another thing you live with when you get something this real and raw. She does her best to open up for the camera, but this action hinges on the fact that this is genuine action from two people who really like fucking each other. Their heat is really clear during some great standing doggy in front of the kitchen counter. This girl is HOT!

They move into a bed for some more blowjob action. She puts a condom onto his cock and starts riding. He holds her open for the camera in reverse cowgirl and we get to scope out her strong legs as well as her ink covered flesh. He fucks her hard and then rains cum down on her face and chest. Very nice finish to some hot action.

The second scene starts when Cole meets Cleo at lunch. She joins him in the backseat of their car in the parking lot. There doesn’t seem to be anyone around and this might be a driveway somewhere instead of a public thing. It still works for fantasy value so let’s just pretend they are really right there near where she works as the pretty blonde gobbles up his stiff cock. She holds the camera out in front of her face as he fucks her from behind. While this isn’t perfect for porn because we can’t see the action, it definitely adds to the feel of the action. They move the camera around so we can watch as he lubes up her tight little asshole. It is tough going, but she takes it like a champ, talking dirty to the camera and making me wish I was right in there enjoying her lovely body. After leaving his load deep inside of her, Cole sends Cleo back to work.

In addition to this action we get 30 minutes of previews for other Shot at Home movies. Definitely some good stuff here.

Reputation: Excellent

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