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Rog Blog: May 17

So this whole has been “Asian porn” week around my house. I don’t know how it happened, but so far I’ve reviewed Asian Fever: Sex Objects, Me Fuck U Long Time, Young Asian Cuties 2 and Black Invasian. I guess that shouldn’t come as any major shock, but it still felt like a whole lot of Asian smut. Now I just have to get back in touch with those people who sent me the genuine Asian imports. It’s time to review those again.
Sticking with that theme, there are a few new web sites you might want to check out. I’m hoping to review at least one of them very soon. The first is and it looks pretty hot. Obviously it focuses on hot Asian girls playing with each other. As an added bonus, you also get access to 46 other sites. Sounds pretty good to me. There is another site fitting the theme as well. Check out This one focuses not on Asian-American hotties, but on pure imports and they looks really cute. If you don’t believe me, check out Thai hottie May in the photo gallery.
If you’re looking for a web site that has been reviewed, check out Luke Mason’s latest review on this site. Just in time for the World Cup comes this specialty site, It’s a great little site the features hot women in (and out of) various soccer uniforms. For more info, check out Luke’s Review of
I haven’t watched American Idol since they got through the hilarious first round, but I happened to catch part of it last night. Could someone please tell me how that guy Taylor made it to the final three? Is this some kind of joke that I’m not aware of? The dude looks like an assclown….an even bigger assclown than the usual dorks who make it this far I guess.

On a lighter TV note…Am I the only who loves the Red Stripe beer commercials? Horary Beer! Indeed.

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