Stick It In My Face 4


Stick It In My Face 4


171 Mins.

Pulse/Jekyll & Hyde

DIRECTOR: Kevin Moore

THEMES: Oral Sex




STARS: Tiffany Mynx, Alana Evans, Jamie Elle, Persia Decarlo, Roxy Jezel, Jayna Oso, Michelle B, Courtney Cummz, Kaiya Lynn,


As a fan of blowjob movies and a sucker for fantasy set up, I love what Kevin Moore has done with this line. Taking just a little time before the blowjob to set things up adds a whole lot to the heat. I don’t know how long he will keep it up because it does take a lot to come up with eight to twelve new scenarios for each movie. It is certainly easier to come up with that many hot girls and just turn them loose on some hard cocks. For this movie, Kevin has finally added a new wrinkle. He’s not just setting things up and shooting. He’s actually putting his dick into the mix for this volume. Not that we should spend another second talking about his dick. The important thing in this or any blowjob movie is the cast. This one is anchored by Tiffany Mynx. She is best known for her ass, but blowjobs have long been her specialty. Roxy Jezel and Michelle B are among Britain’s best BJ artists, though Roxy’s quagging is getting so bad that I can barely watch her in some scenes. Kaiya Lynn on the other hand is a perfect little sucker who I always look forward to. I can think of several fantasy scenarios to put this great cast into. (Yeah, but they all involve cheerleader uniforms.)

Pretty Courtney Cummz starts out in a short skirt and a top that is easy to pull aside when she wants to show off her cut titties. There isn’t much of a set up here. She tells us she loves to suck and then gets busy with Marco. Courtney makes up for a lack of set up by sucking his dick like she really knows what she’s doing. She can’t seem to take it very deep, but uses a lot of tongue action and mostly avoids the annoying fake gagging that just kills the heat in other BJs. Eventually she strokes him off right onto her pretty lips.

Kevin goes out to his car and catches Dillan Lauren trying to break into his car. She is practically naked and just had a fight with her boyfriend. Naturally they work something out and in true porn fashion in involves the pretty brunette coming inside and sucking some dick. It is always a good thing to be a guy hanging out with Kevin and this time Scott Lyons is the lucky dude who gets the free blowjob. Dillan stares right into the camera for some great eye contact. She also takes it deep and actually gags a little bit naturally. Kevin must be paying extra to make sure…doh. I spoke too soon. When she lies on her stomach and grabs her heels, Dillan starts quagging and totally kills what was a great blowjob. Scott fucks her face until he explodes, but this one takes a major nosedive once she starts with the throat theatrics.

Poor Persia is all tied up with no chance of escape. Roxy Jezel shows up and she is in the mood to punish her sexy little captive. She grabs a handful of Persia’s hair and holds her still while a cock is shoved between her lips. Since Roxy is involved, you know that the quag factor will be painfully high. Unfortunately Persia follows the lead of her circus-sounding mistress. It’s a great looking scene with two gorgeous women sharing a hard cock and smacking each other. The only thing holding this one back is the stupid fake gagging that Roxy uses to pass as a good blowjob. It’s bad enough that she does it, but she spreads the virus and that is just unacceptable. The facial is really good, but it’s too late to save this one.

Kevin gets to meet Tiffany Mynx and is appropriately star-struck. She loves the attention and teases The tease here is great. Tiff knows she looks good and Kevin shoots her like a guy who appreciates how she looks. He has her put on a sexy blue lingerie outfit and has her crawl towards the camera to finally get some cock. Tiffany knows exactly how to play to the camera and give great head. As one of the hottest cock suckers in porn history, she is perfect for this kind of flick. She curls up against his body, easily takes every inch and manages to look like she is in love with the dick sliding between her talented lips. As an added bonus she wraps her tits around his cock and works it over with her cleavage. No quagging needed here. Tiffany delivers a picture perfect blowjob and gets a huge load shot onto her face as a reward.

Some girls are just too hot to share so Kevin launches into his own fantasy scene with Jayna Oso. She starts out smoking and pulling her nipples out of her little dress. Making her way over to his couch, Jayna lets him kiss up and down her thighs before she makes her way down to his cock. Jayna holds it in her hand and licks the head, teasing him before letting him feel the inside of her mouth. Jayna uses both hands to work him over and he is so appreciative that he returns the favor. They clearly have a good time together and that adds a whole lot of heat to a scene that shows off Jayna’s hot body as well as her oral skills. When it’s time to finish Kevin off, Jayna uses both hands again and she manages to work a big load right into her mouth just before he wakes up from the very happy dream.

Alana Evans is up next and she is only too happy to show off her newish boobies. Once she has unveiled the chest cannons, the dirty blonde gets down and comes face to face with some black dick. This guy Broc suffers from male chatter syndrome and that hurts things quite a bit. Alana overdoes it a bit to keep up with his din, but in the end, her skills take over and we’re in good shape. She can hardly wait to suck and stroke every last drop right into her mouth. Alana swallows like a good girl and is ready for more.

Kaiya Lynn is a fantasy girl without any set up. We get to peep in on her as she changes clothes. That’s awfully sexy footage and gets us ready to see her do a whole lot more. She crawls up the stairs in a tiny little skirt, showing off that fantastic little ass. At the top of the stairs she finds a couch and masturbates on it. Drifting into a fantasy, she gets her pretty mouth around a hard dick. Kevin is the lucky guy again and he holds the camera steady as she bobs her head up and down in his lap. She has a killer grip and gives another perfect blowjob. Talking him through, she pushes him over the edge and takes a big load on that pretty face.

Michelle B, Jasmine Tame and Jamie Elle are also on hand in this flick. I like the action in this movie, but something is definitely missing. The set ups and fantasy aspect are nearly gone and that hurts a bit. There is still a bit of tease and the variety makes it better than the average BJ flick. Of course, the best of the best here really carry the day. Tiffany Mynx and Kaiya Lynn make sure that we have at least two scenes to stroke to over and over. Tiff’s scene is perfect oral sex. The tease is simple, but hot and once she gets her mouth around a dick, it’s nothing short of award-worthy. Kaiya may not be in that category yet, but her blowjobs are wonderful and the tease in this scene is some of the best I have seen in a while. I still really like this series, but I would really like to see Kevin return to what made me love the first few. Maybe he’s too tired after getting his dick sucked to worry too much about fantasy. Dude is living it now.

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