Evil Anal 13

Evil Anal 13
146 Mins.
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Manuel Ferrara
THEMES: Anal Sex, Blow Bang, Interracial Sex, Big Cocks
STARS: Asa Akira, Chanel Preston, Katsuni, Kristina Rose, Manuel Ferrara, Steve Holmes, Mick Blue,


Manuel Ferrara is cocked and loaded for serious anal action. He has four stunning superstars ready to take cock in every hole. There are also nice set ups for each scene. They add to the sex in a way that really makes this movie click for me. Asa Akira is up first and her scene is fantastic. She’s a kidnapping victim set free by her father’s enforcer. He fucks her ass every way possible. The intensity of the action matches the eye candy. If you only want to watch one scene, this is it. Asa is smoking hot. Chanel Preston is a rich bitch who loves to go out trolling for cock. She picks up two homeless guys and fucks them. Great anal action from this superstar XXX performer. Kristina Rose goes nuts with a big cock in her ass. This scene is just fantastic. Kristina’s ass really should be in a museum as a work of art. The final scene features Katsuni in a special double dose of naughty. She starts of by taking Manuel up her tight little ass and then does a blow bang to finish it off. This is one Katsuni‘s hotter scenes and will definitely leave you breathless. If you like anal sex, this movie is fantastic. If you want A-listers taking it up the ass, it’s fucking perfect.

Asa Akira & Manuel Ferrara

Asa has been kidnapped and her father sends Manuel to trade a suitcase full of cash for his daughter’s life. She doesn’t want to go home and begs him not to take her. When she says those magic words, “I’ll do anything” the game is afoot. They for a second before she slips out of her tight shorts and presents her ass to him. Manuel eats it properly and then flips her over to give her other sweet hole a thorough licking. He just happens to have a fat black dildo that he uses the gag her with. When that doesn’t work, he spanks her ass with the heavy toy and then lets Asa attempt to deep throat it. She does a much better job on the live cock, sucking it beautifully as she gags and drools like she is about to fuck him into next week. Manuel pulls her on top, fucking her pussy while Asa reaches around and stuffs her asshole with the toy. He fucks that ass, makes her eat his asshole and the bends Asa over to just destroy that tight hole. Asa lets her ass gape and then fingers it with four fingers for a while. They finish this incredible anal scene with a big load fired right into her open mouth. Damn this one is hot, nasty and worth watching again.

Chanel Preston, Steve Holmes & Mick Blue

Chanel Preston rolls through an alley in her limo and picks up Steve and Mick. They are homeless and in serious need of a bath. She invites them into the limo and back to her place to clean up. Once they get cleaned up, she has something even better in store for them. Stroking their cocks to full mast she drops to her knees between them and starts sucking. Chanel always looks good and the kinky little set up only makes it more fun when she starts deep throating the big cocks she has picked up. They have her on the couch with one cock buried in her ass while she moans around another. Great anal action here as she works her way into RCA and then sticks her butt high in the air to take a major balls-deep pounding. The guys happily provide this rich bitch the sort of all out fucking she needs. They stand over her and shoot two loads into her mouth at the same time. She gobbles them up and sucks both dicks clean. This is the sort of scene that has helped make Chanel so popular with fans.

Kristina Rose & Manuel Ferrara

Officer Ferrara gets called to an anal energy. He finds Kristina on all fours bound by tape, her ass stretched by a butt plug and her mouth working an inanely huge dildo. Manuel takes the plug out and teases her butt with his nightstick while she continues to drool on the toy. When he finally lets her go, Kristina drops right to the floor and starts sucking dick. After a few deep strokes he bends her over the kitchen counter and fucks her as hard as he can. They move into the other room where he pulls her on top of him. Watching Kristina fuck in cowgirl we really get to see just how beautiful her ass is. In addition to having one of the nicest shapes in the biz, Kristina is also a serious anal queen and Manuel puts that to the test with his huge cock. He pulls her legs straight up in the air and goes balls-deep into that tight hole. He finishes the scene with a really big load the covers her face and still gives her some to eat. Kristina Rose is a fucking superstar, period.


Superstar Katsuni stops by for a photo shoot. She is great at that, but they also have more planned for her. He grabs her by the throat and starts the fucking. She drops her mouth to his lap and starts jerking him off into her mouth. Katsuni is a vision to be sure, but sometimes she still comes across cold and unaffected during her scenes. That isn’t the case here. She is focused on the dick and sees to really like it when he smacks her in the face. When she climbs up onto his dick her ass is so red from the spanking that you wonder if she will be able to sit down for a while. He rolls her into spoon and starts fucking her pussy while she rubs her clit raw. In just a few strokes he is ready for her ass and sliding in and out of that tight hole easily. She handles him well and mounds up to show what a little expert hip movement can bring to the party. He bends her over and fucks her little ass as hard as he can for a while. They stop and she is now blindfolded. It’s time for a surprise. New cocks for Katsuni to suck. She takes the first on between her lips and starts pumping it until it throbs in her hand. One cock quickly becomes three and she has to work with both hands and her mouth to keep everyone happy. Her energy level and enthusiasm here is about as good as I have ever seen it. She strokes hard, gets face fucked and is waiting with mouth wide open for their cum. At one point she moans “I don’t know who you are, and I don’t care. I want your cum.” If that doesn’t get it done for you then I don’t know what will. Katsuni finally gets what she is begging for. Three guys shoot onto her waiting tongue and face before Manuel finally adds is like icing on a very slutty cake.

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  1. Ace Vercy says:

    I agree with comments about Chanel Preston. Seeing her in all dolled up in a limo cruising for dick was just hot, but when she called to the limo driver to check out two scummy, totally filthy homeless guys I knew I was in for something special. A gorgeous Penthouse Pet picking up bottom-of-the-barrell degenerates touches on a fantasy a lot of men – and women – have about mixing social stutus for kicks. Its not degrading. Its beautiful.

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