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Rog Blog: XRCO Wrap Up

OK, it’s been over a week so let’s clear out the notebook on the XRCO show.

We can skip ahead to the big awards of the night. “Pirates” won the award for Best Release. I like the fact that XRCO has combined Film and Video though we will always have problems comparing features with gonzo flicks. Not that it mattered much this year. “Pirates” is great all the way around.

Jenna Haze looked great and unlike a whole lot of the newer girls I cover on my site, was actually nice. We go way back and it’s always nice to see Jenna. She’s fresh off a successful return to boy/girl and we discussed doing our first interview in years. Whenever she can drag Jules down to Orange County with her, I’ll get them both at once.

Hillary Scott won as Best New Starlet and Scott Nails took the male equivalent of that award. Though I don’t see how anyone could beat Jasmine Bryne for her work in 05, Hillary was a solid choice. Scott was a great pick as well.

Being able to hear the show from upstairs was a really nice experience. I think I probably missed out on the good conversation at the bar and probably came home with fewer pictures than I should have, but it was a very relaxing evening and I might just do that again next year.

I also ran into a new girl who was named Emily I believe. Whoever she was, she is totally hot, gave my boys a little squeeze and made me totally forget why I was there in the first place. Check out her pictures and if anyone knows who she is, give me the details. I want to check her out and try to make her a star.

Manuel Ferrara won as Best Male Performer, matching his AVN win in the same category. Audrey Hollander was not able to pull off the double win however. AVN’s Female Performer of the Year finished behind Nicki Hunter for the XRCO award. I’m not about to question the other voting members for their selections and I’m not at all surprised by this. In fact I called it before it was announced. On the other hand, I can’t understand it. Enough said on that.

It was a very nice evening and I had fun. No angry directors threatening to gut my entire family over a C rating, no totally hot contract girls debating into the night about animals “emotions” and no porn journalists blasting me in the package. Throw in a beautiful date and a moderate amount of alcohol and that’s what I call a great evening.

If Devinn Lane happens to be reading or if anyone reading this is in contact with Devinn, I have a message for her. Someone is looking to do a web shoot with her and would like to talk with her about it.

Has anyone else noticed that the Nautica Thorn profile is gone from MySpace? Any idea why? Did she get kicked off or what? Speaking of Nautica, did everyone check out Nautica Thorn’s First Gang Bang? It’s a pretty good bang with some bonus scenes of Nautica that are really hot.

Before I go I have to at least mention this huge protest over the immigration issue today. I have said for a long time that I think that immigration as a national issue is a smoke screen. I don’t think anything will get done in Washington because the two parties just don’t care. The two biggest states affected are already solidly in the red/blue camp so why should anyone risk their neck?

It is a problem of course, especially here in California where some schools are made up primarily of children who are either illegal themselves or the children of illegals. So what can we do? Let me break this down in a way so simple that even the LA Times editorial staff could understand it.

We can….

A. Clamp down on the border to shut off the flow of illegal immigrants into the country, make current illegals felons, round them up and deport them, shut off all social services to illegals and slam companies that employ any illegal immigrant.
B. Shut down the borders, but offer current illegals amnesty and help them become citizens while punishing further illegal immigration.
C. Grant amnesty to the 12 million illegals, do nothing about the border and let things continue as they are for future immigrant.

At this point, the right wing of the Republican Party is embracing A, President Bush is taking B and the Democrats are choosing C.

I know I’m just a logical moderate, but short of blind hatred for Bush, why would anyone bash him on this. Choice A does a great deal for national security, but isn’t very realistic. Choice C does NOTHING for national security and makes the problem worse. So we’re looking at the best of some bad options with the President’s plan. If, and that’s a big IF, we do something to close the border then giving people a path to citizenship is a small price to pay. If you ask me, the Dems are just confused because Bush is offering something that would favor if it came from anyone else. All of a sudden it’s not a good plan. That stinks and if it causes both sides to stall on the basic border security issue then it is unforgivable.

As for the protest, who gives a fudge? If someone wants to miss work for a day to protest, good for them. Just stay off the freeways and out of my way. I have work to do and a life to lead. I say we stop pointing cameras at these people who don’t seem to know what they protesting against.
Hey, let’s leave with a little bit of eye candy shall we?

Eye Candy: Black College Teens

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