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Who are you?

Felix Vicious

It’s been over a year since our last interview, what have you been up to?

I have been focusing more on my person life, dj’ing, working 9-5 and planning out where I would like to go to school.

Are you currently under contract with Paradise Visuals?

I am under a non-exclusive contact. Basically I am promoted by and do signings and movies for Paradise Visual, but if I get a good offer from a company, I don’t have to turn it down. I was asked to be the new face of Paradise Visuals. Since the “X-Rated Heiress” was their first release in fifteen years I am very honored.

What movies have you done recently?

I have only done a few in the last couple of months. “The X Rated Heiress” and the only other one is “America’s Next Top Porn Mode.”

Last time we talked you were living in Orange County. Are you still there?

Yes, I can’t get enough of Orange County. Everything is so much more beautiful down here.

How is it different out here than back home in Colorado?

Well of course it does now snow. The weather is so much better. I can wear a tank top year round. The only down fall is that everything out here is much more expensive.

You’ve been in the business nearly five years now. How have things changed in that time? For the business and for you personally?

I can honestly say that a few things have changed. Everything is so much more brutal and by that I mean the way the girls are treated. The girls are pushed to more extreme sex acts every day. When I first started I can remember cum in the eye was huge. Now it’s like shitting and cum farts and all that weird shit. Personally, my life has also changed. Now I know the direction I want to go in my life. When I started in porn I had no direction, but honestly porn makes you grow up faster. You realize you can’t fuck for the rest of your life.

How many movies have you done so far?

I honestly don’t know. I am sure that there are well over 300 by now. That’s a good question though.

What is your favorite movie so far and why?

“The X-Rated Heiress” because not only did I star in it, but I got to learn other things. I was given a chance to help direct certain scenes, pick talent for the movie and just helping out with the little things. It was like I was part of the crew.

The last time we spoke you were only working with your boyfriend. Is that still true?

At that time I was only working with my boyfriend, but we are no longer together. I don’t even work with guys any more. It’s strictly girl-girl and solo stuff.

Are you still working with other girls?


Who are your favorites?

Britney Skye, Kimberly Kane and Nikki Hunter.

Who are you still waiting to work with?

Briana Banks and Carmen Luvana.

What about a dream scene with anyone in the world, in the business or not?

Well that would be a silly question!. Of course it would be the person I was named for, Sid Vicious.

For those who missed the last interview, how tall are you?




Still Natural?

Of Course

Do you have a web site? should be up very shortly.

How is the person we see on screen different from the real you?

There really is no difference. If I am playing a character of course I take on that role, but I am always myself.

Do you have any favorite directors to work for?

Christy Canyon, Spencer Benedict, Jim Malibu, Eon McKai, Roy Karch and Cass Pailey..

Do you watch your own movies? If so, what are you looking for?

I do watch my own movies just because sometimes I am curious to see how a scene came out. Sometimes you can pick up pointers like arching your back and pointing your toes. It really does make a difference.

Tell us something that no one knows about you?

If I told you, then everyone would know.

You said last time that Erik Everhard was too big for you. What is the perfect cock size for you?

It definitely all depends on the length and girth. And if you have pubes it could look shorter than it is.

You have made some comments about interracial scenes. What is your feeling on doing IR personally?

I personally have never done an IR scene. I have lots of friends of every color, but just never took any further.

Why do you think you have taken so much crap for your statements?

I don’t think I have taken any crap. The only thing that has ever been said to me is “when you decide to do an IR scene, call me.”

Anything more you want to say on that issue?

No thank you.

Anything else you want to say to your fans?

Thank you guys, and girls for everything! Keep a look out for my website. It will be up very soon.

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