This is the second time I have reviewed this site. It has undergone a serious face lift since the original review while still maintaining it’s unique feel that theme. The strength of is the way it plays into the hot fantasies of so many guys. It features an ordinary guy who gets to work with some of the hottest girls in porn. Most of them are the proud possessors of some rather incredible big tits and all of them suck and swallow like champs. There are no sexual gymnastics at play here. No blow bangs or extreme choking. Just a girl and a guy having a really good time. He flies them into New York, puts them up in a hotel, gives them a T-shirt and puts them to work in a low-key setting where the focus is on the girl, her sucking ability and of course, cum swallowing. What guy wouldn’t’ love having Lisa Ann, Penelope Piper, Natasha Nice, Brandy Taylore or Candace Von sucking and swallowing for him? This is the kind of simple site that makes people believe that something hot and nasty can still be shot commercially without losing it’s gritty “real life” appeal. If you like low key pro-am with big stars, cum swallowing and big tits, then tune in to and see who gets blasted next.


Newly re-vamped and online since 2001, offers a simple look and design. They still use the trademark look and Polaroid photos to make it stand out in a sea of HD porn and cookie cutter content. It still looks like a collection of pictures and video that any guy would be happy to collect during his sexual travels. Of course, few guys get to enjoy the charms of women as hot (and busty) as those featured here.
The new site design makes it look a little nicer and there are a bunch of new model profiles. These feature free shots of the models as well as short bio sketches and an outline about what sets are available for purchase. Full photo and video sets are available and they include tease shots, suck, swallow and BTS pictures.

Some of the most fun material on the site is the non-sex stuff. The makers of this site make sure to outfit each model with gear that they pose in before taking it home. The T-shirts are wonderfully tight on the massive chests of the models and it is clear that the laid back shoot is great for producing hot material.

They certainly have favorites on this site as many girls can be seen more than once including
Brandy Talore (6 shoots)
Richelle Ryan (4)
Lisa Ann, Maserati xxx, Eva Notty, Charley Chase, Claire Dames (3 each)
Bella Blaze, Candace Von, Penelope Piper, Sara Stone, Erin Marxxx (2 each)
For real fans of the site, there is a store where you can purchase a bunch of cool stuff including mugs, mouse pads, pens, shorts, posters, bumper stickers and pretty much anything else. I would imagine you could buy some of this stuff and create your own fan gallery of potential BJTS girls.

This site is still really great fantasy material. It features the sort of stuff that most guys would just love to shoot. Gary gets a chance to live out the fantasies of so many of his fans and that hasn’t changed. The new look of the site just makes things a little slicker and a little easier on the eyes, without losing the simple style that makes so unique.

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9 Responses to “ (6/10/12)”

  1. Mike says:

    Some of these photo sets and videos cost over $30-$50 EACH.

    The site doesn’t offer any video previews and many of the “free” pics are broken.

    • Marcello says:

      Mike’s response sounds like a classic case of sour grapes to me. In just two short sentences, his jealousy clearly shines through.

      I have been all through and discovered TWO broken links on the ENTIRE site. I contacted Gary to let him know, and he was gracious enough to send me THREE autographed photos of his great BJ Talent Search models!

      Furthermore, if Mike had looked closely enough, there ARE some free video previews available.

      As far as the photo/video prices go, I have purchased about 15 sets so far (and plan to purchase more). The content is of very high quality, and there is none of the typical photo-hogging or ridiculous banter from the male photographer as seen in many of the so-called “professional” productions these days. Gary just shoots straight from the hip, letting every model get 100% total attention.

      BTW Mike, don’t feel bad. I’m jealous myself – but not afraid to admit it! I HIGHLY recomend to any blowjob or swallowing aficionado. Keep up the great work Gary! What a fantastic concept (and one very lucky guy)!

      • MIKE says:

        First of all, my comments were edited by the moderator and not published in its entirety. I understand why it was done and I have no qualms with this action. Moving on….

        Secondly, how Marcello can derive jealousy from those comments is beyond logical. Marcello’s enthusiastic compliments about the website do not negate the fact that the prices are outlandish. At those prices you can buy a full year membership at other websites and download HUNDREDS of videos and pics of many different women

        Two broken links? Sure, buddy. So where are all the pics from this page…

        Marcello is the type of person that will spend $75 for one video probably because he has a strong affinity for some of the gals featured on this site. That’s fine, sir. But if you think that the majority of people see this same value then you are quite mistaken.

        The only thing I’m jealous of is the audacity of Gary to make his customers MAIL $75 for access to pics and ONE video….I applaud him for his apparent lack of shame to charge insane prices and have gentleman such as Marcello buy into it :)


  2. Connor says:

    All I can say is WOW! What a great site. And btw Gary if you ever need any help with the ladies, I’d be happy to help out!

  3. Eve Prescott says:

    Hi all, happy 4th!

    My name is Eve Prescott, Gary’s personal assistant for I see a few comments have been made here so far. Thanks to Marcello and Connor for their kind words re. the site; that is wonderful to hear. Gary and I certainly aim to please. I hope to see many more positive comments as time goes on.

    I am sorry though, “Mike” (we don’t have anyone with that first name who is registered to log-in to our site), that you are dissatisfied with what you say are “outlandish” and “insane” prices. Please allow me the opportunity to directly respond.

    First, the current prices to purchase photo-galleries/videos on the site range from $15 to $65, depending on the quantity of photos in the set. So, yes, you are correct as you stated that some of the photo sets cost between $30 and $50. The galleries with fewer photos cost toward the lower price end (these are primarily the older model shoots), and the galleries with more photos cost toward the higher price end (the more recent model shoots).

    Second, as far as “making customers MAIL payment”, you are also correct. Gary and I are not happy about this; we hope this is only a short-term situation. We had faithfully been using Paypal for an online payment option when from out of the blue, for no reason at all, they froze our account with an abundance of funds we could no longer access. Hence, Paypal’s use as a payment option became history. We have been researching various on-line payment services for quite some time now, trying to find one that is easy, reliable, dependable, and efficient. Unfortunately, we have come up empty so far. Out of the several we have looked at, they all have a fault of some kind that would be a detriment in the long run to our customers. Furthermore, e-commerce services such as CCBill also have negative aspects that we do not want to inflict on our customers.

    Third, re. the Lisa Ann link you provided. I don’t really know what that is, quite honestly. When you click on it, a dead
    “webpage can’t be found” message appears. My guess is that it may have previously merely been a test page for Lisa Ann from a while back. Actually, her correct profile link (with all free preview photos showing up) is:

    Lastly, on behalf of Gary and myself, we’d like to cordially Thank Roger for reviewing our site. We certainly do appreciate it!

    Eve :)

  4. Daniel Wiley says:

    I just purchased my SEVENTH photo set from BJ Talent Search, and am just as pleased with this set as the ones I bought before it. Gary has gorgeous girls with fantastic racks, not to mention that they all have an endless desire to suck his dick and swallow his cum. Is he the luckiest guy in the world or what?!

  5. jeremy g says:

    i have just one word for this website

  6. Kevin says:

    This site is AWESOME! There are so many galleries I want, girls look great. I wish I could be Gary for one of those shoots, lol. Damn. I am glad you got me a password and let me experience it. Thank you so much and please thank Gary again for me. For my money there is no where else I will turn for this style of adult products.

  7. Tony M says:

    Hello!, If you’re looking for a site that includes an amazing lineup of your favorite adult stars, then look no further this site (along with the people in charge) are an amazing bunch! Gary and the bunch at bjtalentsearch have made me and most likely other members not only feel like part of the team but extremely comfortable! the videos are great! pictures fantastic! what is there to hate about this site? Absolutely nothing. If you’re a fan of stars including Brandy Taylore, Lisa Ann, Eva Notty, etc then this site is definitely for you as this content can ONLY be viewed here.

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