Girlfriends in Times Square


Girlfriends in Times Square

120 Mins.
Double D Studios
DIRECTOR: Barry David
THEMES: Lesbian Sex
STARS: Natasha, Tabitha, Amy, Lucy, Kelly, Lavender, Loni, Lily Kade, Melina


This is a simple little lesbian movie shot in and around Times Square. The action all takes place in hotel rooms which actually works out nicely. (No arrests and all.) As all-girl movies go, this one is really hot. It’s simple, stripped down and natural. They are pretty, but dressed in mostly causal clothes. The meet stories are all pretty cute and add to the action. Natasha and Tabitha play off the hotel maid/horny guest dynamic. Their scene includes some very hot breast play and kissing. Amy and Lucy are very good looking and display the best toy play of the movie. Kelly uses her position as a photographer to score sexy black model Lavender for some hot lesbian action. Lily Cade makes a fan’s dreams come true when she helps turn Loni over to the all-girl team. Loni is back in the finale with Melina. All of the women are good looking; the sex is genuine and pretty well shot. If you like all-girl porn, this one is well worth a look and touches on some fun fantasy hook ups.

Natasha & Tabitha

When hot hotel maid Natasha knocks on the door, horny Tabitha can’t hear her. That’s because she is face down on the bed fucking herself with a toy. She wants the maid to give her good service and despite saying over and over that she has never done this before, Natasha takes to it like a duck to water. Lots of kissing here and Natasha is fixated on Tabitha’s hot rack. She is willing to teach the new girl a few tricks but makes sure to get plenty of fun for herself as well. The girls move from kissing to spanking quite easily and we are treated to some big booty shoots as they slap cheeks. By the time Tabitha gets Natasha totally naked and starts eating her pussy, the maid seems perfectly comfortable with lesbian sex. Before she leaves the room, Natasha learns her final lesson and eats pussy like a champ.

Amy & Lucy

Things move really fast on the next scene. Talk of going up to a room to see a new tablet becomes a hot lesbian tryst between Amy & Lucy. The strawberry blonde aggressor doesn’t have a hard time convincing her lovely new Asian friend to give in and go with the flow. She tries to mention her husband, but is silenced by the more experienced lesbian’s kisses. Very hot eye candy, especially if you enjoy long lip locks between really attractive women. The new girl quickly gets used to her tongue on a pussy and goes to town. She gets her pretty face buried deep in that pussy and then breaks out a toy to finish the job. It’s a rather thick pink dildo that the girls end up using on each other. Hot looking action here, especially when the pretty Asian girl leans back and takes it deep.

Kelly & Lavender

Photographer Kelly brings potential model Lavender back to her room. She explains that she needs to know the models intimately before she can shoot them. The curious black model strips off her top and watches as Kelly admires her impressive nipples. They get naked and Kelly uses the tip of her tongue to flick Lavender’s clit back and forth. The model has meaty lips that make it easy for Kelly to lick, munch and thoroughly enjoy her new friend. Toy play works well as the shy new girl gives in to the feeling and just enjoys being fucked by a modest little purple vibe. Returning the favor, the young model shows some skills with a toy herself. The nipple play gets some special attention for those who do that and then they finish with some simultaneous toy play that is pretty hot.

Loni & Lily Kade

Loni goes to the water cooler and gets a look at Lily Cade lifting weights. She recognizes her, but can’t believe she is face to face with the “girl/girl porn star.” Loni goes into full fan girl mode and quickly discovers that she can find out how skilled Lily is in the flesh. Lily is happy to take Loni’s girl on girl cherry and tosses her gently onto the bed for some deep lesbian kissing. Taking her time, Lily kisses her way down Loni’s body, slowly removing clothing until she can finally get at that fresh pussy. Holding the busty brunette in her arms, Lily reaches around and diddles her clit while instructing her how to properly suck a nipple. By the time Lily is through with her, Loni is practically tearing her new friend’s clothes off in an effort to get at her pale flesh and fiery red box. Before Lily is done, Loni is a “full fledged bisexual.”

Loni & Melina

Loni sits by the pool and checks out the gorgeous Melina. Her little swimsuit leaves little to the imagination and has Loni inviting herself upstairs for some fun. They get right into bed and Melina gets on all fours. She enjoys being kissed from behind and rolled over to have her big tits played with. The girls roll around together, making out and giggling as they playful spank one another. Melina starts screaming from the finger play and can’t wait to get Loni’s panties off so she can eat her slit. They both seem to prefer finger play and get off loudly in one another’s arms.

Bonus: BTS, Trailer Slide Show

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  1. Barry David says:

    Hi Roger

    Thanks for a great review Girlfriens in Time Square. Do I also get stars for this movie


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