Fuck a Fan 12

Fuck a Fan 12


144 Mins.
Immoral Productions
THEMES: Porn Fans, Porn Stars, Strap On, Hand jobs
STARS: Jessie Andrews, Sara Jay, Charisma Capelli, Sea J Raw & Bill from Iraq


This is an extremely popular series that plays on an old theme. What happens when hot porn chicks buck regular dudes? In this case Porno Dan has regular dudes compete for hot chicks. The winner gets to fuck them while the runners-up get head or hand jobs. It’s a good time to be had by all. This volume features someone I know, or at least sort of know. Bill from Iraq is a Playboy Radio listener and a regular contributor to the show. He is also a porn fan extraordinaire. Bill is in the final scene and we will talk more about that in a bit. I just think it’s kind of cool for fans of Night Calls to get to check out someone they hear all the time. The girls are the stars here of course. They always are. In this case they have to work hard with the new guys. Some of them (most actually) struggle with wood. Another one can’t stop cumming early. Jessie Andrews has a pretty good time with some of these guys. This was early on, before she became one of the biggest stars in the business. She and Sea J Raw look on awe as Charisma Capelli deep throats the first guy’s rather long cock. Charisma actually steals the show here. She is really hot every time she gets on screen. Sara Jay is just as hot. This girl knows how to make a dude feel comfortable and works well with whatever she has in front of her. Heather Starlet gets some strap on action in the finale. Bill gets his chance to bang a porn star and in the end, he does himself proud. This isn’t a perfectly shot movie and it isn’t gonzo side show sex. Things go wrong and it’s even got some train wreck appeal. But overall, this is a lot of fun and it fulfills plenty of fantasies, first and foremost the ones we all have about fucking a hot porn star.

Jessie Andrews, Charisma Capelli & Sea J Raw

Live from Chicago during the Exxxotica Show, Porn Dan brings in three lucky guys to compete for the charms of the lovely Miss Jessie Andrews. He is up against some pretty hapless competition in rock, paper scissors and ends up in bed being pampered by Jessie, Charisma Capelli and Sea J Raw. The girls are impressed as this young guy’s cock grows to pretty decent size. It’s long, but Charisma goes nuts with some deep throat that even has the other girls amazed. Jessie fucks him for a while and then the girls take the condom off so they can share a little six hand jerk off. Porno Dan gets into the act in the background, enjoying Charisma while Sea J shows off some good throat skills of her own. The girls have fun sucking and Jessie dutifully fucks him. He struggles with wood un the condom and even does the Ron Jeremy pinch to get some penetration in before shooting his load all over Jessie’s flat little belly.

Sara Jay,

A battle for Sara Jay takes place with the combatants locked in a thumb wrestling match that ends with a young black guy from Delaware winning a shot at the busty slut. She doesn’t have any help from fluffers and doesn’t seem to need any. His dick gets hard in her mouth, but he really wants that big ass of hers. Bending Sara over, he gets his face right in there and strokes his cock while he licks her pussy and buries his head between her huge cheeks. They get into 69 and Sara does her best to keep him up and ready for what comes next. He finally gets it stiff enough to try taking her from behind. The condom kind of kills that though. A back up cock is called in to get the job done. The new guy bangs her hard from behind and even smacks her ass a bit. He fucks her hard. They take off the condom and Sara sucks the guy’s entire cock and balls at once. That’s impressive.

Sea J Raw, Jessie Andrews & Sara J

Tattooed AJ is the winner of this next round after showing off some unique dance moves. He is really happy to be blown and busts a nut in less than a minute in the condom. OK, you can forgive the guy for being eager. Even when the girls are careful with his cock the second time he loses a lose. This kid is super quick on the trigger. Somehow he gets it up a third time though and this time he manages to get it inside of Sea J. She doesn’t let this one go to waste, screaming and bucking through a very energetic round. It takes all six hands to get him off a third time and the girls really have a good time making that happen.

Jessie Andrews, Heather Starlet & Charisma Capelli

Now for something fun. Playboy Radio listeners will recognize the final winner. Bill from Iraq is the lucky guy who gets to play with Jessie Andrews, Heather Starlet and Charisma Capelli. The three girls go to work on him while she spends some time sucking on Charisma’s big tits. (Nice set by the way, really nice.) The girls help him and play with each other. Great strap-on play from Jessie as she fucks Heather. Those two blondes look great together while Charisma rides Bill’s face. Dan jumps in and helps out for a while. With six people going at it, things pick up. Bill picks up steam and nails the hot blonde from behind, eventually filling his condom and closing things with a huge smile on his face.

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