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Most porn films today have little new ground to cover. Even before stag reels fell out of favor in the early 80s, most sex concepts had already been covered: lesbianism, rape, incest, orgies. Ask Linda Lovelace about her dogs. But when a film finally did break a barrier, it was noteworthy. Milton twins kissing each other on the internet?..piffle. Willie turns the Wayback Machine to 1976 for this little grinder featuring twin sisters in the first instance of actual lesbian incest filmed for profit.

With Teenage Twins, East Coast porner Carter Stevens beat Kirdy Stevens (no relation) to the incest punch by almost eight years. Carter recently surfaced on the internet to talk about his time as a porn director, some of which I’ll share here. Stevens’ NYC pad, nicknamed the “Slut Motel” was a semi-legendary place for talent like Long Jeanne Silver, Velvet Summers and Terri Russell to stay while filming in Times Square.

If you read horror novels, you’ll also enjoy the plot’s allusion to H.P. Lovecraft’s Necronomicon.

Title: Teenage Twins
Year: 1976
Writer: Carter Stevens (as Al Hazard)
Director: Carter Stevens
Studio: Eros Films
Distributor: MSW Productions
Runtime: 61 sisterly minutes

You can buy the film either from Alpha Blue Archives or from VCX. Both versions omit one scene–my version lacks the locker room scene, and I’ve read the ABA version lacks the first solo scene. I opted for the VCX simply because ABA refused to cut the producer a percentage when they started selling it. And don’t fall victim to the box cover art–those are definitely not the twins. You can also buy it directly from CS himself. Sorry, I can’t represent how well any of these versions are.

Brooke Young: Hope Danforth
Taylor Young: Prudence Danforth
Leo Lovemore : Gerald, the stepfather
Georgina Spelvin (uncredited): Claire, the Mother
Erica Eaton (as Tina von Davis): cheerleader
Eric Edwards : Professor Robert Petrie
uncredited male: Jason, Pru’s boyfriend

Hope and Prudence are twin sisters but couldn’t be more the opposite: Prudence the Bible-toting virgin, and Hope the inveterate slut. This is bad because they telepathically share each others dirty thoughts, and they’d rather not. This plot line runs concurrent with the grownups’ pursuit of a legendary book with mystical properties.

By Stevens’ own admission, this is not one of his better efforts. But as he wrote, “…we were pretty burned out when Annie Sprinkle introduced me to one of the twins at another porn shoot we were all on. I called my distributor in Detroit and told him I needed money right away to make another film. He balked as I hadn’t finished Rollerbabies yet but when I said I have a set of Twins [sic] his wallet dropped open faster than his mouth.” So there ya go.
Scene 1: Prudence solo

Prudence, Mom & Stepdaddy Gerald are eating dinner without her sister, Hope. Here we learn two things: (i) Gerald is some bookhound who’s about to find a real version of the Necronomicon–a book sharing the secrets of the dead, and (ii) Prudence and Hope share a special real-time sexual telepathy, and apparently Hope is out fucking some random truck driver. Feeling aroused herself, Pru retires to their bedroom to read the Bible. Unfortunately, her sister’s carnal lust is getting her hot and bothered enough to use that Bible for another kind of salvation. There’s a rather obvious deconstructive moment here where a secular book is being sought to gain eternal life, and the Bible is being used for abject lust. Look it up.

Scene 2: Prudence & Hope

Well, here’s the scene everyone talked about. Prudence is asleep when Hope returns from her romp, disrobes and gets into bed with sis. As they talk, we see they know each others lustful thoughts–Pru calls out Hope as a loose degenerate, Hope calls her a hypocritical slut. Said director Stevens of the twins, “In talking to her I found out she had a twin sister and I asked if the sister might be interested in doing porn too. They had both been stewardesses for a couple of rinkydink southern airlines and had been laid off. (actually I think they might have been fired because they were so flaky). I met the sister and she said she might be interested.”

Soon Hope is sexually forcing herself on her sister, hairy bush and all. Like their modern whore descendants, the girls liked their pills, says Carter. “Sean [Costello, fellow 70s director] got it right when he said they liked Quaaludes. in fact we all called them the Quaalude twins. Sexually they were rather unschooled. They did not fool around with each other off screen it was strictly my idea to pair them up on screen as I had never heard of it done in any movie before that.” Put in some of that Starsky & Hutch music into your mind and you’ll have the audio track for most of this film.

The twins weren’t very experienced, as we learn from Stevens. “It was a real challenge making Twins as neither girl knew crap about sex. I remember Mary Stuart sitting in my kitchen with a dildo trying to teach the girls how to give head. And I swear I’m not kidding when I say up until then they thought the term Blow Job was literal.” Hope is clearly the dominant sister here. Some have speculated they are not sisters. It is true one has a more distinctive twang to her Southern accent, and one is skinnier than the other. Seems to me it’s the same difference between identical and fraternal twins. Take the leap of faith and believe.

Scene 3: Mom, Hope & Prof. Petrie

While Gerald goes off to deal for the elusive Necronomicon, Mom “entertains” his research associate Professor Bob Petrie (obvious reference to Dick VanDyke’s eponymous character). Doesn’t Eric Edwards look like Patrick Duffy, “Bobby” from Dallas? Daughter Hope enters and decides to chide her mother for being falsely virtuous, at which point she lies in Mom’s lap while the nutted professor drills her stacks. Funny interlude from Carter, “I do remember Eric Edwards coming up to me during shooting and telling me that he had a real problem. He had asked one of them to go out with him after the shoot and only after she had said Yes did he realize that he had asked out the wrong twin.”

Scene 5: Hope & Jason/Prudence & Gerald (anal)

A double scene which were popular in the 70s, Hope goes after Pru’s boyfriend Jason, but she requires he make no sounds so she can’t project her kinky thoughts to her sister. Jason looks like Epstein from Welcome Back Kotter. Just imagine…”Dear Mr. Kotter, Juan was sick the past two days from a STD he got shooting porn. Signed, Juan’s Mom.” Jason/Epstein eats her hair pie like there’s no tomorrow. So well, in fact that she can’t help but blurt out his name. Oops!

In the meantime, Prudence is visiting stepdaddy in his study. What else can you do except pull down his pants and suck his dick. Stevens’ comment on the shoot, “ It was shot in one long 3 day weekend. We saved money by renting the camera equipment for a Friday and it didn’t have to be returned till Monday morning all for one day’s rental fee so we shot most of our films in 3 day (pardon the expression) spurts. The kitchen and dining room shots were done in my real kitchen and dining room. the rest was shot in my studio on sets.” Since Prudence is still a virgin, daddy has to bang her in the ass. Amazingly, she blurts out her boyfriend’s name right after her sister does, even though she’s far far away. Sharing is caring.

Scene 6: Hope, Gerald, Prof. Petrie (anal)

The bookworms are reading the miracles of the newly-acquired Necronomicon, when Hope enters and gets interested. Since both of the twin whores know who’s fucking who, a little mistaken identity ensues, and soon everyone knows. You obviously caught the connection of Dick Van Dyke and a movie about lesbian sisters. Through much of the 1970s, lesbianism was considered a psychological disorder, and was often treated with drugs. Shortly Hope is tasting the board of education while Daddy bangs his other stepdaughter…in the ass, of course. The “Necronomicon” was an invention of horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. It’s not a real book, but that doesn’t stop the English majors from Yale putting fake reference cards for it in the Yale Library once a year, those crazy dorks.

Scene 7: Everyone

Both twins are now sick of each other, and Gerald notices there is a way to separate sisters, as long as one of them is a virgin, and miraculously it also leads to eternal life. Amazingly, the ratio of boys and girls in this kinky group is perfect for the ritual. Mom takes a turn on her daughter, well everyone pretty much takes a run at her babyhole, I guess she’s not a “virgin” anymore, right Mr. Clinton? At the end of this cartoonish ritual, Gerald realizes that his professor buddy has mis-translated the text…instead of promising eternal life, it grants eternal potency. Looks like this family is gonna be real close for a really long time…LOL~


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  1. Bart Svensson says:

    Eric Edwards got to balls deep in some of the hairiest pussies I’ve seen. Lucky s.o.b.

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