A M.I.L.F.’s Tale

A M.I.L.F.’s Tale


Movie Type: Interracial

159 Minutes:

Production Company: Elegant Angel

Director: L.T.

Themes: Older Women

Condoms: No

Release Year: 2010

Stars: Ava Devine, Devon Michaels, Janet Mason, Nina Hartley, Rayvaness, Taylor Wayne

Reviewed by: The Sexecutioner

Each scene in this flick has a bit of a narrative, courtesy of Nina Hartley. She’s late for a meeting with L.T. since she stops to blow John Q. Aside from working her hands well, Nina doesn’t seem intent on taking much of his cock. John manages a weak cumshot to her tongue.

With her gorgeous tits exposed, Rayvaness oils them up while chilling by the pool. She pours water on her naked body for added effect. L.T. appears and she blows him. Both go indoors, sit down and tease each other by masturbating. Rayvaness sucks again and her mouth latches onto the dick nicely. There’s only one position for the vaginal sex, then it’s all about the ass. L.T. pumps away at it well and there’s some ass to mouth from Rayvaness. It’s worth mentioning that she tends to do a lot of swiping prior to the ATM. The cumshot to her mouth isn’t great.

Janet Mason and Taylor Wayne are shopping a boutique when they spot L.T. behind the counter. The ladies get all hot and bothered and just have to head back to the dressing room so they can relieve the tension. They lose their clothes and start eating each other out when suddenly, L.T. waltzes in. In time, they start blowing him. Taylor makes a lot of noise with her mouth while jacking away. Janet, on the other hand is more focused on putting in a solid suck. L.T. spends more of his time in Janet’s pussy than Taylor’s and I can understand why. With a cock inside her, Taylor is obnoxiously vocal and goes completely overboard with her cries. Most of the additional oral comes courtesy of Taylor, which makes for a good way to shut her up. L.T. pops on Taylor’s mouth after pulling out of Janet’s box.

Ava is admiring some art, but some shady guy keeps following her through the gallery. She then happens upon the same guy masturbating and naked as the day he was born. Ava can’t resist and is soon giving a helluva blowjob to Prince Yashua. Things get pretty sloppy as her face is subjected to a thorough round of face fucking. They only have sex in cowgirl, as Prince is eager to pound ass. There are some very thick gobs of spit that trickle from Ava’s mouth during the ass to mouth. She is not shy about going deep when cleaning ass juice, and is often forced to by Prince. He finishes by letting a big load fly right in Ava’s mouth.

As her chauffeur drives her home, Devon Michaels can’t help fingering her box. The driver seems pretty oblivious and has her home soon. Devon makes her way up the stair and just so happens to find L.T. in his birthday suit. She blows him and puts in a good effort at taking his length. During the sex, she’s probably the most assertive of any of the girls. Devon does some excellent squatting on the cock. She also grinds her hips like a pro. I also like Devon because she seems significantly more sincere about her moans than the other chicks. L.T. succeeds in laying down a good load for Devon’s tongue.

Lastly, we have Nina Hartley
. She’s in an office with L.T. and starts to blow him. This is a better effort than the opening blowjob, but nothing special. L.T. pumps away at Nina’s pussy for a while then moves onto her rear. This is the most boring scene of the movie. There’s no supplemental oral, so things get monotonous. I find Nina’s lisp annoying and the phrases she uses tend to be repetitive. If you’re hoping to get a good look at her body, (why someone would is beyond me) you’ll be disappointed because it’s pretty well covered up. The cumshot to her ass is good.

Funny that the most well know performer in the movie was also the worst. Nina Hartley isn’t worth watching here. It’s time for her to hang up her (puss and) boots. The other girls were mostly pleasing. My favorite had to be Ava Devine since she gives stellar oral, lets her ass get destroyed and repeatedly comes back for more ass to mouth. Devon Michaels also knows how to work a cock. Rayveness has her moments, although she seems too intent on putting in a performance than having fun with the sex. The bonus scene has additional anal, reinforcing this as a good release.

Female Looks: B
Male Looks: C-
Picture Quality: C+
Extras: Bonus Scene with Diamond and L.T., Cumshot Recap, Photo Gallery, Trailers, Website Info
Plot/Acting: C
Sex: B


One Response to “A M.I.L.F.’s Tale”

  1. Terry says:

    I found the opening scene with MILF Nina Hartley sucking Jon Q’s engorged cock to be very hot!

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