Gazongas 4

Gazongas 4
117 Mins.
Devil’s Film
THEMES: Big Tits, Strippers, Threesomes, Tit Fucking
STARS: Brandy Aniston, Athena Pleasures, Mia Rider, Jacky Joy,


In another award-nominated line from Devil’s Films, the tits take center stage. The gazongas are on display in a big way in this movie. There are four sets of knockers here. They come in different sizes and shapes, but all of them get a lot of attention. The sex is also pretty good. Brandy Aniston starts the movie. She has a nice set, but it’s her sexual energy that really steal the show. She’s just a lot of fun to watch. Athena Pleasures is a big, tall blonde with massive tits. She applies for a job and turns up the heat. Thick around the middle, Athena uses her shaved pussy and big rack to please two guys and get herself employed. Mia Rider is a girl I haven’t seen before. She has big natural tits that will draw you in and sexual energy to burn. As the scene continues, she gets much, much hotter. I can’t wait to see this woman again. By the time she takes a load on those fantastic hooters I’m totally hooked. Jacky Joy finishes things up. She’s the hottest girl in the movie with a really great set of gozongas. Her special lap dance makes for great tease and then she really delivers. Overall this is a pretty solid effort. The boobs are good, the sex is hot and there are some interesting ladies to enjoy.

Brandy Aniston & Barry Wood

Busty Brandy Aniston is pissed that her man hasn’t noticed that she changed her hair. He redeems himself with a nice bracelet that partially makes up for it. A little champagne gets her the rest of the way to forgiveness-ville. She lets him kiss hiss and work his way down to her pussy where he makes sure to treat her right. She returns the favor, working his big cock with her mouth and letting him slide it between her big firm tits. Brandy is very good at keeping her man happy with her mouth and his ready to pump that thick meat into her waiting pussy. She looks really good on top and he makes her tits shake as she pounds up into her. Barry bends her over and takes her hard from behind as well. When she is on top riding, Brandy has him spread her ass. Great butt shots and some pretty intense fucking here. He finally rolls her over and shoots his load all over her tits. Brandy licks it up like a good girl.

Athena Pleasures, Gino & Jeff

Gino is looking for a new waitress for the bar. Jeff is a regular customer who happens to be hanging out when tall, busty blonde Athena Pleasure strolls in. While she fills out the application she hears the guys talking about her. Jeff promises to put in a good word if she takes care of him. Athena takes out her massive boobs and stats sucking his dick. She drools all over his meat and works it into her mouth. Holding them together, she lets him fuck her massive mounds. Nice tit fucking here. She lets him finger her pussy, but really wants cock in there. Athena is very loud as she gets stuffed and lets her huge tits jiggle. Gina returns and wants in on the fun. Athena gets bent over the table and fucked hard from behind while sucking the new cock. There are some nice shots in reverse cowgirl as she bounces her tits and lets one of the guys smack his dick on them. The guys take turns fucking her tits. This is a girl who knows how to get a job and will probably keep it for a long time with an attitude like this. She presents her big tits to them for two big sticky loads.

Mia Rider & Mark Zane

All Mark wants to do is play pool. Then along comes Mia Rider with a crazy request. She wants him to teach her to play baseball. She is trying to learn in a dress which of course won’t do. He has her strip down instead and give it a few swings naked. This chick is short with a flat butt and a bit of a tummy to go with really nice, big natural boobs. Best of all, she has a really cute smile and a very pretty face. He takes her inside and lets her play with his bat and balls. Mia doesn’t need any help with this. She knows to get on all fours on the bed and work that cock with her mouth. He rolls her onto her back and starts fucking hr pussy. Really good footage of her tits here as well as the close up shots of the pussy pounding. Mia really seems to get lost in the action and that makes her even hotter. I love the way she just jumps on him and bounces like she has lost track of the camera and just wants to cum. Mia is cute and her energy makes me want to see a lot more of her. Mark pulls out and shoots all over her tummy, tits and even some in her hair.

Jacky Joy & Seth Dickens

Jacky Joy is the hottest girl in the movie and she finishes the flick in fine style. Seth is hanging out and decides to call up a private dancer. He is happy to see a hot blonde show up. Using the stripper pole already in his house, Jacky puts on a great show, getting naked except for her heels and then blowing bubbles. Going that extra mile, she invites Seth to eat her lovely pussy. She gets down on her knees and uses her tits nicely during a very hot blowjob. This girl is just super cute and there is something about her that I love. Great tit fucking here Jacky mounts up and shows off a pretty great ass during the cowgirl. Her tits are impossible to miss, but the energy takes things to the next level. Seth works her hard from behind, pounding that pretty shaved slut to get penny’s worth. The private dancer turns in a wickedly hot fuck complete with some good standing action at the poll. Jacky drops to her knees and takes a big load all over her rack. This babe knows how to do her job.

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