Jim Powers’ Interrogation Room

Jim Powers’ Interrogation Room

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Interrogation Room, Duke Fuckem Mike Hunt Productions is proud to announce that the fetish masterpiece “Interrogation Room” is due to ship November 9, and street November 16. Mike Hunt Productions also announces the retention of AVN award-winning director Jim Powers and director Ralph Long to shoot all of their content. The first two titles set to be released are the fetish feature “Interrogation Room” and, in January, debuting at the AVN show Las Vegas, gaming parody “Duke Fuckem.”

“Why” is the question in the minds of these beautiful and innocent young girls when they are caught trespassing and interrogated as to who sent them and their intent. They are in for sex and torture that makes water boarding look like a romp in the kiddie pool! See whippings, electrocution, clothes pins, candle wax and a blow torch used to break these weak and whiney innocent waifs down to the cum-hungry sluts they really are! Interrogation Room is the most shocking adult movie of the year!

Picture gorgeous girls in the ultimate “wrong place at the wrong time.” Over the course of a week of captivity, watch a starving girl gladly stuff chicken — bones and all — into her hungry mouth along with the hard cock of her captor. See beautiful Shay Lynn and Jaded Dawn severely and sexually disciplined when they aren’t cruel enough to their captives. This may be the most intensely shocking adult thriller ever made.

Torture never felt so good! Sobbing sex slaves turned into disgusting whores. These broken bitches will either finally sign a confession and get thrown out with the garbage, or become so demented they willfully lock themselves back up in their cages for more punishment and abuse!

“Interrogation Room” is based upon a true story and stars Cherry Torn, Goddess Soma Snakeoil, Jamey James, Shay Lynn, Jaded Dawn, Annie Cruz, Jennifer White, Lee Stone, Dick Delaware, Otto Bauer, Jordan Lane, and Ogre. Interrogation Room is a fetish film so dark, so sick and perverse, that you will be ashamed when you can’t help but jack off to it.

This S&M fetish sex movie has an ultra-hardcore version so extreme that it can’t be released in the United States of America. This is the most shocking movie of the year and stands head and shoulders above the rest!

Download hardcore trailer to Jim Powers’ Interrogation Room here:

Duke Fuckem XXX: A Hardcore Video Game Parody

“Duke Fuckem” is a hardcore video game parody directed by Ralph Long, modeled after the “Duke Nukem” game of 1991, and who better to play the hero but the wise-cracking icon Ron Jeremy… and he’s got balls of steel! When the ALIEN CLOWNS land on earth they are really pissed! They start to fuck earth up… but they make one very big mistake… They fuck with our chicks! Time to kick some alien clown ass!

This is a groundbreaking first-person shooter sex parody — something never attempted by the Adult Entertainment Industry – in which the viewer assumes the role of Duke Fuckem, an action hero who must save Earth from invading alien clowns. The viewer uses pistols, shotguns, and explosives, and Duke’s bare hands to attack and kill the enemy alien clowns and fuck hot chicks. During the course of the movie, players enter a strip-club level, view a topless dancer, and get some awesome lap dances. It’s the next best thing to being there!

This DVD has everything the video game has — blood and gore, intense violence, strong language, mature humor, nudity, strong sexual content, use of drugs and alcohol — and more gorgeous babes having hot sex than you can shake your dick at! Check out these trailers:

The call for Duke Fuckem goes out.

The storyline, clips of some hot chicks, and a lot of splattering clown blood.

Watch our hero Duke Fuckem, played by the renowned and venerable Ron Jeremy, bludgeon alien clowns into paste. Grab a weapon and help gut a few of those alien clown bastards! There’s tons of fucking action in this XXX parody! Duke Fuckem stars Abella Anderson, Bella Reese, Codi Carmichael, Jamey Janes, Stevie Shae, Ralph Long, Chad Diamond, Bobby Cupcakes, Scott Lyons and the legendary Ron Jeremy. Duke Fuckem streets in January 2011.

Please contact Danny Gorman for sales inquiries of Interrogation Room, Duke Fuckem, and any of the upcoming titles from Mike Hunt Productions, at 818-280-3700 or danny@xxxjuicy.com.


About Mike Hunt Productions:

Mike Hunt Productions, a new company created by the Hunt Brothers, Mike and Urick Hunt, bring you extreme fetish content, gaming parodies, and romance films. After tiring of their Oklahoma-based businesses dealing in the precious metals and oil markets, the Hunt’s shopped around and found Jim Powers and Ralph Long to exclusively film their depraved visions. Jim Powers said of the Hunt brothers, “Ralph and I realized they love fucking all the prostitutes and they said, ‘money is no object, just spend, spend, spend!’ I guess what I’ve done in the past fits their vision…” Mike and Urick say, “The best romance comes from Mike Hunt.”


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