Creature Feature

Creature Feature
Tom Byron Video
DIRECTOR: Lizzy Borden
THEMES: Classic Horror, Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, Shaved Pussies, Natural Tits
STARS: Andy San Dimas, Jennifer White, Tara Lynn Fox, Lizz Tayler, Gracie Glam, Sunny Lane, Tom Byron, Tommy Gunn, Evan Stone, Anthony Rosano, Mark Zane

Just in time for Halloween comes this cute little vignette feature from Lizzy Borden. Yes, I said cute. I know that Lizzy is perfectly capable of freaking us out, but in this movie she takes a page from the classic horror flick and delivers a fun, light-hearted stroke video that is really quite good. The cast is great, the costumes are fun and Sunny Lane as the busty hostess is pretty fun. All of the classics are here, zombies, werewolves, mummies and even Dracula himself. The costume play is fun, especially around Halloween, but overall the movie works because of the women. Jennifer Dark is very hot as Frankenstein’s bride. Gracie Glam goes cave hunting and finds a mummy with a cock she just can’t resist. Lizz Tayler is a woman so cute she can calm the savage beast. I really liked her romp with the werewolf. The two best scenes in the movie come from the two hottest performers. Andy San Dimas is the in the finale with Tom Byron. She is perfect as always, giving us a few laughs with her dialog and then a lot of strokes with her hot body and pretty face. Watch her scene twice. My favorite scene comes from Tara Lynn Fox who fucks Dracula in a way that he won’t forget for centuries. She is cute, built for fun and just has a natural ease on camera. This is a really fun movie that is perfect for Halloween or any time of year when a little costume play is in order.

Jennifer White & Evan Stone

In Bride of Fuckenstein, Evan Stone plays the mad scientist who creates Jennifer White. Hey, if you’re going fuck around and create someone, why not go for someone this perfectly hot? As soon as he brings her to life, the doc puts his girl to the test. Even with white makeup and a killer scar on her neck, Jennifer is sexy as fuck. He uses his gloved hands to finger her pussy until the juices are flowing. That gets her going enough for him to slide right into her hot slit. This isn’t the first time the Frankenstein angle has been shot for porn. It’s iconic and makes for a nice backdrop for Halloween fantasies. Jennifer’s body is totally hot and Evan lays the wood to her pretty well. Watching her bounce up and down on his dick is more than a little pleasing to the eye. Evan finishes by plastering her pasty face. As you would expect from a creature created for hot sex, Jennifer sucks the cum out of his cock and swallow. She’s alive indeed.

Gracie Glam & Mark Zane

Gracie Glam looks a little bit like Lara Croft as she goes exploring. She goes into a cave, finds a mummy with his cock sticking out and just starts sucking. Taking that dick easily to the root she drools a bit and brings that part of his body right back to life. Once again this is an iconic horror set up with some fantasy appeal. It is also Gracie Glam sucking a cock so you do the math. She finally strips down and mounts the cock. With the mummy still all wrapped up she takes over and rides while spreading her ass for the camera. The mummy rolls her over and fucks that pussy in spoon. Gracie is cute and always fun to watch so this is a pretty good scene with the added fun of the horror and costume backdrop. They finish up with a shot on her pretty face. I guess she found what she was looking for.

Tara Lynn Fox & Anthony Rosano

What would a creature feature be with Dracula? Anthony Rosano plays the creepy blood sucker and Tara Lynn Fox is perfect as his super hot lover/victim. He visits her in the middle of the night and finds her more than willing and totally able to make his century. She spits all over his dick and then devours it. Great too the root deep throat from this talented little hottie. The way she sucks him, Tara would appear to a perfect vampire. He turns her around and grabs her sexy ass while pounding her from behind. He flips her over and pushes her legs back to give the camera a great view of her tight little pussy and perfectly perky boobs. Getting up on top, she faces the camera and slams down on him. This is by far the best scene of the movie and proves once again that you don’t really need anything more than the right girl to make a scene not. Not that Dracula doesn’t make for a hot fantasy. I’m just a little more interesting in watching Tara’s ass bounce up and down on his dick. Dracula feeds the pretty blonde his cum and she proves that she is perfectly suited to suck for eternity.

Lizz Tayler & Tommy Gunn

Tommy Gunn has a problem. Every full moon he turns into a werewolf. Usually that means a bad hair day, some killing and waking up with taste of rotting flesh in his teeth. This time however he runs into cute as can be Lizz Tayler Their eyes meet and rather than eating her, he…well he eats her, but in a much different way. Actually she eats him first, sucking his hard cock and loving the feel of his balls pressed against her chin. Nice BJ here and then some good ass shots as she mounts up and rides. Great close up shots during the reverse cowgirl. Lizz loves showing off those perfect boobs and seems to have found a way to calm the savage beast. They finish with a shot on her face. Lizz is always good and is totally delicious here.

Andy San Dimas & Tom Byron

Tom Byron plays a zombie and Andy San Dimas is Barbara. (As in “They’re coming to get you Barbara.”) She and her man are visiting the cemetery, unaware that the undead are coming for them. He’s a dick of course and throws his girl right in the path of Byron’s flesh starved undead beast. He chases her home and she realizes that he just really horny. Eating her pussy is a lot better than eating her brains and it leaves her willing to return the favor. Andy flashes those eyes up at Tom while sucking his cock. She great with her hands and possibly even better without them. They get into some hot doggy, but Andy hits full stride in cowgirl. She pumps her hips and he spreads her cheeks as they bang away. Well shot sex here with a to of energy. Andy never disappoints and this time works up a bit of a sweat as the fucks. The dirty talk just kind of puts things over the top and makes this a near perfect finale. After she rides him really hard, Tom fires a load all over her face and wide open mouth.

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