Club Elite

Club Elite
217 Mins
Elegant Angel
THEMES: Black Women, All Black, Anal Sex, Big Asses, Threesomes
STARS: Jada Fire, Nyomi Banxxx, Misty Stone, Roxy Reynolds, Skin Diamond, Persia,


LT already shoots some of the best all-black porn on the market. Since the genre is sadly lacking in quality releases, any time we get a director who puts the attention to detail into his work that LT does, we should take notice. I love the way he shoots all of his movies and he is understandably proud of his ethnic titles in particular. This movie is packed with an amazing cast. Total hotties, eye candy, up for anything babes, he’s got them all. LT is also trying something a little different here. He’s calling it reality porn and letting the girls take the camera from time to time. He also lets the editing get really loose so that the scenes don’t feel as choreographed. Things like this are risky. On the one hand we have to applaud LT for doing something different. On the other hand it isn’t hard to see that with tighter editing, this movie would be a lot better. Too often, great rhythm and hot action are interrupted for something that would normally be seen in a BTS reel. I liked it at times, but it also has an unfinished feel to it. There is nothing at all to complain about in terms of the cast or the sex. The superstar women on display here are at the top of their game. Misty Stone opens the movie with a great three-way. She is one of the most stunning women in porn and her sexual energy just keeps getting better. Persia and Skin Diamond share a dick and they do it quite nicely. Nyomi Banxxx adds another hot scene to her growing collection for Elegant Angel. Jada Fire is always up for anything and brings her A game. Roxy Reynolds shows up. I haven’t seen her in a while ,but she shows right away why she’s such a fan favorite. Overall this is a pretty excellent movie. LT shoots the sex well, keeps the energy going and I love all that. I just don’t think the experiment in reality porn produces the most strokable material possible. It’s still good and you can skip over the parts you don’t like, but a tightly edited version of this movie would be something truly special.

Misty Stone

No one is more “elite” than Misty Stone. She is head to toe gorgeous and she knows just what we want to see. There are two guys working with Misty today and LT makes sure that she knows his test is current should one of them flake. The first guy shows up and since he hasn’t eaten lunch, she feeds him her delicious pussy. (Beats the hell out of even the best craft service table.) He just stands up and slips his dick right into her. Nice looking counter top fucking here. They move to the couch where Misty can spread out and properly suck on his big dick. Misty enjoys the taste, but wants his dick in her again. She mounts up in cowgirl and has a blast. As the action heats up, Misty gets really loud. Right in the middle of the enthusiastic mish action, guy number two shows up. Misty grabs the camera and films some POV of the new guy going down on her. Impressed by his efforts, she returns the favor. Really nice looking footage this time around and she looks up at him like she’s in lust with that dick. Without missing a beat he puts his cock in her and starts ramming it home. Eventually both guys get in on the action and Misty is being plugged at both ends. Her hot body and shaved pussy make for great eye candy and the sight of Misty sucking cock is always a ton of fun. Both guys have plenty of fun with her and she gives it back to them just as good as she gets it. The “no rules” loose style is fun, but as the scene rounds that fifty minute mark it starts to feel a little ragged around the edges. After a long break that belongs in BTS reels, the guys finish her off with two big loads of cream. Misty is gorgeous and gives us a scene that will be tough to beat.

Nyomi Banxxx & LT

LT loves shooting Nyomi Banxxx. She has done some of her best work for Elegant Angel and is ready for yet another memorable scene. The interview is good, but once she puts a cock in her mouth, the time for talk is through. It’s time for action. The BJ is a warm up and gives us a chance to reset as Nyomi strips her boobs out of her top and shows off every inch of her body. LT comes back and sits on the couch, letting Nyomi do her thing. She is very talented with her mouth and uses her hands beautifully to keep things going. When he is all lubed up from her mouth she sits on his lap and bounces her ass for the camera. In between positions, she sucks him clean, smiles for the camera and just keeps going. He gets her on all fours and fucks her ass from behind. Going with the loosely edited style, LT heads over to another couch while Nyomi talks to the camera. They get back to it after not too long of a delay. The ass shots during cowgirl anal are very good and they finish strong with a really good load all over her face.

Jada Fire & LT

LT is just mesmerized by Jada Fire‘s tits. She isn’t afraid to show off anything he wants to see. She struts around in a tight, short dress and finally settles down with a toy to get her pussy all warmed up. It fits nicely into her sweet folds as she throws her legs up in the air and fucks herself. While this gets her warmed up nicely, Jada needs the real thing to really get her going. She comes face to face with a cock and delivers a devilishly sloppy blowjob. Using all that spit as lube she bends over and guides his prick into her pussy. The warm up fuck puts a smile on her face that stays there during one of these ragged BTS clips. When Jada comes back, she wraps her tits around LT’s cock and fucks him with her jugs. He turns her around and fucks her from behind. Nice ass shots here. It really doesn’t matter how Jada gets fucked, she takes control of the action and has plenty of sweet curves to show off. Jada is really fun to watch when she gets going. As she gets up in cowgirl and starts pumping her hips she really shows us how much she likes taking a dick. The mish footage in this scene is really good and is shows off Jada’s great tits as well as her juicy pussy. He has her bent over for a long time and fucks that sweet, dark ass. When he pulls out he leaves a huge load all over her hip. Jada adds another memorable scene to her already impressive resume. That’s just round one though. She has more to suck and when dick number two shows up Jada starts sucking and doesn’t stop. After a quick round of tit fucking she rolls onto her back and starts taking it hard. It doesn’t take long for her ass to be ready. Bending over she gets rammed hard. He wants to cum very soon, but holds out for a while.

Roxy Reynolds & LT

There aren’t many women in the history of porn who can stack up ass to ass with Roxy Reynolds. She’s really fucking hot, especially with those cheeks hanging out. The outfit she’s sporting in this scene pre-scene footage really shows off those sweet buns. All of the lead up seems to be focused on her sexy ass and the way it shakes. She looks up into the camera as she sucks that cock and jerks it to full mast. Really good looking oral footage as Roxy shows off what else she brings to the table. LT moves around behind Roxy and lets her shake that ass while he licks. When he has a good taste, he stands behind her and fucks that pussy good and hard. Right in the middle of the fun, she gets up and goes to the kitchen. I get the reality thing, but when there is such great action going on, cutting it up a risky choice. They get back to it and pick up the pace a bit. The footage works really well for fans of Roxy’s sexy ass. It stays in the shot pretty much all the time. That crazy butt ends up covered in cream as LT pulls out and sprays her down from behind.

Persia & Skin Diamond and

Gorgeous Persia loves strutting around teasing us. Skin Diamond loves women and these two are ready to explode together. They start out together in the bathroom and then continue on the pool table. Persia is just gorgeous from head to toe. They are so warmed up that they are more than ready to double up on a big cock. Skin looks a little overmatched, but Persia just calmly works her lips up and down his long shaft. When the girls take a break from sucking cock, they ate each other out. There are some great close up shots of Persia’s pretty face as she licks Skin’s smooth, pretty little slit. While she is enjoying the taste, Skin also gets fucked from behind. Check out the hot spanking footage as Persia rides LT’s dick and gets her butt smacked. Later in the scene Skin takes a great reverse cowgirl that really shows off her skills. The girls are side by side on the couch for some great anal action. First Skin, then Persia and all the while, we get plenty of eye candy. LT pulls out and shoots a big load all over both faces. I really like this scene, but I honestly think that a tighter edit job really would have improved things.

Bonus: BTS, Bonus Scenes (Three, one each with Misty Stone, Roxy Reynolds and Skin Diamond), Photo Gallery, Trailers

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