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Football Pick Em: Week One

This year, in addition to the Fantasy Football Leagues, we are also doing a Pick Em poll. It’s simple. Each week everyone playing picks games with the point spread and the team with the most wins, scores the most points. At the end of the year we are working on a cool prize box and we are accepting ideas from outside the league. So if you have an idea for a prize (Maybe a custom video clip or a fan picture or something) let me know.

We are using for the pool. You can look up 2011 or just Click Here to check out the standings.

What we really need are some nice cheerleader shots, so if you know of a girl willing to send in some eye candy, have her pick a team and we can add pictures.

The scoring is simple. 2 points for a win, 1 for a tie and nothing for a loss.

After week one, Fuhranki is off to a great start with 23 points. He has opened up a four point lead over a handful of teams. As you can see, my own team is bringing up the rear after a dismal 13 points in week one. There is a reason why I do very little sports betting my friends.

On that note, below you will find a link to a sports betting service. You wouldn’t believe how hard it was to find one that will accept affiliates on adult sites. I guess adults aren’t supposed to gamble? If you happen to do any on line sports betting, please consider the link below. The site will make some money every time you bet and if the link is very successful we can use that money to make the prize box even better.

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